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    AMD Phenom II X6 1090t @ 3.6ghz
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    Gigabyte 890FX UD5
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    Kingston HyperX Blu 2x4GB 1600mhz
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    EVGA GTX 770 SC
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    Coolermaster 690 II Advanced
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    Adata SX900, WD Black
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    Corsair HX850
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    LG IPS234
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    Scythe Ninja 3
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    Logitech G9x
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    Logitech X-230
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    Windows 7 Pro 64bit
  1. update 2 rolled back nvidia video drivers re-installed premier pro cs5.5 problem still exists
  2. update1 before i do any of the re-installation or driver rollbacks, it looks like only my nvidia shadowplay footage shows this green screen issue any other video file i toss into premiere seems to show up correctly
  3. the project sequence settings havent been a problem before, However i did try again with a 60fps sequence but still the problem exists ALSO i have a feeling it could be the source file encoding issue, my nvidia driver did just update recently, maybe it might have been a bug in the new release. I will try re-installing and then rolling back nvidia drivers, and check back
  4. I have not changed any of my Premiere and Shadowplay settings Whenever i start a new project i just use generic settings, and its always been like this However since a few days ago I have been getting this green screen problem Took a screen recording to explain what i mean, please see the video below Thanks
  5. i selected the actual folder initially, which disappears so then i tried the files instead and pasted them into a new folder under "my pictures" - this worked fine. but when i went to rename the new folder as "wallpapers" it said the folder already exists and asked to merge it
  6. not sure why it would be hidden, but where do i enable hidden folders?
  7. 1. I just downloaded a folder off my Google Drive "Wallpapers". this folder gets zipped and is placed in my Downloads 2. I then unzip it into the same Downloads location 3. I then copy /(and cut does the same thing) the "Wallpapers" folder and place it into my Pictures folder.... 4. .........but the folder never shows up 5. if i try to re-paste the folder it asks me to merge the folder that already exists...even though its not visible or accessible only place where i can find the photos from the wallpapers is in the "Photos" App that comes in windows 10
  8. wow thanks for this info, its good to see you dont have this problem then it might be a memory leak for me?
  9. Yeah my CPU usage is fine, the game is more taxing on the GPU if anything reading on other forums, people are reporting a variety of RAM usages in their system not able to find a concrete answer
  10. I only have 8GB in total, (system specs in sig) and after running the game for only a few minutes the RAM usage maxes out at 5-6GB when i tab out of the game i only have a few hundred MB of ram left, so i cant multi-task with even just a browser open in the background Is this a memory leak or is this normal?
  11. How much Vram is being used when youre in these applciations The poor performance might be if youre utilizing more than 3.5gb of vram (going back to the 970 vram issue that was pointed out a few weeks ago)