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  1. Because ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I wanted to message the seller to see if there is a easy couple minute fix instead of having to do this crap but then they reply saying oh weve already sent one now you have to send it back lol
  2. i never agreed though i sent them a message saying, Hey its broken and stated what the issue i was having then i said do you have any fixes or solutions because maybe they have had the issue before and then just replied saying their sending me a new one so
  3. It’s not stealing I bought it thanks and they were willing to to send me another
  4. So like technically a thing I got from amazon is broke and because I have 30daus to get a new one I mean why not it’s new? So i messaged the seller and they said that they are sending a replacement it’s in the way...... they said, we kindly ask me to return the item after I get the replacement... um so it’s not a official amazon return so it’s not tracked it don’t count as I’m returning an item as I didn’t click return so like I could keep the item on theory right? I mean I’d feel bad doing it but I would have to pay for return label as they said they don’t offer a free one and I could actually fix this broke. One lol I mean would they like send someone round to tell me off for not sending the return? U might ask why didn’t I just fix the original well as I say I’d rather it guaranteed to work by getting a brand new one but I probably could fix this one
  5. WolfLoverPro

    Where Can I Learn To Program For Free!? What is best lang too?

    Yeah but that’s easy to get used too I remember starting c++ or I think it was you wrote inside () like def function(Code here) where python is was def function() Code here
  6. WolfLoverPro

    Where Can I Learn To Program For Free!? What is best lang too?

    It’s hard to learn another from python? But I just started so what I should learn another one then or
  7. Well I’d rather lol cuz I can’t be bothered to godown the doctors that’s 7 miles away and then book wait an hour I mean.....
  8. On Wednesday I was cooking AND yes I know I was taught not to contaminate shit but I’m stupid lol so um I was cutting vegetables and went to chicken I used a different knife and board BUT after cutting chicken I fukin ate somthing with my hands LOl I think it was like a raw carrot piece I chopped and yeah so I basically ate raw chicken wtf now? I mean this was Wednesday and today my stomach hurt REALLY bad in the morning but I went for a shit and it’s gone so I feel like that was just from food idk?
  9. But basically I’m getting prime next day for free well not free as I pay for it LOL but standard delivery is meant to be always 3-5 i ordered red this today it comes tomorrow so like it’s basicslly next day I mean wtf?
  10. Wat? The white things are leds? So how to is he syncing them to when he presses the key I
  11. Yes I have a prime membership so ur asking why am I selecting standard not next day well because I know I won’t be in lol but what I don’t get is it should take around 3 days MINIMUM but it’s even marked as standard on the confirm email but it tracker says it’s coming next day uhhhh ?. Ok thrn
  12. No I ain’t posting it as a meme as he’s playing bitch lasagna I’m really talking about how is he doing the live lights thing
  13. I know there’s tricks that make things sell but I was wondering when to use it 29.99 9.99 1.99 they all look right nothing wrong .... but what if I want to price stuff like £36.99 21.99 98.99 dont look right does it? Idk or does it example I can sell my item for 37.99 to make £10 profit or make it look cheaper by putting 39.99 but then that looks expensive or 35.99 or 34.99 course if you pick you would pick the cheapest but if you only saw it once I mean idk what looks right? Should I use .99 at all my prices or round them down to make them look better? For example 38.99 round it to 35.99 or 34.99 or go to 39.99 lol? Course highest pricevwould give give me a higher profit but would making it look better sell more of the same product if I list at 34.99 and sell more? Idk