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  1. Do chameleons like to be HANDELD???

    So I was think8* of getting chameleon or leopard gecko now someone told me chameleons don’t like to be held BUT........................ ZOOS,and ALOT of animal places that have reptiles.... LET YOU HOLD CHAMELONS AND ALSO they seem to like it and don’t seem bothered being held so ..........what is true then.?... ..?.? i know leopard geckos love to be held but I love the look of chameleons loads more I also think chameleons need bigger enclose I think anyway does anyone know what’s true then? Do they like to be held or not becuase every reptile place that I’ve been to let’s loads of people hold them and don’t seemed bothered in fact seem like they like it
  2. So I want to ask this becuase there is an app that if you take photos of ur recipes you can get money for it literally any receipt now surely they have to be selling somthing so they get money? is it your card number? I don’t get how they can give you money for no information they are getting? Land he’s it does pay too
  3. Guess I’ll hqve to maybe upgrade my iPad Well shit I’ve just found a thing why shouldn’t choose apple lol im surpised they ain’t made a £500 storage usb that can actually like add real storage for apps XDD
  4. Ok that’s without jailbreak.... however becuase I’m jailborjen it should be able to do everything android does....... like file browsing and stuff idk?
  5. This ipad is stupid it has no storage and I have literally 6 apps is there any device that can expand storage FOR APPS NOT THE PHOTO usb things I need it for apps real storage if it helps I’m jail broken too
  6. Simple AF $5 a day for answering [ Only 8 Questions

    oh i didint know shorten links are banned lol well i mean i guess everyone hated me on here anyway lmfao ᕕ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)ᕗ ︵‿︵(´ ͡༎ຶ ͜ʖ ͡༎ຶ `)︵‿︵
  7. Simple AF $5 a day for answering [ Only 8 Questions

    Yes it is, but its not doing anyhtign bad to the person who signs up. it just helps me out for sharing it beacuse well.... but yeah idk?
  8. Hello, im sure you have heard alot of these methods but the reason i am sharing this is beacuse, simply it is the CHEAPEST, EASIEST, Has Not Just US$ but has UK £ too AND you only need to answer 9 per day to make £5 or $5 Really i have used every site going that is the same as this but im telling you that this is the cheapest website that the prizes cost the least amount of points, unless you can tell me another? but im pretty sure this wins by a mile beacuse you get 80 points per survey and sometimes you get 100 point ones, and it only costs 650 points for £5 where most i have seen is 700 - 7000 points anyway its up to you however i really think you should try this website for at least 1 week beacuse i can assure you that it is easy to get £5 a day on here once you start filling out more and more. in the first week i really made £20, yes i didint get £5 on 1 day beacuse i got bored....... which is beacuse im lazy anyway let me just give it to you This is a google url link shorten. if you want the unshort one just pm me but i made a short link -link removed-
  9. i did write caps for reason to shout LOl i play pubg ., and ARK survival wich are battery heavy games and need a decent phone i guess even my iphone lags A TOUCH why else would i need speed? beacuse who the hell wants a slow phone? i dont want a slow pc i expect speed not slow crap why else? well so it dont waste my time if i want to quickly wnat to open google and research
  10. Ok so i know i made a topic on uh what is the best phone but these are the only ones i can pick from lmfao so if anyone has any of these or knows stuff WHAT IS THE BEST ONE OUT OF ALL THESE FOR SPEED!!! and i will be gaming but like,.. all phones can handle app store games so i cant really say gaming can i ? ok speed then? also i want it to LAST LONG WHEN IM GAMING NOT HEAT UP AND LOST ABTTERY INSTANTLY
  11. What phone should I upgrade to 2018 December???

    didint get what u mean? you mean that uh oneplus and pixel 2 is good? on my contract i can only pic certain phones sadly not oneplus :{{{{ im gonna make a new topic listing 3 phones vs LMFAO
  12. need free VPN that wont mess my ping on rocket league
  13. What phone should I upgrade to 2018 December???

    Well I don’t mean android slow because it’s not ..,.,.,,..,,.,.,. When you first have it for a few years then it slows down somtjing stupid i have to have my phone for 3 years then I can upgrade .. I had my s7 for 2 years and it was absolute shit slow it’s awful and everyone who uses an android says it gets so slow after years unless it’s just well how you use I’m not sure ?? But some don’t have hardly any apps and it’s slow it just seems to to be made to get slow after like 2 years idk why??? Or is it me just having bad luck ? I e had 2 iPhones and each for 3 years never seems to slow like android I’ve had YES they slow don’t if I used a new phone but I mean as in like it wasn’t performing like new if you get what I mean?? also yeah as I said I use JB so I can have a file browser and all that stuff android has price? Don’t matter to me as I pay the same each month even if I picked a iphone or android so yeah I mean I don’t really wanna hate as I use android and iPhone same as I use all pc Os I don’t care about the os it’s just I guess as I’ve had bad experience with android phones it’s just I want to ask ?
  14. What phone should I upgrade to 2018 December???

    lol insane well i just cant stand android beacuse how slow they are and get even if you have nothing on them i had a s7 and it was new didint even do anything or have that many apps and it gets so shit and slow its unreal iphone i have alot of apps and it dont slow down as for doing more things i jsut jailbreak the iphone so that means Best speed and i can do almost as much as android can do ? unless you can list anything else
  15. My contract is near end bags best phone to upgrade to? Atm I’m I have iPhone 7 Plus Reason I don’t like iPhone X is I don’t have the button so I can’t unlock it on my desk I have to lean over the phone to unlock but the. If I go with android there’s a lot of viruses on App Store and they are always slow or at least everyone I know who has new androids they get slower as years go on so IDK????? I can upgrade to 8 or plus but that seems the same as this one literally LOL so unless u know of a really fast android what won’t slow down tell me lol also I take a lot of photos but main thing is speed