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  1. Upon the mini maker by monoproce right? Would that be a good prtiner to buy?? On monoproce website uk they have a huge sale, I can buy it for £95!! Or was it £99... either way I can buy the monoprice mini v2 or there’s a pro idk what’s better they have loads of the same called mini v2s idk what the difference is. Only thing is, these don’t have the twist things to adjust the bed you have to use Alan keys instead which is a bit harder than the rip off also the rip off is on amazon so then I get my money back hassle free where as this is from their website and have to rely on them accepting my return. Is monoprice reliable printers? If so which one? If you look on the website there’s loads of the same ones called mini v2
  2. It may be a rip-off my first one but if you quickly look at some shirt YouTube videos they say it’s brilliant though. And it’s stupid cheap I mean....? plus I then don’t have to build it
  3. So I haven’t got a lot of money so like these 2 printers are the only ones I am considering. And no I don’t want them diy ones lol sorry do you think any of these 2 would be good? Preferably the first one. I looked on YouTube and it seems good normal pla printer https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07Q3YP8QW/ref=ox_sc_act_image_2?smid=A2IZIWNXZQ7JSL&psc=1 But this one is Resin not filament https://www.amazon.co.uk/ELEGOO-Photocuring-Off-line-Printing-Size-Black/dp/B07KRWVHSV/ref=pd_ybh_a_11?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DWGB4P7VPMJ5K9NJ21DE
  4. I just bought some lol i don’t have one on my iPad but I feel since I only use that at home I don’t need one hopefully
  5. Well I don’t see why they don’t just make one included on phones? Like another glass layer what u can peel off if everyone buys thems and no I don’t have one or shall I say I HAD one lol. I took it it off today to get a bloody hair somehow under the screen and it cracked >:(((((( so I might as well buy another then but some people have no protector that why I wanted to ask if I should have one or none
  6. It’s basically a second screen since if it gets scratched or dropped then u peel it off and put on a new one. I NEVER EVER drop my phone and I am overprotective with it, yet my glass screen protector has only hairline scratches, but is it worth it? I suppose its it’s better that my real phone screen didn’t have them scratches but then I’m not using my phones screen, might as well have 2 screens?
  7. No definitely not. It does it constant even when first booting it up it’s literally I think a hardware error since people have had 4 replacement iPads and it still did it mahbe they fixed it in the new ones? But it’s just unbelievably waste of money I bought it for the apple pencil and it’s suppose to be fast and all that but what do I get? The worst
  8. There’s a secret problem with the iPad Pro or at least the 10.5 ones. There’s a small group of people on YouTube who has my same problem and it’s basically where the screen goes unresponsive randomly at anytime but it does it literally constantly it’s bbloody ridiculous so much that I just can’t use it and turn it off it’s a joke now I’ve done EVERYTHING apart from a internal fix. But I saw someone said take the case off............ and it actually don’t seem to be doing it as much or shall I say at all... for now. Only been testing it for 5 mins without the case and it ain’t done it, normally typing is a bitch legit missing a letter per 6 letters it freezes but not now..... wat? Theres no way a case can cause this right? And plus I’ve had this iPad for like a year with this case on and it’s never been a problem until since like a good few months when I noticed this error. So I have a low feeling it’s the case and this is just a coincidence..... idk? Plus as I said there’s loads of people out there who have the same issue which have gotten 4 replacement iPads and it does the same so I doubt it’s the case right?
  9. Maybe I’ll threaten them that I’ll leave over the phone but then when I think about it, I guess they can’t help an outage and if it’s unfixable? But then they should just give me the contract for free since I can’t use it idk
  10. Idk they don’t say that because they want me to waste money and I do go in the area everyday for around 8 hours per day so I do use it frequently i did email them basically asking to discount me or something but nothing they just said it’s a LONG term delay and I did make out that I use this area 8 hours per day every day and I cannot use my phone but they don’t care do they as long as I’m paying
  11. Lol I turn on airplane mode which obviously disabled everything like Bluetooth n data n WiFi and when I turn it back on it basically reconnects to the tower
  12. Basically the area I go everyday has had a long term outage and they don’t know when it will be fixed or to me if it will be fixed to be honest I have already emailed and complained saying I’m unable to use my phone at all since data don’t work and they didn’t say jack about we’ll refund you or anything great Can I do anything? I’m paying for a bloody contract with UNLIMITED DATA yet I can’t even use it literally. I get service, I get 3 or full bars signal on 4g.... DONT LOAD! Well, I turn airplane mode off and back on and the internet loads or works for legit 5 seconds and then once it I guess connects fully to the tower or something it just stops working ffs. Full signal too. Also o don’t revive messages in that area although I am able to most times it’s just got a strange huge delay. But internet don’t work for shit surely I can file them because I’m paying for fok all again they said there’s an long term outage in my area and they are working on it
  13. Or YouTube can just let me custom stretch the top and bottom. Yes i get pissed off when movies are like that which is why I use my tv remote to put it into cinema mode which fills the damn screen. Couldn’t care less if it’s not the original quality or a ratio again, I’m watching nothing that requires 1080p Fill he experience on my iPad so why would it matter if I was able to streatch it? It Annoys me
  14. I’m watching unboxing videos I don’t care about 4K quality lol. I just wish wish there’s an option on YouTube to do it
  15. Okay but my point is YouTube could just let you stretch the bottom and top without cutting out the edges, like in VLC player if you have a movie and it’s blakc edged. Just stretch it horizontal then vertical