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  1. Hello there, i am in a dilemma and hopefully some of you guys have been in the same position or tried to do the same thing. The Story: I was running 2 780's in SLI hooked up to 4 monitors 2x 1080p@144hz and 2x 1080p@60hz. Sadly my 780 has decided to give up on this world and all of its 3-dimensional glory. I still have one working 780, but it can't run 4 monitors and i really need to be able to run 4 monitors. I found a guy selling an old 780 on eBay. This will allow me to run my old setup again and it worked perfectly fine, however, should I instead get a 2080 and run 3 monitors on the 780 and use my main monitor and gaming on the 2080? I have this dilemma because on one hand i have seen how powerful SLI is and on the other hand I know that 2080 is also quite powerful. I Don't what to do, any suggestions? Thanks and any help is appreciated
  2. I've been learning Java for 12 years and still learning
  3. have you tried reading the picture into a byte stream?
  4. well said. I started out this way, had no idea about any IDE I used to open java files in notepad (not notepad++) notepad the same awful regular windows one. Every code had to be memorized it took me days to fully figure out how a Runescape server worked. Used to compile using .bat files and run the java class files from the commandline - so so awful, but I learned how to code.
  5. Java can control hardware as well, basically java has support for importing c++ code natively. knowing c++ and java will make you do anything, however, not on a mac you need swift for that
  6. Depends what you want to do, but you can use the Singleton design pattern approach. Basically you can create 1 class lets call it "Constants" here you will create static declarations to all your Classes something like this public static MyClass1 myclassname = new MyClass1(); public static MyClass2 xxxx2 = new MyClass2(); public static MyClass3 somethingsomething = new MyClass3(); public static MyClass4 class4 = new MyClass4(); now they're stored in your "Constants" class if you want to access any methods that these classes holds you can reference them back like this Constants.class4.method22(); method22 is not static
  7. Rig name : The Hillary Clinton WW3Cpu : Intel i5-4670K @ 3.4GHz Gpu : Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX 7800 4GB or 3?Ram : 16GB 1600MHz DDR3Score : 4.9
  8. I feel sorry for whoever learns python these days. Stop wasting your time! learn a real language C++, Java, C#, Swift. "Oh but but you might say, there are all these great benefits that you've read on an article somewhere on the internet" - You can shove these "great benefits" right up the arse. without speed, that language will burn to the ground. Libraries? well if there are thousands of libraries for python then there's Billions of libraries for Java or c++. But hey if you're a console type of a guy then python is the right choice for you (Y) Filthy Casual!
  9. This is so fucked up. He should be locked in jail for doing that.
  10. wow, some high end textures to be expected. When a game is 100gb you know its the shit!
  11. because they rather hire indian programmers for very cheap and let them do what ever they want, only to find out that these programmers never went to school or never had proper training in what they do.
  12. The hackers threatened with 9/11: "Remember 11. September 2001" like really? how stupid is that. They should have ignored these accusations and released the movie anyway. They caused so much publicity around this movie that people will end up watching it anyway fking ironic. guardians of peace huh..