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    making you tube videos
    and building stuff


  • CPU
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    rampage v extreme
  • RAM
    48gb gskill ripjaws 32 and 16 gb kits
  • GPU
    2x 980 asus strix
  • Case
    enthoo pro
  • Storage
    m2 pcie 256 samsung , 2840 evo ssd , 2x2tb seagate hdd , 2x 4tb wd black, 2tb seagate sshdd
  • PSU
    rm 850 corsair
  • Display(s)
    lg 34uc97 ultrawide , lg 55" 4k tv
  • Cooling
    x61 kraken and lots of noctuas
  • Keyboard
    razer deathstalker pro
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    win 8 pro 64
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  1. You are likely to see an initial spike on any cpu with virtually any cooler what is important is what happens after that, screenshots would be helpful here to see how your cpu tracks after 15 -20 mins. however if things dont look to good you always have the manufacturer to fall back on as you have a pre built machins , send us some screenshots and at least youcan get a second, third/ thosandth opinion on what might be happening best of luck
  2. i have the same laptop, you have to disable secure boot and use legacy, however you can switch back to uefi afterwards and re enable the secureboot, that also allows you to use the bitlocker functionality of win 10 again, hope this helps.
  3. Would love this for the gaming days me and my friends host lugging monitors is a mission
  4. this is me http://www.3dmark.com/fs/3566428
  5. having read that back , yep im a fool, im so sorry , forgive me. lol feel like a bit of a tit now but thanks i was hoping someone somewhere would wanna give design feedback. oh well will close this tomorrow if there are still no responses .
  6. its between my rat 7 (the most ugly but comfy and indestructible) best mouse i have ever used the g930s (wandering off and still beingable to hear ppl chat is nice) and my ancient mk2600 wireless desktop for work , had it 7 years still wouldn't change it for anything else these 3 have been with me for what feels like forever, my pc parts change good peripherals seem to last forever
  7. i do, however the original query was regarding the psd i attached in the original post that has the complete parts list inside which (if it had have been opened and viewed) would have answered the query put forth by the kind person who responded if you do wish to see the list it is here https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/batpanda/builds/#view=mYm8TW however it is pretty irrelevant to the query i put forth originally, im not looking for help on a build the build is complete. i am looking for design help with the documentation i am creating post build, i am really greatful to whoever wants to chime in with info and feedback on that , however it seems that noone has downloaded the file, looked at it and seen what i am actually trying to do here. so , i really dont want to be ungreatful, and i want to thank you for responding, however if you had looked at the original posta nd the content there in i dont think your comment would have been quite so curt. as it stand i thank you for your response and to whomsoever downloads the photoshop file and gives me some design feedback on the document i am trying to make
  8. this is the documentation part of the build , post build as an explanation rather than a plan, a kind of look back, th link in the original post is to a photoshop file with a but ton of information, the thing is, i am not sure on the design of the documentation, the completed build is available for all to see here
  9. i agree with this , its also their own money. i waste mine all the time on shiny i don't always need so i am no better
  10. BRAVERY http://rounded.com/lg-e960-nexus-4-camera-module-back-rear-side-8mp-ac2ado5a261.html?sl=enis always an option
  11. Hi all, i am making a thing, its a Photoshop designed page based proposal of why i built what i built and how i went about ity and what was in my head at the time it may become a video or a presentation, i just need to know how to make it better before i release it on the universe, your feedback would be gratefully received thank you in advance. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwBTRh_kUosTdU1Jako0WHBqYkU/view?usp=sharing what would you change what would you improve, what should i keep what do you like, all feedback is fine. ****addition*** i dont think i got the wording right on this as has been pointed out, i am after help with the psd file i am making not the pc , the pc is complete and it is the documentation i am working on. i am sorry for any confusion i have caused. plese download the psd file attached and hide/unhide the folders in the layers tree to see the completed pages, thank you again for your time
  12. i am afraid to say that beound self repair or shop repair it does sound like you ahev covered all of the software vs hardware combinations of possibilities , sorry to say it dude its either not enough of an issue to warrant money or its a repair for money , where the money goes is up to you , good luck
  13. you see dead ghostly people but seriously, has this issue been there since the device was new? Are you confident enough to look inside to see if the camera has been knocked or moved and that is what is causing the issue or if there is a replacement camera module that can be purchased? it would seem unlikely that that device may still be in warranty so you could have a go at further investigation