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  1. Ildiesalot

    Titanfall 2 (PC, Origin)

    Are you saying that PlayStation and PC are crossplay in titanfall 2? Because I am nearly certain that they are not. That being said, I'd totally play some titanfall 2. Beat the campaign, but I haven't played more than 2 online matches.
  2. Ildiesalot

    A Microsoft Surface... in your pocket???

    I was going to get myself a new Android phone at the end of the summer!! I've been sitting on an old iPhone model for YEARSSSSSSSS.... Microsoft why you do dis to me?
  3. The question needs to switch from "How is it okay for companies to expose information like this?" to "How is it okay for companies to collect and sell data like this?" The breach in privacy of businesses these days is insane. And as long as your data is being collected, someone negligent will be risking it.
  4. It's time for youtube to die. I used to love it 10 years ago, but google's greed has repeatedly brought the platform to new lows.
  5. Well technically if someone will die will always be true! So I can predict if anyone will die with 100% accuracy. Hire me Google.
  6. Ildiesalot

    High core count Low TDP cpu

    Many of the Rack mount servers also have Tower variants as well (R610 = T610), which are actually quieter due to the tower form factor. Not sure how pricing is goin to be in Australia though, since I do know used/refurbished enterprise systems are way more common here in America than in Europe.
  7. Ildiesalot

    High core count Low TDP cpu

    If OP want's to go with Xeon 55xx/56xx line, he/she should opt to pick up a used enterprise server off eBay. Yes, the motherboards can be extremely expensive when purchasing a single part, but used servers (R610, R710, R410, DL 380 G6/7, DL 320 G6/7, etc) can often be found for <$100 + shipping for the complete system. Although this usually doesn't include hard drives. OP, check out labgopher.com.
  8. Ildiesalot

    High core count Low TDP cpu

    I was also about to recommend the Xeon D CPU's in a supermicro as well. If you choose to go this route, however, go with the 8th gen, as they've removed ILO in the 10th gen of supermicros. If performance and cheap up front prices are more important than low power draw, a used HP DL380 G7 or an R710 should be able to be purchased off ebay for <$100. You have some options here, such as whether to go for a xeon L5640 (slightly low power draw), a 5650 (more cores), etc. I'd recommend making sure the server is LFF, however, if you're going to be running a NAS as a vm. That being said, I'd have recommend the supermicro line mentioned above due to the lower long term costs. Cheers!
  9. Ildiesalot

    What kind of server do I need?

    I don't mean to offend, but I'd recommend hiring a company to set this sort of thing up for you. From your language, it doesn't necessarily sound like you have any sort of systems or network administration experience. I've just recently started getting into homelabbing as a hobby (although I'm hoping to bridge it into a career once I graduate college) and you need to have a certain amount of experience to begin setting up a domain, DNS, DHCP, etc. and all the networking behind it, just to get a START with a business environment. And that's not even touching the functionality you want (printers, shared drives, etc.), just laying the foundation for it all to run on. I've just scraped the tip of the iceberg, and I've been experimenting and trying to learn more about business environments for over a year now. It's not something you can just jump into.
  10. Ildiesalot

    UDOO BOLT: Powered by AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000

    Well this is awfully interesting. I wonder how one of these would do as a server with 32gb of RAM and esxi installed on it. Edit: I would love to see a model with one less usb port and an extra NIC for failover/aggregation
  11. Ildiesalot

    ULTIMATE Guide to Fan RPM & RGB Ecosystems

    But I could control the fan speeds through another software, and the RGB LEDs through LINK still, correct?
  12. Ildiesalot

    ULTIMATE Guide to Fan RPM & RGB Ecosystems

    So, for the corsair LL products, what exactly is the commander pro used for? I noticed the fans come with a lightning node pro to control the rgbs leads. If I plug that into my usb slot, then the pwm fan cords into my motherboard, will I be able to control them through LINK? Or do I absolutely need a commander pro?
  13. Ildiesalot

    AMD Unveils Its 7nm Vega GPU

    Well maybe this will finally give AMD the push it needs to become competitive, and we can actually start seeing a healthier market. Of course, probably not.
  14. Ildiesalot

    Access PfSense WebUI from WAN

    You do NOT want this. Repeat, you do NOT want this. You will come home one day, your network will not work, and your pfSense password will also have changed and you will not be able to get back in. One last time, you do NOT want this. As stated above, use a vpn and connect that way.
  15. Ildiesalot

    AMD Unveils Its 7nm Vega GPU

    Can't wait to see cards that scream hot and power hungry, then for NVidia to release FINALLY release the next set of cards which will run exactly 5% faster for half the power and be $500. Because fuck NVidia. They always innovate enough and just in time to be 5% ahead of the competition, instead of actually moving the market forward.