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  1. [GUIDE] ULTIMATE Fan RPM & RGB control

    Great write up! Love the guide, definitely am going to save. Is there any support from a service to use Amazon's Alexa (or google's Home) to control these? I know you can use basic IFTTT programming to make them work.
  2. From Desk PC to Thermaltake P3

    Could you please elaborate on this? I'm planning on doing my first water cooled build into my desk "soon", and didn't want to go hardline due to it being my first water cooled build. What sort of roadblocks does this bring?
  3. I have been waiting for this game for YEARS but now am not buying because I hate EA and these loot boxes. I'm so upset.
  4. I guess it's time to upgrade

    I have been holding off for quite some time waiting for volta. I wanted to upgrade last year, but decided to wait. I'm a college student, so money is somewhat of an issue for me. I've been surviving for a while on an SLI gtx 770 setup. I'm only gaming at 2560x1080p, so I was still able to play most games at least at medium settings. This past weekend, however, a fan blade snapped off one of my 770s. With many games being released soon, I don't want to miss out on gaming for the rest of the year because I can't run any of them. Games I want to play (for at least the rest of the year): South Park The Fractured But Whole, Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield 1, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, etc. I could sell my remaining 770. Then, after my next paycheck, most likely buy a 1060/1070, then use it to mine for the rest of the year when I'm not using my PC, try to make some of my money back before volta. Then I'd most likely skip the volta generation, maybe upgrade when the next one is release. Is it worth it to attempt to buy one of the upcoming "1070 TI"s? I'm kinda just spit-balling ideas here and looking for any advice. I did want to wait to upgrade, but I'd rather not game on a single gtx 770 indefinitely since it's unsure when Volta will actually be released.
  5. Back to the Bong

    I would love to see pictures of this when it's done.
  6. Is it finally time to go full Red?

    Just be wary if the supposed power consumption of the new vega cards is true.
  7. Best headphones for 200$

    Here's Linus' review on youtube!
  8. Be warned that the old X3450 is a very processor, and will only be able to handle ~2 streams simultaneously. If possible for a similar price, try to go with a E5 or X5 series chip. They're more power efficient for a machine that will be on at all times. But if you're just streaming for yourself, and don't mind the power consumption, it's a very nice priced build!
  9. Best headphones for 200$

    +1 for the Sennheiser HD6xx on Massdrop!
  10. I've actually linked to ebay quite a bit in several of my posts... I was unaware this was a rule! I guess no one really noticed because my links would never just be the url; they would look like this. I have no problem with people using ebay links. It would especially help in the Server and NAS subforum; the vast majority of old enterprise equipment comes from ebay. Edit: Lol didn't read the whole thread opinion doesn't matter.
  11. Many people, myself included, have been waiting from prices to fall due to the crash of ethereum and it's increasing difficulty. It was almost assumed that a successful AMD launch of a value oriented enthusiast cards would lower gpu prices as well. Unfortunately, while we do still have to wait for conclusive benchmarks for these new Vega gpus, it seems like Vega has been a flop. So my question is this: are there enough people that were waiting to see how Vega did before upgrading to affect market prices if they now decide to buy NVidia gpus instead?
  12. EVGA fan doesn't spin

    So I found the source of the problem: one of the fan blades has been bent out of shape and is dragging against the side. If I bend the blade away from the side, the fan spins like normal. Unfortunately, the blade is partly broken off at the base, so I'm afraid it would simply bend back or break with spinning from use. Is this the cheapest option out there? If it is, I will just deal with having one gpu until the ethereum craze is dead and upgrade.
  13. EVGA fan doesn't spin

    I have a gtx 770 sli setup. One of the fans on one of the gpus doesn't spin properly. It's one of evga's bright "acx" fans. Where the other one feels like it's gliding, and spins for a bit, the broken one feels almost more like it's scraping and pretty much stops spinning as soon as I stop applying force to it. It's not hard to move though. In the system, both gpus are still detected (thankfully), but I obviously can't use the gpu until I get this resolved. There is some dust in the gpu (nobody's perfect), but not enough to the point that it should affect the fan in this way. So where do I go from here?
  14. Desk File Server?

    I don't see why not! Post picture and build updates please!
  15. Which RAID for Gaming?

    DO NOT GO RAID 5! At least go with raid 6, and personally for that many drives I would go with raid 10. Are you going to be writing to the array often or just read (such as in games)? If it's just read, then raid 6 would probably be enough. Yes, RAID 5's 1 disk redundancy is fine for 99% of the time. The problem is when that 1 drive fails, if the disks are >1TB the rebuild process is going to be extremely long and taxing on the remaining drives. If the any of the rest of your drives are having any problems at all, they are likely to fail during the rebuild, and you lose everything. Including the photos, videos, music, and documents. RAID 10's rebuilt process is quite a bit quicker, as well as less stressful, and in general you'll see better performance as well. Unfortunately, you'd get 50% of your raw space, compared to the 75% with RAID 6. How big are the drives you're planning to use?