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  1. Step 1: acquire a ship. Step 2: get a crew Step 3: set sail Step 4: get wrecked by navy of your choice.
  2. Sounds like the kind of trash I would enjoy. Pirates of the caribbean theam plays in the background.
  3. Finished kobayashi's dragon maid. Entertaining show and quite funny at times. Wouldnt mind a second season.
  4. Is not. Doesnt matter. Most of us dont talk to each other anyway. Now if you would just sign on this paper.
  5. Actually started watching it again the other day..
  6. I forget about netflix and such. Just watch everything on other peoples plex servers.
  7. Anyway. Finished cowboy bebop yesterday. Really need to get some of the music. Now to figure out what to slowly watch over the next month.
  8. Redid the loop. Added the second card and changed mobo/cpu.
  9. Some personal favorites. Spice and Wolf (Alcohol infused wolf girl.) Space Battleship Yamato (Space battleship. Need I say more?) Ghost in the Shell (Obviously the good/old ones) Black Lagoon (Bang Bang. Shoot first. Ask later) Psycho pass (The perfect society)
  10. https://media.giphy.com/media/M27lm5HnLRxZe/giphy.gif
  11. When the server finally burns down along with all the backups.
  12. I have watched it. well the cgi version at least. its a nice movie. I have a thing for battleships so I may be slightly bias.
  13. its not the only one that rotates images for no reason. Anyway. Bought some drawings from a friend.
  14. Lots of wasted money. Also I just realized it has a waterblock on the front and the back.
  15. Good luck finding a copy. Its a really gread book. Best looking book on my shelf.
  16. Probably sold out. I put it on preorder. The books take you past where the anime ends. Its a good read.
  17. Yes. The stay positive is a shirt. The book is the 17 books of the Spice and Wolf light novels all in one book. Its a very good story of the of a traveling merchant who meets a wolf-deity and their travels together. I bought it from rightstuffanime but they dont have it listed now. May be able to still get it on amazon. I paid $130.