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  1. If they are outsourcing to Cognizant, then it's cognizant who is responsible for providing a good working environment and the support that the employees need. But facebook should act after find out how badly their indirect employees are doing.
  2. Juanitology

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    the cooldown is implemented when attempting to login. if you have a password hash dump from that site you don't need to ping the site for every login attempt, you just need to guess the right combination of characters that will produce that hash and voilá.
  3. Looks like Blizzard's strategy of cutting costs while producing more (lower quality) games is finally going into full force Feelsbad for those people who through no fault of their own will find themselves out of work, as well as for those who are staying on and will have to deal with higher stress levels and probably having to choose between delivering work that doesn't meet their standards or overworking themselves to death under Activision-Blizzard's new corporate direction. What do you think this means for the studios' future game plans? Are we going to see more of a title-churning company instead of the quality we're used to expect from blizzard? Edit: source https://kotaku.com/activision-blizzard-begins-massive-layoffs-1832571288
  4. every time someone tells me not to stand in front of the microwave or I'll get cancer I want to punch them in the face. 1. It's not ionizing radiation 2. The wavelength of microwaves is 10cm and the holes in the door are like 1mm. that's a 10.000-fold reduction in radiation outisde the microwave compared to the inside. Hell, eating a banana is way more radioactive then standing a meter in front of a microwave. Ignorant people are the problem of this world.
  5. I agree, two disks is more than ok. Most likely they had a RAID6 configuration. It's extremely unlikely to have 3 disks fail in such a short amount of time that you aren't able to pop in another drive and rebuild the array. They just got very unlucky.
  6. Juanitology

    Sony A7 for streaming

    Probably not the best streaming camera. It overheats rapidly when filming video, and you'd have to get a capture card to ingest the hdmi output from the camera as well as a continous DC power supply. Honestly it's a lot of hassle for what will ultimately end up looking like crap after all compressing and processing is done on twitch's side when you can get a 50 dollar webcam with onboard h.264 processing, pretty good image quality, and just plug&play USB.
  7. Juanitology

    Self Driving Car LIDAR Damages $2000 Camera at CES

    Aren't all LiDARs based on lasers???
  8. I believe if the matter doesn't get solved on youtube, they will give the channel owner information about the claimant so they can settle the matter legally outside youtube, but that means hiring a lawyer and possibly going to trial, and that's a lot of money to spend for small channels.
  9. Juanitology

    AT&T nerfing its 5G network, Speedtest results are similar to 4G

    I've never understood why one of the richest countries in the world has such poor internet connectivity.
  10. Juanitology

    The LG 38GL950G; The new God of the gaming 21:9

    You should be able to see 21:9 UHD movies just fine on this though. technically It should have 1645 pixels in height to perfectly fit 21:9 UHD, but this is close enough that you'd see tiny black bars.
  11. Juanitology

    Japan cyber security minister admits he has never used a computer

    The Japanese are honest to a fault.
  12. Agreed. It's so dumb how some people say "it'd be better if things were done this way" but their actions directly incentivize bad behavior.
  13. yeah, buying older server hardware is pretty much the way to go for a NAS/light server type build. You can get crazy deals on stuff that is more than good enough to do 4K transcoding and the like. The downside is they're not very power efficient or quiet, but that's the price you pay.
  14. Juanitology

    Nvidia's BFGDs pushed til 2019

    Not really. Sure, 2018 AAA games are not able to hit those framerates on a single card. But you can easily do 4K 144Hz on stuff like Overwatch, Dota2, CS:GO, and AAA items from a few years back.
  15. Juanitology

    Nvidia's BFGDs pushed til 2019

    Nvidia's initiative to push gaming-grade hardware into the living room was met with some skepticism back when they were first announced. If the Q1 2019 target launch holds, that means the BFGDs (Big Format Gaming Displays) will launch over a year after they were first announced, much like the fabled 4K HDR 144Hz monitors which only recently started shipping after being announced at CES 2017. The 4K HDR 144Hz displays launched with a very prohibitive price tag of around 2000USD, limiting their availability to the very richest of gamers. The BFGDs seem to continue that trend and even build on it, as they are expected to have launch prices more than twice as high. I don't know about you guys, but with these insane G-sync monitor prices and the crazy across the board price increases for the new RTX 20 GPUs, it feels like Nvidia is opting to completely ignore the budget and mid market and pursuing enthusiast-level high-end gamers exclusively. Here's hoping AMD's freesync offerings and Navi cards offer better bang for the buck for regular folk. Source: https://www.kitguru.net/peripherals/monitors/matthew-wilson/nvidias-first-big-format-gaming-displays-pushed-to-2019/