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  1. This thing is pretty big! A little taller than 40cm I think (measuring the width of disc drive) A triumph for my SFF PC?
  2. If not faulty or defected, they'll most likely get repacked as close to unopened as possible, and of course sold as new. It's naive to think all returns becomes B-stock. In countries where everyone can freely return stuff. "I'd just return it." seems a very natural thing to say, right? Even LTT ordered computers, did a review and returned the gears. Think of the sheer amount of stuff get returned but do you see tons of B-stock and open-box deals around? This easy return rule is a double edge sword. Very convenient to consumer but the down side is your "brand new" stuff is probably slightly used, unless it's a immensely popular item or a pre-order.
  3. I like full size type B.
  4. Theoretically, the cpu with more raw horsepower is better. That's why the reviewers perform those tests because they're able to stress the cpu to maximum. That's easier and fairer for comparison between cpus. In reality, the user decides where the bottleneck is. Turn up the details and resolution, it becomes gpu bound. Turns those down, it becomes cpu bound. It's really a personal preference. Although I think a responsible reviewer should explain this clearly. Some games look just as nice at medium setting, some games may look like ass. It comes down to a balance which the users must find for themselves.
  5. Well, the small proportion of people who actually ask on forums are going to get well informed suggestion and opinion. But the majority of people (i.e. ignorant mainstream consumers) are going to watch some "review videos on youtube", and find out these Intel cpu are better at gaming. They won't realize it's only at 1080p and at a more realistic resolution (1440p and above) the performance becomes gpu limited. Seriously who buy the latest high end unlocked cpu to game on 1080p screen? Some reviewers conveniently ignored this, perhaps because Intel employees are so friendly to them. Or they think they're "promoting healthy competition", by desperately defending bad products. So the mainstream consumers are going to jump to the conclusion that "Intel is for gaming, AMD is for productivity", no matter how insignificant the difference is. All they want is a gaming PC. You bet which one they're gonna choose? Intel's gaming brand marketing is going to succeed once again.
  6. No matter how good the temperature is "controlled", the same amount of heat is still being dumped into your room and there's a lot of heat. People living in hot climate are going to regret when they're sweating like pigs while gaming. Wait, gamers care about the cpu temp more than their room temp don't they? Those cpu have more fps, in 1080p. Who buy these to game on 1080p screen? Bump up the resolution and performance quickly becomes gpu bound. But you got to have these number to show intel is the "gaming king", right? Have I missed the 1440p or 4k numbers in the video? Or there isn't any? "You’re Still Gonna Buy Intel" Nice title.
  7. Replacing really old, dried up thermal paste with some new paste can make a huge difference. On my friend's laptop it went down 20 C at full load. Applying thermal paste on bare dies I always use a piece of card to spread the paste to completely cover the die, before putting the heat pipe back on Also don't mount the heat pipe too tight.
  8. People shouldn't cheap out on their cases. They're probably the only component that last for years without becoming obsolete.
  9. I'm using double NAT too. Can you set up a VPN server on your router? I think it'd be way easier...less hoops to jump through In my situation, I set up openvpn server on my router, forward the required port on the ISP router, also set up DDNS so my router would have a domain name to resolve into outside IP And I'm able to VPN into my home network this way Point the DNS on the router to your Pi, done!
  10. Normal DHCP assigned IP will expire after a period of time. That means the IP of pi hole will change and you'll have to adjust DNS settings on your devices everytime it expires. Doing a DHCP reservation fixes the IP to the Pi so it'll never expire.
  11. Bought an obscure intel nuc with e3815. That shit is too slow for anything useful.
  12. Well, I believe most people around the globe understand and use arabic numerals in daily basis. While English alphabets are very common, many languages don't have those and people don't usually use a base-26 system for counting and calculations.
  13. A reasonable move. Those desserts they've been using, are not really popular or even common outside western culture. Better to use them as codename/nickname rather than the official name. And numerical order is way more intuitive than alphabetical imo.
  14. Android is great and I love it. But that god damned MTP must be the dumbest technology ever created by human. Absolutely retarded. Do newer android devices have something better? I wish they do. Because I'm still rocking a fucking 7.0 phone, it has MTP and fuck that shit to hell. So I was just connecting my phone to PC, browsing my storage casually to copy some photos. Then I saw an empty folder called 'sdcard'. OK it must be a leftover folder from a random app. I opened it and confirmed it was really empty, selected and delete. Wait, why it's so slow to delete an empty directory? Fucking hell I was deleting my whole internal storage! Yeah, the whole internal storage appeared as an empty ghost folder. Nice one MTP! Sigh, have to use adb from now on. Back to the command line age. Sorry for ranting.
  15. I don't understand why people still complain about the blower, when non reference open air cards are 100% certain to come, literally dozens of them. Just buy something else ffs.