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  1. Android is great and I love it. But that god damned MTP must be the dumbest technology ever created by human. Absolutely retarded. Do newer android devices have something better? I wish they do. Because I'm still rocking a fucking 7.0 phone, it has MTP and fuck that shit to hell. So I was just connecting my phone to PC, browsing my storage casually to copy some photos. Then I saw an empty folder called 'sdcard'. OK it must be a leftover folder from a random app. I opened it and confirmed it was really empty, selected and delete. Wait, why it's so slow to delete an empty directory? Fucking hell I was deleting my whole internal storage! Yeah, the whole internal storage appeared as an empty ghost folder. Nice one MTP! Sigh, have to use adb from now on. Back to the command line age. Sorry for ranting.
  2. mach

    AMD RX 5700 Navi New arch

    I don't understand why people still complain about the blower, when non reference open air cards are 100% certain to come, literally dozens of them. Just buy something else ffs.
  3. I think selling the monitor and stand separately totally make sense. Many workplaces have the monitors mounted on arms anyway and no one wants to pay for things they'll never use. The problem is the $200 vesa mount. It should really be included. That's just a money grab. I wouldn't care the official stand is $999 if I can just use any aftermarket stand with the vesa mount!
  4. Wow that 3700X! 9900K performance but even cheaper and most importantly....65W! It's going to be awesome in my itx system.
  5. mach

    Western Digital to release 20TB HDD

    And I thought my 6x4 in my NAS is plenty. How much porn do one needs?
  6. Too bad they got rid of the dual battery in the new versions. I'm still going to buy a T480 instead.
  7. Thank you! I think I'm going to retire it as cold backup and buy a new one.
  8. I have a 4TB WD red in my synology nas. And the health report is telling me that there are 88 bad sectors. From the log page they appeared in last 2 months. (seems like the count will keep on climbing) Is this the sign that this drive is reaching it's life span and time for a replacement? I'd appreciate any advice on this, thanks!
  9. Poor Ol' Gil is gonna get fired again.
  10. mach

    Monitor buying help

    You will regret about the much, much lower dpi and resolution very soon. A good monitor can last quite a while. Please avoid the ancient 1080p. Definitely 1440p one.
  11. Governments would rather secretly work with facebook instead of fight it. Shit as big as facebook can kind of manipulate public opinion by serving the users news articles etc. of their choice, a great propaganda tool essentially Plus government want your data too. Perhaps more than anyone else! It's never a government's interest to protect your privacy you know...
  12. 2-3 years ago on mint if I recall correctly. I also had a fresh install of stock centos that would soft brick on login screen. At the moment I have the latest ubuntu on one of my laptops but touch screen is still a bit janky.
  13. I've had bad experience with linux before. For example I couldn't get youtube to play, I couldn't get nvidia driver installed properly so the gpu won't idle etc.. For each of them I spent a couple of hours with dozens of tutorials opened, followed line by line but still couldn't solve it at the end. Perhaps things are more polished now. Maybe the day most games I play are natively supported on linux I'll make the switch on my main PC.
  14. Please don't get me wrong I just wanted to share my view and experience, on how a long time windows users like myself feel and think when they first attempt the switch. I understand there are different apps for a different OS. I've tried mac OS, ubuntu, mint, centos. They're all new to me but when compared with mac os, the linux distros required me a lot more googling for fairly basic tasks. I really want to make the permanent switch on my main PC as I despise microsoft. But I'm not sure if I'm ready for the headache because I'm sure there will be some incompatibilities and problems.
  15. Let me share my view on why Linux is intimidating to new users. First of all, there are so many "names"! In the video, there are KDE, LXQt, XFCE, Deepin, Pantheon, Budgie, Rufus, Wine, Lutris, proton etc. Yes I know if you're an experienced Linux user, these names may be as natural as breathing to you. I might even look really dumb thinking they are a problem. But windows, mac os, android are popular and easy to use for a reason. _____ launcher, ______ store, _______ browser, ________ manager etc. Just looking at the names you can kinda figure out their functions, right? Look at the stuff on Linux! I am sure they could be acronyms that make all the sense. (or the devs just choose the names they like, idk) But as a total noob I'd have to google each of them / read the description to know what they are. There are so many "you need this piece of software to make ____ works". And that's one more piece of software I'll have to learn about. Not to mention so many of them are developed by 3rd party dev. Which one to choose and trust? Time to google more. When Anthony showed how to install nvidia driver on Manjaro, I can see there are 4 driver options available. Which one? There's another googling for me. The commonly criticized problem of command typing. Oh no I don't think that's exactly the problem. Copy and paste. Follow the step by step from the dev. That's easy. The intimidating part is, because you have so many options to so many things on Linux, sometimes that software or driver just wouldn't install. The terminal spit out a page of error message, or just plainly got stuck. How could a beginner solve that? To most non-linux users, that's just too much effort to be made. Btw Anthony did a great job making this video so beginners would have somewhere to start from. (although the existence of such a tutorial kind of signifying the problem of Linux)