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  1. Them Smart Business Scumbags
  2. Them money grabbing scumbags!
  3. So did i just didn't want to believe it.Lol
  4. Just watched Logans (Tek Syndicate) video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUhdL-ITG-M i fell so dumb forever een buying a PS3 and ya i still play my Ps2 and GameCube.
  5. AHHHH back to the dungeon
  6. Ya i get ya but like i own an Xbox 360 for games like COD and what not just bought PS3 because all my friends play it and with the release of GTA V i wanted to play wiith my them but GTA v wasn't really that good.So yup wanted a pc for playing indie games and i dont want to buy a next gen console.

    GTA V for PC

    So Gta v was announced for PC release date is 22 november.But knowing Rockstar it might be pushed.Hope this is true http://www.gta5tv.com/gta-v-pc-release-date/
  8. I said PS3 not Ps4 i would be upgrading the graphics card by Christmas.
  9. Oki dokie.Would a 6670 be comparable to a ps3?