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    gtx 760
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    fractal define r4
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    1tb seagate hdd
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    corsair cxm 650w
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    lg, benq
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    on board

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  1. im looking a 4k monitor for editing videos etc. what do you guys recomend?
  2. looking a case for a red and black themed build but im also just wondering what are the best cases in general atm?
  3. stuarty211

    Is LG 27ud88 a good monitor

    Would u think its a good buy then? for video editing?
  4. stuarty211

    Is LG 27ud88 a good monitor

    I'm looking to buy a good monitor for video editing and some gaming. I need decent colours and 4k doesn't anyone here have the LG 27ud88 and if so.is it any good?
  5. stuarty211

    top 4k Monitors for video editing

    im looking ot buy a 4k moniotor for video editing but dont want to buy something bad. so would people have a list of the best 5 or so so i can look through features?
  6. stuarty211

    Looking a new 4K monitor

    Hi im looking for a new 4k monitor for video editing. what do you think is the best cheap one. Preferably 32'
  7. This sounds cool but will it be allowed? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38458867
  8. stuarty211

    Swiftkey Bought by Microsoft

    UK-based artificial intelligence firm SwiftKey has been acquired by Microsoft, the company has confirmed. The Financial Times reports the deal is worth $250m (£174m). SwiftKey is known for its predictive keyboard, which can be found installed on millions of smartphone devices. The company said it was a "milestone" in its history. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-35479639
  9. stuarty211

    Roccat Giveaway

    I would love the kova mouse! I'm currently using a wireless dell mouse. Which obv isn't the best for gaming... And I will always keep watching your amazing videos! Best YouTube channel ever!
  10. stuarty211

    OC Genie broke my PC!

    i have already done this like 20 times! no luck!
  11. stuarty211

    OC Genie broke my PC!

    Hi all, i have a msi gaming 5 motherboard and all was running fine untill i decided to click the oc genie button. the computer restarted and i used it for about 30 mins untill i got a blue screen saying system_service_exception. then the computer rebooted and windows loaded again. then before i logged in. another blue screen this time saying something about os not found or something. Then my motherboard started outputting error codes out and restarted randomly at times and sometimes would freeze on error codes or display nothing. i restarted multiple times untill i finally was allowed to reinstall windows. but now i cant get anything to display on boot. not even the bios shows up. anyone know how to fix this or do i have a bad motherboard?
  12. stuarty211

    Tech Gifts for Non-techies Giveaway!

    i would get my mum a chromecast audio and chromecast tv as my mum always misses her tv shows and it would be great for her to be able to play tv shows using the chromecast. my mum loves music but the speakers she has doesnt have bluetooth and i know she would love to be able to stream music using wifi. Thanks Linus tech tips for this opportunity to win and i wish you all a very merry Christmas!
  13. stuarty211

    Creating a gaming den!

    What do you mean?
  14. stuarty211

    Creating a gaming den!

    Hi guys, so im creating a gaming den/ weekend place over at a cottage out the back of my friends house. ive already wires Ethernet everywhere and setup wifi. and have already for a 48 inch 4k tv for the place . I will be stripping out all carpet and laynew carpet and painting the whole place. but is would like to know of any great ideas and additions i could add to the place to make the den even better! thanks for every ones suggestion! Stuart
  15. stuarty211

    Laser razor kicked off Kickstarter

    bbc link included