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  • CPU
    2x Xeon L5640
  • Motherboard
    Some Dell server board
  • RAM
    96GB ECC
  • GPU
    GTX 780Ti Reference
  • Case
    Dell 2U Server case
  • Storage
    8x WDRE Drives in RAID10
  • PSU
    Dual load balancing 750W
  • Cooling
    Really loud delta fans
  • Keyboard
    Dell crap keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Operating System
    Windows Server 2012 R2

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  1. Better step out of your rocket league bubble
  2. For some reason, nobody plays the other titanfall 2 game modes like Capture the Flag and PvP so a buddy and I want to get together a team for some private lobby matches. Reply with your origin name and I'll add you.
  3. For example I use a dual socket xeon server and my CPU usage never goes about 3% unless I render... seems pretty wasteful right?
  4. Go to a local thrift shop and pick up something, there's bound to be a monitor of some sorts...
  5. Hello, About 5 years ago, I used this really cool trial software that basically was camera recognition software. It could use threshold to mask out and find colors. It could identify road lanes from the lines. It could run facial recognition. I really need it for an autonomous car project. Any ideas what this software might be or other software similar? Thanks
  6. Actually it was when we doubled up the stations so we were drawing too much volume off the well. The pump could handle it just fine but the increased water volume leaving sucked sand up from the bottom and we're talking yards and yards of the finest sand you've ever seen!
  7. We're looking for 2 more to join our GTA Heist Crew. I've got a friend and we play for a few hours on a weekend evening, usually Friday at 4-7, and we're looking for some people we can skype with and complete some heist missions. Thanks!
  8. The lenses and canon DSLR add another $10k btw
  9. This is the best technique I've found for cleaning my RED camera. Really gets the scratches off the sensor...
  10. Sorry lol it was 100fps and I didnt want to take the time to cut it in premiere :'D Dude no way... mine only lasted about a half second before it died... ive got another video I'll post soon speaking of pretty flashes and saying goodbye to a perfectly good mackbook air People would be surprised by the athletic capabilities of their pc parts...
  11. I think I have the most athletic RAM here...