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  1. Apacer AS330 Panther Giveaway

    My hard drive in my super old computer has a strange noise when booting up and you can always hear when it's trying to find data and it is the loudest part of my PC. I also never turn of my computer because it is a pain to wait for it to boot up and I only restart it exclusively when windows needs an update. This SSD would be a glorious upgrade. SSDs makes computer snappy and it will make a low budget computer feel better/snappy.
  2. i7 4790

    I know, I made a premature mistake because I'm too excited too build a PC and 4790k was out of stock. I'm just trying to convince myself that I made a good choice and make myself feel better.
  3. i7 4790

    That was what I am about going to do but a bit different. I was about to return the cpu for a K version, but I went in this forum to convince myself that I made a good choice and not worry about the hassle of shipping the cpu.
  4. i7 4790

    Just bought i7 4790 last sunday because I was too excited to build my PC and i7 4790k was not on stock and I have all my parts except for the CPU. Did I just made a mistake of going on the non K version? Did I miss out the glory of the K version? Are the manufacturing process of making the CPU's the same? Even though I am not overclocking, I feel disappointed/dissatisfied buying the non K version. I know that the K has .5 ghz advantage (base clock).
  5. Fractal Define R5

    Did the R4 went on sale during 2014 Cyber Monday/Black Friday?
  6. Fractal Define R5

    It is currently $99.99 on Newegg and it is seldom on sale. Do I buy it now or wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday for "hopefully" better offer?
  7. tp-link archer t9e throttle

    Ok, will do, thanks for the help
  8. tp-link archer t9e throttle

    Idk, its some router that was given by Century Link
  9. tp-link archer t9e throttle

    Idk, its some router that was given by Century Link
  10. tp-link archer t9e throttle

    I don't think so
  11. tp-link archer t9e throttle

    As far as distance, my PC is not that far from the access point, about 25-35 feet with 1 wall between them
  12. tp-link archer t9e throttle

    How do I change Ghz and check the least crowded channel? (sorry, I'm a noob at networking stuff)
  13. tp-link archer t9e throttle

    What do you mean?
  14. tp-link archer t9e throttle

    Download speed down to less than 2mbps, usually 10mbps (I know it is slow T_T ) on my old wifi adapter. Upload is fine What can I do?