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About Shifter

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  • Birthday 1998-03-08

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    Cars, Tech - Phones, Computers and all that stuff
  • Biography
    A 16 year old kid from AUS got a i5 with a 280 .... Go to school right now hoping to get out soon.
  • Occupation
    Null ATM


  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 4460
  • Motherboard
    MSI G43-H97
  • RAM
    8GB Kingston valueram
  • GPU
    XFX Radeon R9 280
  • Case
    Cooler master N200
  • Storage
    120GB kingston HyperX fury, 500GB segate barracuda,
  • PSU
    Corsair VS550
  • Display(s)
    cheap Lenovo brought off a school sale
  • Cooling
    Stock cooler
  • Keyboard
    cheap target keyboard
  • Mouse
    cheap target mouse
  • Sound
    cheap target 2.1
  • Operating System
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  1. Shifter

    My next graphics card

  2. Shifter

    What the hell, is this legit?

    I think it is legit but running 2 ssds in raid would give you hell of a lot more price per gig.
  3. Shifter

    How much will a 390x cost?

    Do you wanna buy mine??
  4. Shifter

    Radeon R9 280

    Hi guys I recently brought a R9 280. The current monitor I am using is a 720p(shame on me I know) and would like to upgrade and was thinking those 2560*1080 were quite nice. I want to game on my rig can the 280 push that many pixels to play newish games at med - high.
  5. Shifter

    Inter i5 4690k HyperThreading

    This is how it goes i3 are duel core with hyper threading the i5 are either duel core with hyper threading (very few) and most of them quad core no hyper threading and the all mighty i5 is anywhere from 2 to 8 cores all with hyper threading. Hope this helped
  6. Shifter

    New pc build ideas

    I know it ain't much help but what I am saying is you could spend a little bit of your budget on making Look good. If I was you would get something like 4970k and a 980.
  7. Shifter

    New pc build ideas

    Man if I had that much money I would go all out with custom water cooling.
  8. Shifter

    i5 4670K upgrade to i7 4790K?

    Would not recommend a CPU upgrade since you have a solid CPU already. I say you save you money and get a new high end graphics card 2-3 years down the road. Must say you have one heck of a system.
  9. Shifter

    Will this bottleneck?

    Don't worry about it man you will have no problems.
  10. Shifter

    Tech Confession Time!

    Don't worry man This will be me when I build my PC.
  11. Shifter

    Which GPU should I get

    Ya man, it depends on your budget as some one said before. If you have too much money in your pocket right now go and buy a 980.
  12. Shifter

    Fast 4 Core CPU vs Slow 8 Core CPU

    Man you are probably better off getting a better graphics card. The Phenom II is a very deceant CPU for gaming and CPU has a much lesser effect on the game performance then the GPU.