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  1. @ShrimpBrime How do they create their own energy though? Each energy conversion = energy loss right ? How much, depends on process efficiency. Electrolysis is very taxing and you'd be spending more electricity (however it was first produced on board a car, petrol or diesel engine) in splitting the hydrogen than actually using that energy to run the car directly. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Do you guys mean running pure diesel? What I was asking was like 10-30% diesel and the rest standard Petrol (Regular gas)
  3. i know that diesel won't ignite as easy with a spark, and I'm pretty sure that it won't even mix properly with petrol unless you really shake your ride? Just curious, what kind of trouble could you foresee?
  4. Our climate goes from +5c to +30c total lately that's really a pretty small span. Haven't had snow for more than a week the last 2 years.
  5. Thanks for all the input guys. Seems like the car might've burnt the oil. Cons: Engine might be getting worn, only 180.000 km Pros: I won't have to change the oil anymore, just fill it hahaha
  6. You're completely correct. That's what I intend to do. But before I drive it over to fill up the oil (buy the oil), I think I might have some 2-stroke oil. Think that'll hurt the car 80km/h for like 40 km? That's how far I am from the nearest shop currently. Just wanna fill like 100-200 mL until I buy the new oil and replace it. Don't know if there's a big difference between 2-stroke& 4-stroke(normal oil) okay, so apparently NO, not short term anyway:
  7. Jesus christ dude I hope I'm not in that situation. I'll need to buy a 20L barrel to drive around
  8. Really good to know. Thanks. I'll fill it up with some good Mobil 1 oil and monitor it once every two weeks and see what's going on. Or maybe once a month. It's really a lot of oil gone.
  9. Yeah I did that last january. So it's time. But still weird.
  10. oil pool below the car? Didn't notice any, but will definitely check. Engine has a plastic shield, so couldn't really see that ,but nothing obvious.
  11. Yeah definitely doing that. Not starting the car again before I get some oil. But really weird that I got no warning light. Worries me a bit. Plus it's never used any oil before. So for it to get worn that fast and that much is a bit strange. (thinking piston rings, right?)
  12. And engine seems to work fine. But there's no oil inside the car when I check the dipstick. If i open the lid on the engine, I can see some oil residue though.
  13. Okay so it seems I was right. So I removed the PCI-E Wifi Adapter, low and behold Crossfire now works - Meaning my motherboard chipset is utter garbage and that I was indeed limited by the PCI-E lanes available.
  14. You're probably right, but I've just checked it with GPU-Z: I currently have the following: 2x Gigabyte HD 7770 (1GB) 1x PCI-E Wifi card According to GPU-Z the cards are running on: GPU1: PCI-E x16 3.0 @x16 x 3.0 GPU2: PCI-E x16 3.0 @x2 1.1 Regarding the earlier drivers. Could you recommend a driver I should try? --Update-- So i tried x driver and still see the following, seems like there is no option for crossfire?
  15. Could be. I was thinking. Could it be that I'm running out of pci lanes on this chipset because I have a pci Wi-Fi card installed?
  16. No, I've just added the card today to test it. I usually have each in each PC.
  17. It does indeed. Crossfire: Y (YES) https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/H110-PC-MATE/Specification
  18. Hi guys, I'm having trouble finding a switch to enable crossfire, any ideas? Both GPU's are added and found by the system and a crossfire bridge is added between them. Using the newest drivers Adrenalin 2020. 19.12.2
  19. Yeah, windows does the same thing if you add two descreet GPU's I think
  20. Lol i Got 44 using 2400g and p106-100. 1080p high preset The video you linked got 53. Not too shabby
  21. Could someone who has a 2400g and 1060gb please benchmark an iconic new game such as tomb raider at stock settings and give me the numbers ? Wanna compare it to p106-100