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  1. Newest Keyboard with LCD (MSI afterburner)?

    Yeah. But the question is, if my keyboard broke. Which newer keyboard could I buy, which also has an LCD to monitor on??
  2. Newest Keyboard with LCD (MSI afterburner)?

    Think you didn't understand the question.
  3. Newest Keyboard with LCD (MSI afterburner)?

    If this one breaks. Which could i then buy which could do the same... That's the whole point of this thread
  4. Newest Keyboard with LCD (MSI afterburner)?

    It's fun to do, so yeah I want to. Like a control center hahaha. Nerdy, I know. But I'm in the right place for that.
  5. Newest Keyboard with LCD (MSI afterburner)?

    Hi guys, I'm currently using a logitech G15 with a orange/redish display, which can cooperate with MSI afterburner to display gpu/cpu usage/temps etc. Don't like on screen display Any recommendations?
  6. No DX9 games run with MSI afterburner enabled?

    These settings still didn't help
  7. No DX9 games run with MSI afterburner enabled?

    It looks like this, what should i turn off?
  8. Hi, For some reason, no DX9 games run with msi afterburner (+Rivatuner). Am using on screen display on my logitech keyboard. When i shut down msi afterburner, the games run JUST fine! If I open MSI afterburner mid-game, the game crashes to desktop with no warnings or errors. (wth?) Things I've tried: Reinstall MSI afterburner (latest) Reinstall graphics drivers Reinstall / update DX9 Running latest version of windows 10 x64 Install any and all .net framework stuff i could find Reinstall older gpu drivers (2 versions back, current is the latest beta) DX11 games run just fine (Tested Xenoverse 2, and Call of duty Ghost Recon Wildlands) OGL (Runescape) runs just fine DX9 games don't work (CSGO, Heroes of newerth, Stardew valley) Any ideas? Cpu: 7600k Gpu: Radeon HD 7770 (1GB) (latest drivers from AMD)
  9. HELP ME !!!!

    Try setting msi afterburner fan setting to like 50% fan speed If they don't spin, then you might have a problem. Sometimes the cables from the fans to the GPU PCB can be loose, re-attaching them could be the solution. (2 or 4 pins i think, no soldering required) If they do spin, but you still get a hot GPU, then you have a heatsink contact problem, need to take heatsink off, replace thermal paste, and re-mount the heat sink correctly
  10. Nvidia GPU not found - when found Wireless not found?

    But why does crossfire work then?
  11. Nvidia GPU not found - when found Wireless not found?

    Tried this, resulted in the same manner. Seems like my motherboard H110 chipset only has 6 Pci-lanes .. Which means the wireless netcard is probably using 4, and the 7770 is using the other 4? I wonder if I can tune it in the bios to only use 2x on the 8500GT and 2x on the wireless card?
  12. Nvidia GPU not found - when found Wireless not found?

    Why`??? Never tried this before on any pc's.
  13. Nvidia GPU not found - when found Wireless not found?

    Will try that now =D
  14. So I'm lost Parts in signature, except the graphics card and wireless card. Wireless card is some ASUS AC98 PCI-E GPU1 on top: Gigabyte HD 7770 1GB GPU2 bottom: Asus Geforce 8500 GT 512 I want all of this to work, there is room enough on the motherboard, what's up??
  15. Win10 Multi-GPU Workaround

    Found this funny thing here. (in the comments of the video below) Maybe you can make sense of it?