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  1. so i installed cc cleaner and AVG. im not entirely sure yet. but ill update my status in a few hours to see how all the scan works
  2. is cc cleaner good? i;ve been reading some post here and everybody just bashes everything
  3. nope. they are simply not running when i click uninstall
  4. thankfully. i was able to respond in time to hard reset my pc. and plugged the network off. after which i tracked (manually) all the files the virus had created. or atleast... most of it. for now i've used windows defender ( and i know wht your gonna say. but most of the time i dont even use antivirus softwares) to scan my pc for remnants. and i've downloaded AVG to clean up the other things windows defender didnt pick up. ( pls. again i know avg isnt the best but well. its free.) so my problem is that i cant delete some of the programs in windows uninstall. so can you guys recommend any good software cleaners? or even maybe good anti virus programs?
  5. I think all of them have good internet? Im trying to consider things like cost of living so on and so forth.
  6. The Details: Im having a hard time deciding on where i want to spend my life. More specifically the country i want to live in. So i have 3 choices as of the moment which to me, are the best options as of now. 1.Canada 2.New zealand 3.Australia Also,I am from the Philippines and am already a college graduate and i have a degree on business. I wont go into too much specifics. Side note. And its not that there arent any opportunities here. It's just that, it's better in other countries. If anyone from any country I've specified lives there. Can you tell me why your country is better than the others?
  7. System specs are: i7 4790k asus z97 pro wifi ac 8gb ram 128 ssd 2 2tb hdd gtx970 Thermaltake smart se 730w psu
  8. So whenever i open my pc it turns on for a brief second,kills itself for another second, then boots normally. Is this normal? Recently ive also noticed that my psu's fan has been ramping up and making a lot of noise. But that can be solved by shutting it down and booting it up again.
  9. is this normal for windows 8? and does it only ever show .80ghz? i've noticed that even when im gaming it's still maxed out at .80ghz and it always goes to 90-100% cpu usage
  10. dico01016 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/CxA-ZvSbza
  11. ProjectX01 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/CxA-ZvSbz
  12. ok. so this thread just dieded
  13. so this is whats happening right now at balanced
  14. i tried changing power options to balanced. and it went up to 1.16 ghz. but when i got to maximum performance it gets capped at .80ghz
  15. What is c state? My motherboard is the z97 pro wifi. I only used the pre installed 5 way optimization
  16. Actually in running on high performance. I thought i was running power saving too.
  17. Oh sorry. Im running a i7-4790k. A havent OCed or anything. Except maybe for the built in optimization of the motherboard.
  18. So i was using adobe after effects when i noticed that is was running slow. And when i opened the task manager i saw that the cpu was stuck at .80 ghz at 10- 85% utilization
  19. so i recently removed a broken hard drive from my pc. it was an old HDD from another pc that just so happens to have broken down, my boot up time before was less than a minute. (40 seconds or so to be precise). now it takes 2-3 minutes. my other problem is the hard drive icons are plain white http://imgur.com/5EUwEgA any suggestions.
  20. is this a small pump? i see you like to workout while cleaning your pc. Great! thanks for the reply guys!
  21. is it plausible? i've been thinking of using a garden pump to spray away the dust? i tried actually pumping the thing then releasing the air. it had a good enough force. and it sprayed for about 7-15 secs with substantial pressure. opinions pleasee p.s. this image is not mine and i found it on google. AceHardware don't sue me. this is practically advertising without payment. or you can pay me.
  22. errrr im actually running 8.1 ahaha. but then i read up on facts about hdds and decided "well, i've gone this far. why not go the extra mile" and so it began. at anypoint. it seems it working fine now. and at this point im too afraid to ask. hahaha. but really tho. i dunno what happend. a couple of restart's later and voila. it's ok again.