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  1. I understand but there's still other thinfs I'd appreciate anyone's input on. I'll check the website, thanks.
  2. Yeah I know what you mean, I'd still like somone who could give me an "educated comparison" between the 2 because I'm having a hard time deciding which one to go for. All I understand is that IPS = better colours and this one is faster (but will I even notice it?) and it has more light bleed. VA = better "brightness" like black actually seems black and not like some weirdly lit up grey (aka light bled???) but worse colours and general slower response and while it has a 32" which is nice that means less pixel density because they are both 1440p but how much?? How bad would it look. I'd love some more responses from anyone.
  3. Watching several reviews, including Linus' it's not really 1ms though since if you put it on that everything looks outright crap. But yeah, I do play FPS games actually, Hell Let Loose, Planetside, Battlefield, Call of Duty (mostly for campaign/story) and I'll even play CS once in a while but I'm not some kind of master level player, I doubt I have the skill to notice the difference between 1 and 6ms or whatever.
  4. I'm sorry if this has been done already, I couldn't find anything. I made a post recently about monitor suggestions and I got some for the LG 27GL850 which seems great (but I'm a little worried about light bleed? My current ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q has a large amount of light bleed in the bottom right which is quite annoying when playing either in the dark or when the games are dark or when watching movies. But I had kind of decided to go with the 27" until I saw the 32" which just has more "physical" space which sounds great to me, I'd love a bigger monitor. But there's a bunch of things that's just beyond my knowledge to make a decision about. So I'd like to ask you guys for help and you've been super nice and helpful in the past. I don't play Counter strike. At most I play Overwatch (poorly at gold) and Rainbow Six Siege (even poorer at like literally copper or silver, lol) but even that is rare. I'm a Strategy/RPG/Adventure kind of guy. Cyberpunk 2077 is my life right now. I spend a lot of time watching movies as well as plan on using the monitor for my Playstation 4 (or 5 in the future I suppose) I'm just worried about all these things like response time, colours, the backlight bleed and pixel density since It's a 32" instead of 27" but both 1440p It's worth mentioning that in the store I'm looking at the 27" is at 400 euros (on sale) and the 32" is 350 euros.
  5. 27GL850 Might just be the one I'm going with. It's got a lot of great reviews. Thanks guys.
  6. Yeah I see it now, it does look good. I don't see any stores near me have it though
  7. As I said, I really don't care much about raytracing. I just want to be able to run the game at pretty much maxed out. Max textures, render distance, physics, ideally the highest effects, lighting, stuff like volumetric fog/light too etc. -- but as also mentioned I don't mind taking certain things down a notch like shadows and AO and of course I'm not expecting to use Raytracing. I just want to NEVER go under 60FPS on the 1440p monitor with mentioned-ish settings.
  8. On the Techguided I kind of like the Anidees AI Crystal. It seems it's not double compartment or am I blind? Well, it looked kind of like there is but it's more of a "divider" like in an office and not a full split? I googled it and found this http://anidees.com/product/ai-crystal-cube-white-v2/ and of course the new version has glass in the front....
  9. Thanks for the extra info. I honestly kind of don't like the way they look. I feel like the aluminium looks kind of kind of cheap/kitsch. I'm losing hope anything will be able to replace my Air 540.
  10. Just a little extra to this: That sounds fair. I've honestly not seen any amazing raytracing. Maybe I'm just not that good at "spotting" it but should I need to spot it? Shouldn't I just feel "holy shit" So I have 0 issues turning off Raytracing. I'm curious if anyone can find a good comparison because I've tried looking for some and it looks the same to me. (not trying to stir anything up, I can imagine there there are some people who say this to troll and some people who get upset by the trolls) You mean you think you'll be able to run it at 60fps on a 4k? If so, I have no worries with my 1440p haha.
  11. I kind of don't like doing a budget limit because I have this "fear" that if I say 500 you'll find an absolute masterpiece at 550 and won't suggest it because I'm 500. But I mean, the monitors I'm looking at should give you an idea of the money I'm looking to spend-ish, right? I could go up a bit from there. But if I HAD to put a limit I'd say like 8-900 dollars, maybe 1000 but that'd be if it's again a monitor that is amazing and will last me for YEEEAAARS. I still use my Samsung SyncMaster P2450. Quick google says that's a 1080p? It looks nice but I'm looking for 1440p. I find 1080p very cramped after trying 1440p
  12. Not sure if "bumps" are allowed I literally can't find the rules. But bump?
  13. That's probably the best guess we'll get. I'll just assume you know what you're talking about and that it's an educated one, hehe.
  14. It was recommended by my friend on a cheap website. It didn't seem that expensive. Maybe I linked the wrong. To you both: I understand we don't fully know until it's out. What do they mean when they mean "recommended" - Is it max 4k? Is it medium 1080p? Who knows. But I mean, surely some educated guesses can be made, right?