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  1. Video about top VPNs to consider and which ones to avoid. With all the news regarding security breach, companies being bought out, etc., would be an important topic to discuss on the best VPNs to get as well as mention the ones to not trust.
  2. Great idea, I added this to the LTT Video Suggestions thread. It's an important topic to discuss.
  3. My mom-in-law, love her but let's just say she's not the most electronic savvy person. Here's a few: #1 Her: My cell phone says 100% fully charged, but when I unplug it, doesn't respond, screen is blank. Me: Did you press the Power button? Her: It's turning on, I forgot I turned it off, thank you. #2 Her: The laptop is low battery. Do we buy a new battery? Me: No need, just plug it in to charge. Her: The adapter is plugged in the wall outlet, but it's not charging. Me: Is it connected to back of the laptop? Her: It wasn't, but is now. Thank you. #3 Issue: Cable box remote was out of sync with TV (after she pressed several wrong buttons). Her: I turn on TV and cable box turns off. I press Power again on remote and now cable box is on, but TV turns off. Me: Okay, put remote control down, walk over to the TV, and manually turn it on. Her: Where is the Power button? Me: Right side of TV, towards the bottom corner. Her: Okay it's on. Me: Now, try Power button on remote control, should turn both off same time. Her: They both work now, thank you. There's other instances like right-click instead of left-click on the mouse and wonders why "a little window box" keeps showing up. Or somehow gets lost using Facebook on the laptop (instead of on her phone), opens up a new tab by mistake and wonders why Google search page appears, doesn't know how to get back to FB page. Calls me up and I explain that Facebook isn't deleted or broken, just click upper left corner tab with blue FB icon. Haha...we're definitely lucky that we know what we're doing when it comes to A/V equipment and computers.
  4. Same here, but went with Surfshark instead. $1.77/month (USD) for two years and three months free. As long as they're not bought out by a shady company, I made a good choice. We'll see.
  5. Offer her a job as a host on TechLinked, since all tech news there has humor thrown in, she'd be a natural at it. Also, makes it funnier since she's not as well-versed yet in PC parts, can easily crack jokes about each news item.
  6. My 1080 Ti is over a year old and was a former mining GPU. It's running my 1440P G-Sync monitor with no noise or heat issues. Just make sure the manufacturer's warranty transfers over to new owner.
  7. He said "closelier" in the 3700X/3900X video a few months ago, too. That's when I first noticed it.
  8. Could it be Rosario Vampire (before 2010) or Highschool DxD (after 2010)? Here's an anime list by year, check 2010 and older. Hope you find it. Anime by Year
  9. Agreed. Add three hours round trip commute per day and can see why I couldn't handle it for too long. Switching day off to Wednesday instead really helped me catch up on sleep and focus more at work.
  10. At my previous job, I worked (4) 10-hr days and had Friday off. It was great for a while, but eventually I got a little burnt out. It got more tolerable when I switched my day off to Wednesday. That way, I worked two long days, a break mid-week, then worked two more days until the weekend.
  11. IBM sounds like they're jealous, probably because they weren't able to claim this first.
  12. Gaming and streaming? AMD 3600X and 5700 should be a good place to start. Here's a good place to plan parts, check compatibility, and lowest prices... PC Partpicker
  13. Best SATA SSDs I own Samsung and SanDisk. But if you go with Crucial, it's #5 on the list.
  14. Gotcha. Just make sure 760P is first in your boot order. I hope you find solution to PC not posting
  15. Hmmm... Here's a real world example: Cloned from 7200 HDD onto a SATA SSD and installed in friend's eight year old HP laptop. HDD took 1 min 11 seconds from cold boot to desktop. SSD reached desktop in 19 seconds, nearly four times faster. That's within my 3-5 times faster estimation.