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  1. Don't know how expensive it is in the US (compared to whatever salaries you receive around there and the cost of settling whatever return is needed for the medical system to assist you) but from personal experience i'm beyond disappointed with my country, autonomous region\island healthcare effectiveness... I have an arrhythmia and have had it so for years now. Been using private medical care here because public one takes too long to take action and efficiency of such is really underwhelming (poor facility hygienic conditions, lack of instructed personnel and modern equipment thanks to underfunding); but i'm not sure if the private sector is giving me any advantage or benefit despite having spent hundreds of euros on sessions and medication (not thousands, yet, but the salaries here are really low in comparison). Only thing the doctors have done is provide testing methodologies and preventive prescriptions of medication that seems to be losing effect over time. Whatever notion that the condition seemed to be improving or diminishing in intensity is starting to fade away and despite having researched online for methods of curing or halting the progress of such disease (be it through surgery or external equipment induced shocks and actively questioning if such wouldn't be a proper attempt at eliminating the problem) i have not once heard my doctor mention any alternative to this "acceptable" and continuous one other than recommending the same cheap and ineffective medication (whilst even removing some of it)... Does this mean the system (public and private) is inadequate around here and the healthcare professionals available aren't well intruscted or are misinformed in new treatments and potential state-of-the-art instruments that could replace some of the medicine in the long term, making it more effective and provide a higher quality of living in generael? I'll just say so and that is my personal opinion but my country's medical system seems to be flawed beyond repair at this rate - altought i do live in an island that seems to be 10 years behind when compared to the mainland in infrastructure and trading regulation so there's that (ramble all you want against it if you choose to do so). Just disappointed and yes i know - "search for a new doctor" - and that doesn't work either. Just my opinion in regards to stand by the fact that prioritization isn't always done so in the most effective of ways in "unpleasant" countries. Anyways, it is great to hear that some commercial grade technology is proving to be useful and partially doing what it was advertised to do so. Makes me want to get a constant heart rate monitor myself :|...
  2. Yeah looks nice and the price is really appealing... but it costs 40$ for shipping alone :|...
  3. Yeah, everyone is right here; it would be a terrible purchase considering what it promises for which price and time of distribution. I suppose aquiring a smaller bag when compared to a backpack or satchel would still be the goal (seldom i find something really good in-between them). Whew, finding a quality product that focuses on durability\convenience but doesn't come with a "deluxe or, as linus says, ethereal brand status" sure is incredibly difficult :|!
  4. Yeah, i had that in mind in regards to aquiring it. You are right, nothing is really cut proof - just cut resistant - and i shouldn't take their claims that serious in the 1st place. The features it offers and the style is appealing to me but like others have said it isn't a given product and will take a long time to ship\arrive (if it even does so) and waiting so long for something that can be found elsewhere, maybe just not with as many features, won't do us any good nor to our wallets. I haven't really found designs that are interesting nor combine the usability and size this particular product promises to give and that is why i even thought of it (modern design, quality construction and plenty of features) but without reviews i can't plea towards anything. If i only i knew other brands that offered durable and cozy bags with similar composition i would go for them but at the moment i haven't come across any online (searching for the best of the year isn't yielding any positive results either). Money isn't really the issue but availability and quality, me and my father want and expect quality from a product (but i just haven't been able to find anything and he liked this bag once i showed him). Wonder what to do when i can't find anything else :|...
  5. Hey guys, girls. I was wondering if you could provide with an opinion of yours on this "potential" purchase. Now obviously i wouldn't be asking if this product is worth it without knowing it would bring some benefit to me and my father, but i still feel like i should ask for you opinion since this is a crowdfunding project and there are no realistic, long term user reviews available of it yet (won't be shipping until April 2018 in theory but it is cheaper as of now than when released). I never bought an item that was but a mere concept, however, this company already made other gear focused items and i'm willing to try it out if you folks agree it might be worth it or if you've supported such campaigns in the past. Have you ever gotten any of the bags Alpaka sells and if so how was the experience (if you'd like to share your opinion)? Regardless, here's the website if you'd like to check it for yourself and maybe even gain interest i presume. Thanks again. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/air-sling-the-world-s-first-cutproof-sling-bag-travel#/
  6. Mice/Rats are a freaking plague ofc! = Despicable rodents .-.
  7. Nice. Too bad it costs a fortune and the accessories it takes to make it "worthwhile" are a couple hundred €s more in the end.
  8. Ah, should only cost 2000€ or something right?
  9. Lol, man... this is some hardcore thing right here (for me it is, insanely, alien)! I clicked this topic and thought: I read it and, afterwards, was like: Ahhhhhh, halp!!
  10. Thanks for the answer. I meant the amount of products available, yes. Just my observation, but when I search for certain products in specific online websites (targeted towards European/Global markets) or even local stores, whilst questioning if they can find a proper supplier to that certain product, they are, very rarely, capable of receiving that item by any means.
  11. Hey there all. I have not come across any truly conclusive explanation online or in the format of a video regarding the title of this topic :(! With that said, can anyone explain, in a determinative way, why does the European Union still has such an inferior amount of diversification when it comes to technological gadgets (laptops, computers, accessories, televisions, washing\drying machines, smartphones, refridgerators, smart apparel, personal health equipment, etc.)? Some say it is because of the regulations and directives of each country, but even that seems like a shallow conclusion. I think small wages have an impact or is the value of the currency in use perceived as inferior (or something related to the Union's economical problems and austerity measures in some countries)? Nobody really gives me a complete answer and i was really curious if anyone could explain this in detail whilst remaining comprehensible. Thanks for any replies.
  12. Hey guys ive been thinking about the prices i should apply to the parts i want to sell and i was wondering what you tought about these prices: Corsair C70 Gunmetal Black - 80€; Asus Z87-Deluxe - 140€; I5-4670 - 100€; Corsair Force GS 128GB - 70€; WD Green 1TB - 35€; Corsair AX860I - 130€; G.Skill RipjawZ 32GB DDR3 kit - 120€; Asus MX239H - 130€; Z506 speakers (optional) - 70€; So what do you guys think of these prices? The parts that i saw as more befitting to outlive or be less likely to fail before the rest were the PSU and the RAM therefore i dont see why they should get such a major price decrease as the rest of the parts, with the case being a similar piece, when they are in great condition. If you could tell me what you think, not to mention that at 875€ from 2300€ initially when bought and since you mentioned i could buy a 1080 TI, thats the price i wanted to place but i could always try to get it to 900€ with a little twist here or there but i dont expect to go any lower...
  13. They say my phone will get the update, but only 8 or more months from now. Thanks Samsung.... nope.
  14. Yeah i was planning to make a small and compact build, probably miniITX or microATX at best, based on the next gen I7-8700K + whatever Nvidia or AMD will have or present by the time i get the money. My focus are mostly a very capable portable desktop rig but with noise dampening material (optional ofc) and that will allow me to use my current H110 GT. Okay i will try to figure out an individual pricing and if you dont mind i could ask you what you think later on?
  15. Hey there guys, i wanted your opinions on how much i should put my computer for sale and where i should advertise it (i know trying to sell locally will end up in something that will never take off so im willing to sell it internationally, at least where its feasible to send the computer to and where shipment wont ruin half the return so EU only pretty much). With that in mind, i will list the specifications and i would like you tell me what you think (to keep in mind is that all the components are in tip top condition in terms of external looks and have been cleaned). Some of the components like the 850 Pro and the AIO i will be saving for later since they were recent purchases in the grand scheme of things and will of use in the future build. Case: Corsair C70 Gunmetal black; Mobo: Asus Z87-Deluxe; CPU: Intel I5-4670; Drives: Corsair Force GS 128GB + 1TB WD Green HD; PSU: Corsair AX860I; RAM: G.Skill RipjawZ 32GB 1600Mhz; Monitor: Asus MX239H; Cooler: Corsair H60 (had it stored as a backup and it works perfectly fine); Speakers (optional): I can sell a working set of Logitech Z506 if the buyer chooses to get them aswell. I wont be selling the GTX 770 because i was unable to figure out the cause of failure and i dont have any replacement card yet. So guys, can you tell me how much this build should cost (try to evaluate based on the fact that at least here in Portugal getting pc parts is expensive and hard to do so, so i suppose it should still be slightly more worthwhile than in a place like the US or Canada and everything is working well too) and where should i sell it? eBay? I may ask further information if i find myself having to do this and if the price is feasible enough but nonetheles evaluate the pc with all the components i listed in euros. Thanks!