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  1. It's up to you to provide your source on claims you make, not anyone else's. I've checked 20 store fronts (major ones, non major, key resellers and the likes) and haven't seen one listing for $20.
  2. So a personal trainer may actually be good for you. I had the issue at first when I first started going back to the gym (I did power lifting and sports in highschool then stopped caring from 18 to 25) and I had forgotten everything was had anxiety going into the gym (that's where my girlfriend came in and helped me, she's actually a personal trainer herself so I'm very fortunate). From what I've read and even experienced myself I would suggest both weight training and cardio. In that order. Your body has two, I'll call them reservoirs, of energy it can use. The energy you get from the protein you eat during the day and then that of whats stored in your body in your fat cells. Now cardio will burn through most but not all of your protein intake if you do it first and it also doesn't use it as efficiently as weight training (protein is a huge factor in muscle growth). So by weight training first you use your protein to help fuel your body and grow your muscles and by the time you get to cardio your body is ready to use the other energy in your fat cells to burn through to keep you going during that. Also yes your diet is a HUGE VERY HUGE factor. You can workout 7 days a week for hours on end but still see very little improvement. Your diet and what you eat is 70% of the solution. You can start tracking calories with an app on your phone that lets you scan the products barcode to get it's information. You also need to stay away from huge amounts of sodium and fats. I only cheat on my meals Friday nights and Saturday all day. Every other day is healthy and meal prepped for the week. Your teach is smart and right when he/she makes you do that. Being able to do one amount of weight at one rep isn't going to help. Now doing a lighter amount for a huge amount of reps is what will. For your muscles to grow you need to tear them apart which is what weight training does and then allow them to recover and repair themselves. And repeated actions will help greatly with that. For toning your body and defining your muscles you always want to do lower weights for high amount of reps (for instance on shoulders I do shoulder press, lateral raises, side raises at 4 sets x 12 reps at 20 pounds). For growing muscles you want to go from lower weight with high reps to higher weight with low reps (example shoulder press: 12 reps at 20 pounds, 10 at 25, 8 at 27.5, 6 at 30) and when you start getting stronger you keep raising the weight for each set. Now your shoulders hurting from deadlifting shouldn't be happening and could be due to form. Deadlifts are for your legs and glutes. That's what you should be using to lift the weight, nothing else. Your hands and arms are there only for you to hold the weight to lift it. Depending on how many reps though your arms/shoulders can be tired from holding onto the weight for so long.
  3. My girlfriend and I go 4 times a week, more if we are bored Our usual workout routine is Monday - Leg day Tuesday - Shoulders Wednesday - Leg day Thursday - Biceps, triceps, back and anything else we missed On all days we also do 15 minutes of cardio (usually HIIT or walking on an high incline at a steady speed) and abs. I've been attempting to cut my weight for the past 2 months or so by only eating one meal a day (usually under my amount of calories for maintenance). Haven't fully been able to lose my belly yet though but I am at 195 pounds. Was over 200 back in January. Now though I'm trying to bulk though. So I eat a meal comprised of two chicken thighs, a cup of brown rice, and some green beans for lunch, then a bowl of pasta with alfredo sauce and one chicken breast for dinner. I am also about to start my supplements back up with creatine and protein powder.
  4. I don't know about the others but I stopped reading like maybe 6 sentences in because of the horrible post formatting. Please use paragraphs
  5. Depending on how much storage the pro max starts out with at that 1099 price tag I may end up upgrading to that over the xs max
  6. This is the replacement for the XR. The telephoto will most likely be on the XS and XS Max replacements.
  7. They didn't say anything about new pricing for the 4th series (though that pricing for the 3 series is really nice). I really want that always on display though, that's one of the bigger reasons why I haven't splurged yet on one.
  8. I've been wanting an apple watch for sometime now and this just makes me want one even more
  9. Okay that pricing for Apple TV+ is actually amazing. Now I'm wondering since I'll be upgrading to a new iPhone but paying for it monthly with ATT if the year free applies to that
  10. I'll be upgrading no matter what it all just depends on the price for me lmao.
  11. I now must contemplate either upgrading to an xs max or the new max phone they will be showing off today with my att plan that lets me upgrade every year if I want to (currently on an 8 plus)
  12. The forum doesn't use phpBB but yes there should be something for IPB if I remember correctly.
  13. Frist off you'd still have access to your account that has the games on there so you wouldn't need to re buy them. Secondly you're the one asking advice on how to keep buying from a company that wants you to be a victim of fraud so it seems you're alright with that from the get go so I don't see why that's a problem with you.
  14. Microsoft has stated all Microsoft Games Studios games that are made will be available on the PC as well through the windows store. Steam most likely not (kind of surprised Gears 5 is going to be on there) and then Halo also being on there is pretty awesome too but I don't see other games being on there. Now I'm not sure if the forza dev's are owned by Microsoft to make them a ms games studio but if they are forza will be on the pc.