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  1. Recently i have been looking for a wireless solution for my BGVP DM6 IEMs because id like to be able to go out in public and still have portable great sounding audio. But i don't currently own a portable audio player i just use my IPhone Xs which with the annoying dongle works but gets to become a nuisance when it gets caught on things, so i search the internet far and wide for a solution that would not only give me a good amount of play time and easiest to use when i had almost given up and just bought airpods pro i found it a secret reddit thread deep in the bowels of R/headphones of a guy who managed to modify a pair of Beats Xs and attach MMCX connectors to them and i thought it was brilliant since i had an Iphone and it was my major use case Codec support wasnt a huge requirement since they dont have aptx hd support so i reached out to a company in singapore who apparently specialize in this sort of modification to see if i could order a pair and low and behold they still offer the service so i ordered a pair and am currently waiting on it so i can give my verdict of the result. I link the Reddit thread below as well as a few photos of some others who have modified their beats Xs on various forums.