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    Registered Nurse


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    Potato Grade (available only for collage students)
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    Potato Grade (available only for collage students)
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    G.Skill Ripjaws (2x4GB) DDR3
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    Galax GeForce GTX 960 EXOC 2GB
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    Cougar CMX850 850W Power Supply
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    AOC G2460VQ6 24in FreeSync Gaming LED Monitor
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    Budget Microsoft
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    Budget Microsoft
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  1. elly

    Temporary tattoo's as wearable tech! :)

    progress by improving
  2. elly

    Temporary tattoo's as wearable tech! :)

    as far as i know all an RFID chip can do is link you to an external database of stored information about a person, that would be great if they could link the 2 together i think this just reads your vitals! ( i know i Australia they tried to release a health card that stored your information, so hospitals could easily share it. but people got up in arms about privacy breach's :blink: .)
  3. elly

    Temporary tattoo's as wearable tech! :)

    I think its more tactile to,
  4. elly

    Temporary tattoo's as wearable tech! :)

    We are so thinking the same! let's go even further what if it was compatible with the Dr.google and it used that information to give you that information to your phone, never have to worry about going to the dr's again for simple things.
  5. elly

    Temporary tattoo's as wearable tech! :)

    I don't know you could just as easily wear it under your shirt , imagine your at hospital and you have this on, your nurse could know if you flip in to a funky heart rhythm even if she's on break.
  6. elly

    Temporary tattoo's as wearable tech! :)

    Thanks! Agreed !!!!
  7. So i'm pretty sure this isn't a duplicate post! ( i used the search function, I'm fairly new though, apologies if i have it wrong!) How cool is this, a company called Chaotic Moon Studio has released a temporary tattoo to mimic the functions of wearable tech! It mimics wearable's like fitibit etc, I'd really love to see this technology put to use in the medical field. imagine the possibility's. The original article can be found here: http://www.news.com.au/technology/gadgets/wearables/a-company-is-developing-a-temporary-tattoo-to-mimic-the-functions-of-wearable-tech/news-story/a29dba02f7ed6054ee167244be6858c2 I'd like to know where you think this technology would fit in the market place? Elly
  8. elly

    Paint with Paint the profile pic above!

    @Minibois Its excellent
  9. im pretty new to this, so im a terrible poster. i like the term clickbait though! theres a boring bit in the article were the compare the sudden growth ovefhe ip5 to the ip6 and predict it will do the same thing ( have big opening sales the quickly decline) and this will lead apple to look into other avenues ie watches, tv ext. its in the link. Whats NN is it like netflix?
  10. elly

    Explain Your Username

    its my first name go figure,
  11. Decon

    Hello new friend :D

    1. elly


      Thanks! :) hello back :)