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  1. I'm kind of hoping that I didnt fry it, but I'm not sure on what else to do if that isnt the case
  2. yeah, well, it had thermal paste pre applied. and that's what I figured
  3. Hello, I recently got a ryzen 5 3600x and a gigabyte b450m ds3h motherboard. I installed it and it booted up fine. it randomly shut off twice within the span of a about 3-4 minutes and I went into the bios to check the settings after the second shut off and noticed that the cpu temp was around 80°C. i set the fan profiles up(I have an aio that uses one of the fan headers to power the pump) and then went to boot up my pc, but it kept having problems booting and would often throw a BSOD, allthough the error was never the same one twice. so after a bit, I decided to reinstall windows onto a different drive. when I booted up my USB install drive, the windows in the windows 10 installer software looked odd, a lot of times until it got to the actual part where I selected the drive to install to, the windows were blank and I had to move them around the screen a bunch to get text to appear. but after, it seemed to install properly and brought me to my desk top. I opened task manager and opened the expanded view and couldnt see any task at all, and the end task button was blank. so I went to restart my pc, and now it wont boot up. it hangs on the scree. with the blue windows 10 logo with the spinning white dots and sometimes will go to a white, yellow or blue screen and just stay there till it restarts. could I have fried my CPU? and if so, I'm assuming that this isnt covered under warranty
  4. Thank you for the quick response guys. I am using a asus sabertooth x58 motherboard, Original Black NZXT Phantom, and 2 Sapphire HD Radeon 6970's. Because of clearance issues, i have to use the top PCI-E slots. also, the dual x card has to be the top one. GPU links: Link: https://www.google.com/shopping/product/6472602855366237265?biw=1519&bih=747&q=radeon+6970&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.&bvm=bv.91665533,d.cWc&tch=1&ech=1ψ=RU49VbDBGrDPsQSn34DwAw.1430081095124.11&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX9kxEBrziPSr5epZF28a3N7GzPuqh_0q76wzGOEadD61uRokh_3BmSZhptS3fAbSqN0OLdYd_ozT-6cNT9AjNAT2lm-47JS096UHeFBEXEfU3bZk7hIZAFPVH73IVssKUjI5qgiD6uCwSn2PW0_omg&sa=X&ei=dU49VanWCOXHsQTX8IGgDg&ved=0CJQEEPMCMAA and link: http://www.vgastore.com/2005399/sapphire-100311_3l-radeon-hd-6970-2gb-256-bit-gddr5-pci-express-2-0-x16-crossfirex-support-video-card http://puu.sh/hrTbg/a827d76dd1.JPG http://puu.sh/hrTiR/41d24a9374.JPG http://puu.sh/hrTl8/ad84cc6a07.JPG
  5. Hello, I have bought a second graphics card for crossfire in my system, but when i hook them up, they are really really close to eachother and the top card gets pretty warm without running anything demanding on it. My question is, what would you say is the minimum clearance space for a crossfire setup?