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  1. So I recently bought a 1070 and figured now Is a good time to start considering 1440p monitor's. I'm trying not to spend more than $400 and is seems In that price range the two popular options that fit my budget are the Asus PB278Q and the BenQ GW2765HT. While I'm definitely leaning towards the BenQ because It's $60 cheaper and they both seem to be about the same spec wise, are there any other options I should consider in the price range?
  2. sound's good, Ill start looking into decent 40" 4K TV options in my price range. I also may be able to upgrade to a gtx 1070 or something as I might be selling my 970 to a friend.
  3. Yeah I have a single GTX 970 right now and for the most part won't use the TV for games, Just want something nice for watching movies and show's/Twitch and YouTube in the background while I have a monitor on my desk for games.
  4. So I want to upgrade from my well over 5+ year old Samsung 32" 720p TV and really just want to know if a 4k TV is worth getting for what I use it for. Which right now is mainly just netflix/hulu etc, YouTube, Twitch streams and occasionally playing games on if other people are over. I'll be using it as a second monitor for my PC and am just unsure If I should go with a 4k panel or 1080p because of lack of 4k content. I want to get a 40" screen at least and my budget is about $600 which is probably low for a good 4K tv. Any input is appreciated
  5. Amazing game that isn't very well known, it has a gritty sort of military story with gears of war style game play. One of the better single player games I've played for sure not sure about multiplayer though.
  6. Spent a lot of time playing rocket league with an Xbox controller and I can't see anyway using a wheel would be fun. The amount of jumps, turns and kicks you do would make it near impossible i would imagine. For sure try it though, I'm sure a lot of people haven't so it would be cool to see how it turns out
  7. Looks like a decent rig, I'd add a SSD if the budget allow's it and personally would go with a different PSU. Something like a Seasonic, XFX TS line or EVGA Supernova's there is nothing wrong with that one though Also I agree with the above that you should that get the 4690k over the non unlocked version
  8. So of course I've been looking at the obvious ones like Newegg, Amazon and NCIX but what other online retailers should I keep an eye on for decent black friday/Cyber Monday deals throughout this weekend?
  9. not entirely sure what that is lol, like having a certain temperature set for the fans to kick on? there's nothing like that set. I noticed the fans not spinning while i was in the middle of playing a game. Pretty lost as to what the problem is for sure,
  10. So i noticed a few days ago only one of my GPU fans were spinning so i shut it off for the time being. Today when i turned my PC back on i realized now that neither of the fans were spinning. I opened msi afterburner and turned the fan speed to max just to see if they might spin up which they did, so i thought it was just packed with dust. I Just took the GPU out a few hours ago and cleaned it pretty good and after putting it back in I'm still having the same problem. Fans wont spin up unless i set the fan speed to 80-100% on afterburner. I purchased this GPU (7870xt) a little over a year ago and haven't had any problems till now. i'm thinking the bearings for the fans might just be worn out or some other weird technical issue. So is there anything else i could try to fix the issue or should i make a new graphics card purchase earlier than i hoped? Thanks for any input/suggestions
  11. Wow really that big of a difference *reaches for wallet*
  12. ok then for now ill just wait and see if AMD has anything up their sleeve. If not ill just pick up the Gigabyte gtx 970 whenever i find one in stock
  13. Thats good to hear i have to wait a week or two anyways before i could make a purchase. Be nice if they announce something good
  14. So with the new GTX 970/980 being released I'm thinking it might be a good time to upgrade but i need some advice. I currently have a 7870xt and while it still runs every game i play relatively fine at high settings I'm wondering if buying a GTX 970 would be a worth while change. I definitely wanna upgrade to 1440p or even a 4k monitor down the road but for now I'm sticking to 1920x1080. So what do you guys think? Get the 970 or should I hold off and stick with the 7870 for now