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Everything posted by xTrixieHD

  1. Mate, that's not old, i have a 980x i7 from about 2006.
  2. Just search belkin braided thunderbolt cable, should come up.
  3. It'a the server room, stop paying such attention
  4. I have a belkin cable and have had it for a year and a half, they are good.
  5. As everyone else said, games can't really use that much bandwidth.
  6. shipping charges man, sneaky.
  7. Well, in 5 years i haven't had to replace the fluid in my aio in a pc sitting in the corner, plus. they are closed, meaning you can't refill them.
  8. Well the only one that rwally still exists is the 212.
  9. indeed it is a white box, don't worry, i've never had an aio leak on me in my 6 years of building pc's. especially not a corsair.
  10. now, if i play through the game in UVHM, can i return to my normal playthrough and have it as a seperate game? or will it delete my normal playthrough.
  11. Well, it has an i7 980x and a 680 classified, i play beamng and gta 5.
  12. because it's just a wii with a crappy drone controller that lasts an hour on batteries.
  13. Who thought australia's favourite air would make the first.
  14. tell you what, don't get anything razer. that's all i have to say about that.
  15. oi you have 6 posts. respect your elders.
  16. i don't get people who worry about silence.
  17. Oh yeah, serious toilet project ayyyyy cheese,