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  1. Go into dark mode and see. Well. if no roaming the only thing i can really say is, it had probably rebooted.
  2. I think you should clean it before you jump to conclusions, shouldn't harm anything.
  3. Roaming? Also, don't use that annoying white box around the text, it pains dark mode users.
  4. One's a seasonic, one's a pretty well known FSP unit.
  5. Ah, what the fuck, i just did a diskcheck on my main computer. apparently my disk health is 58% on my main drive. tis good.
  6. Might be a good idea to backup your files incase it fails, contact WD Nonetheless.
  7. 98% you needn't worry, i used a kingston down to about 75 percent once. it still worked fine.
  8. Maybe the wrong android phone, there's millions.
  9. windows phones are shit, i apologise, but really, why would you buy an overpriced piece of metal with an apple logo on it hardly superior to it's competitors.
  10. Drivers? have you got the newest drivers?
  11. windows 10? buggy os? only reason i can think of. if you still had comcast i would've said that was the problem because comcast is dead rat carcass horrible.
  12. sorry, forgot to add that but nearly all atx boards and modern cpus support 4 sticks, heck even my cpu from 2010 does.
  13. do yourself a favour, get a samsung, android or windows telephone
  14. If you bought a mad catz mouse you probably do need help, i'd reccomend a logitech g300s, it's a fantastic mouse, had it for some months now and it works like a charm, adjustable dpi, 4 bindable buttons, very very good. also cheap!