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  1. IP man

    Best headphones

    Because he likes them? haha that logic makes zero sense.
  2. IP man

    Best headphones

    What a constructive post! care to explain?
  3. What easy way? Cant go around being scared and worry about everything, just my 2cents
  4. You think to much haha, just live life and take the problems on the fly mate.
  5. IP man

    Best headphones

    I sure do like my ATH m50x, works great for games and music.
  6. Feels good to be back^_^

  7. Check out the TX 3 evo, i use it in a fractal r5 and love it. Temps stay around at 50-60c while gaming. 25-30 idle.
  8. Now, i havent tried everyting in the world but i sure love my G502 mouse. Clean and simple with 2 macro buttons i belive. The worst mouse ive used was a razer deathadder. way 2small and it got slimey? lol So go for the G502!
  9. Change SSD to EVO Change RAM to 1600mhz. 1866 no difference. Corsair/evga/beQuiet/xfx/ any 650/700w 970 or 390. Happy building
  10. IP man

    Good Chair?

    Ikea Marcus! best chair ive ever tried. 10times better than those "gamer chairs mlg pro" overpriced junk. IMO
  11. The witcher 3 and Dying light. Waiting for Tomb raider. even tho i didnt like the last game.
  12. 4GB is more enough for 1080p and even 1440p. so dont worry about that. well if u cant wait for the new gpus then sure 980. its a great card
  13. Thats why you dont play CoD play bf!
  14. aha, i lost intrest after re4. hope they get the 7th right
  15. Please wait, new tech coming soon. why bother with the old
  16. new year new cards i would wait and buy the new ones!
  17. IP man

    PC name?

    Not trying to be rude, but why would anyone name their computer? :rolleyes: