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  1. Guys plz read the situation carefully (which i have mentioned).............. :huh:
  2. Few DAYS before i have bought a Sapphaire ATI 6670 with 1GB DDR5 . I have been noticing that 1.when i use my PC for normal use (Surfing net, Listing songs etc.) it works fine. 2.when i use to play games (having sound output via Speakers) and by chances if power cut's off the PC gets restarted. 3.when i use to play games (having sound output via headphones ) it works perfectly in the case of power cut also . NOTE:- I am using UPS till my inverter gets UP. PC Config :- 1. Processor- INTEL Core 2 Duo E7400 2. Motherboard- Intel DG41RQ 3. RAM- DDR2 4GB (800 MHz) 4. Power Supply Unit- INTEX 450W PLZ HELP ME .I have also tried a UPS which is good in condition and works fine but the problem still consists.