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  1. Have you heard many of the other HD500 series headphones? Do you think it will sound much better than my HD558? Also out of curiosity how did you even buy the HD560S? Preorder?
  2. Are you suggesting that I should go with the HD560S instead? Do we even expect that they will become widely available for purchase within the next month?
  3. Hey guys, about 6 years ago on here I was recommended the HD 558 and I've gotten a ton of use out of them. I'm very thankful I was convinced to go with open back headphones, but it is about time to replace them, as I've never even replaced the pads. I am between the Beyer 300r TYGRs and the HD 560S, although I am leaning toward the Beyers for the soundstage that I've come to appreciate with open backs. My only concern with the Beyers is that I've heard they can be fatiguing to use, and I am going to be using these headphones a lot - is there anybody who owns them that can comment on this? Also how comfortable are they with the round earcups? I am going to be using these headphones for everything: music, gaming (already have a modmic), and a lot of youtube.
  4. Hi guys, my computer is about 7 years old at this point and up until this point I haven't overclocked it at all simply because I haven't had to, I've maxed out all the games I have played until now. Today I turned my clock speed up on my 780 Ti to 1160 MHz and after running unigine heaven on ultra settings, 8x anti aliasing, 1080p and moderate tessellation I came out with a score of 2100. I continued to run heaven for about 10 mins and I noticed my gpu temperatures were good at 75 C although the VRM temperature was 92 C. Does the VRM temperature seem high? What should be considered in safe range? I also noticed some stuttering on heaven, is this normal for the program or does it have something to do with my card? Thanks in advance for your input, my full PC specs are in my profile if anyone is curious.
  5. In my opinion it is, I actually prefer a smaller screen like that when i'm gaming because you don't have to look around very far to see the whole screen if that makes any sense.
  6. last time I was at the Microsoft store they had one, i'm not sure if they have one in Orlando.
  7. Because the PSU is only semi modular you would only be able to use a few of those sleeved cables depending on what the power requirement/how many components you have in your system. In my opinion it isn't worth it to get another PSU and the cables that are attached to it already have a black sleeve over them anyway.
  8. From the ones you listed I would say go with the corsair but as sam said Samsung is much higher quality.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion but I prefer wired earbuds. If I were getting wireless I would get jaybirds though.
  10. I need a good pair of earbuds for college and I was wondering if somebody could help me chose between the sennheiser momentum in ears or the bose sound sport. I will be using them for listening to music, watching videos in my dorm and lifting weights. Thank you!
  11. does it look like its spinning ok? double check that you have it seated correctly on the cpu fan header on your motherboard
  12. you are going to need a cpu cooler if you care about noise or if you are going to overclock but other than that it looks good.
  13. So is the computer running with on-board graphics? Do you have another computer to test the graphics card with?
  14. Thats the thing, the HD558s are open headphones with fabric on the outside where most open headphones have the metal mesh.
  15. How is the quality on the modmic? Will the adhesive on the modmic attach to the fabric on the side of the HD558 alright? I am worried that I would have to speak very loud for the snowball, would this be an issue?
  16. I play a lot of csgo and my current audio setup is HD558s and a zalman clip on mic. people have been complaining that my mic is poor quality and has a lot of static so I was wondering if someone had a recommendation on a new mic to use with my HD558s.
  17. Yea maybe they are trying to make us happy that they kicked off clarkson.
  18. My first suggestion to you would be to just get a whole new computer. If you can't you should swap out parts with another computer to see which ones are damaged, for example put your graphics card in another computer to see if it works.
  19. Is there a reason why nobody wants to reply to this?
  20. I am looking at getting this monitor very soon so if I could get some insight as soon as possible I would appreciate it.
  21. I was looking at getting a second monitor and I would like it to be an upgrade from the one I have now. The new monitor would be used for gaming and the second monitor (the one i have now) would just be used for multitasking. I was wondering if it would look weird to have them side by side if they are different size/resolution/response time/refresh rate/panel type. The monitor I have now is: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c02887585 and the one I was looking at getting was http://www.amazon.com/Acer-G257HU-smidpx-25-Inch-Widescreen/dp/B00QS0AKVK?tag=amazon0606-20 Any response is appreciated, thank you in advance.