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  1. The Apple vs FBI debate is very interesting and has a lot of sources on the topic. I just did a point counter point speech about it. Definitely something worthwhile to talk about.
  2. CPU: 3770K GPU: 660 Ti RAM: 32 GB Score: 6234/8380
  3. I think it would be a good idea to get some closed back headphones and the mod mic. When gameplay sound is played through your speakers and then picked up by your microphone it loops back to everyone for a second time which can be distracting and annoying to other players. The HyperX Cloud 2 seems like a good option if you want a gaming headset, however.
  4. It's not completely wrong. Even high quality USB mics are noisier than XLR mics because of the limitation of USB. In my experience the Snowball is a very noisy mic without giving you enough gain, and the reason is because of the lack of power. I'm fully aware of XLR mics, and if you want quality that's a far better option - but the budget obviously limits the options here. 3-pin XLR can carry up to 15 amps, while USB 3.0 (2.0 is even more limited) is limited to 900 mA.
  5. Well I'm glad you're not going with the Blue Snowball. It's a very noisy yet quiet microphone because it doesn't get enough power from USB alone. For your situation I would recommend a Uni-directional ModMic. http://www.modmic.com/collections/modmic/products/modmic-4-0 edit: It even has a mute button, included foam pop filter, and it's a great value.
  6. I'm having the same issue. EUR10 doesn't work for me either. I suppose I could email iFixit as well but I really would like to support Linus with one of his offer codes.
  7. My IBM Model M! Of course I did not own it for it's entire life, unfortunately. I bought it a couple years ago. Also I re-purposed an old Desktop PC and configured FreeNAS on it. An Apple Airport Extreme 5th Generation (2011). It's not super old, but it's still running reliably.
  8. It has my favorite sensor, the Pixart 3310.
  9. I took a screenshot quite awhile ago of his channel page when Linus got 200K subscribers. Things have changed quite a bit since then!
  10. I'd look for a Herman Miller Equa 2, sometimes you can find them on eBay for under $150. They really support your back, and while being a basic office chair with not a lot of adjustments, they just feel right.
  11. I still really like the unboxings, just to see your first impression of a product. Plus, I like to call your videos indepth unboxings because they're really more than just looking at the box and reading the tech specs. You always tell a more information about something. All that being said, if you're getting tired of the unboxings definitely change it up and do the videos you want to do. I'll keep watching.
  12. Didn't boot without the data drive plugged in. I had to burn a copy of Windows 8 onto a CD so that I could do a repair of the OS with the data drive unplugged. Then, when it figured everything out, I could plug the data drive back in and reformat it because it was no longer considered a system drive. Problem solved, albeit annoying.
  13. I'll just continue this post as I figure things out just in case there's anyone else out there with this problem. So now I've figured out how to mark the partition as inactive, however there may be a boot loader or something on it as it's still labeled as a "system" partition. I'm going to manually unplug the drive to see if it boots without it plugged in, if so, then it's okay to wipe it. However, it won't allow me to wipe it unless I use a Linux live cd or something. =\ Windows can be frustrating. Here is the link I found on how to mark the partition as inactive. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/197157-partition-mark-inactive.html
  14. It has something to do with the secondary drive being labeled an active system drive. I can't figure out how to make it inactive and how to make it a non-system drive. It's just a backup data drive so there should be no reason it's tied to the OS.
  15. Hello! I have a Windows 8.1 Pro machine that I use as a home server, and I was just about to set up storage spaces for a software raid system. When I create a drive pool, however, only one of my 2 data drives shows up even though both drives show up in Explorer and read / write fine. Is there anything I need to configure differently to get Storage Spaces to recognize that first data drive? Thanks!