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  1. oskar23

    corona virus

    Official numbers are way low from beginning. Be safe everyone whe its spreads..
  2. oskar23

    corona virus

    listen to the interview before commenting
  3. oskar23

    corona virus

    From the beginning I heard its serious... https://mobile.twitter.com/arslan_hidayat/status/1226497211623772161 I dont know who should I trust when it comes to numbers.
  4. oskar23

    corona virus

  5. oskar23

    corona virus

    Ive seen the map. Question is based on what it is updated? There will be official and unofficial information when it comes to numbers. There may be thousands that are infected but they are not confirmed yet. Also i dont think every single person that is sick is part of this growing number.
  6. I need something like that. Its 28 onches long and 16 wide. It doesnt have to be insulated or anything like that. Only waterproof I was looking on alibaba and didnt find anything of that size.
  7. I'm trying to find a place where I can either request custom sized bag or buy something that is on the market already. It has to be at least 27/28 inches long. I tried to find something using "catering bags" and "food delivery bags" but sizes that i found are not what im looking for. Any chinese websites perhaps?
  8. if i did it wasnt intentional the thing is how why was my paypal affected too?
  9. i already delete this email from my account and changed password. now question i have what is all this spam about? All this registrations on so many websites.
  10. it says you can cancel request but i dont see such option...
  11. Hey. This morning from 6am I woke up and saw many spam emails on gmail with registration on multiple websites. Russian webs, wordpress etc. What caught my eye was that something popped up from paypal. I logged in and there is email added to it and $500 was requested from my bank account. What do I do about it? This never happened to me.
  12. Of course its wrong because it says something else that most websites. All websites with live data wont show more than 85mph. Period. Data you gave me is the same on every news website.
  13. Yes i clicked. Yes i see it says current speed 140. Thats what they say. But its not a map that i can click and see what speed is. Can you understand it? Oh yeah this websites are fooling us... ok never mind. Any website wont show 140mph because its not true. Even if they said its 400mph you would blindly believe.
  14. You didnt give me anything. You make a joke from a website i posted. Go on any other. Will show you the same. Question for you. Any website WITH REAL TIME DATA showing wind speeds of 85mph is a joke? Shit? Does something like real time data exists for you? Now everyone makes a jokes about conspiracy. How surprising Anyway. Good night. Enjoy trolling.