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About fracking4oil

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    Fracking fracker!

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    AZ, USA
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    Photography, computing & gaming...
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  • CPU
    i5 4690K
  • Motherboard
    Z97X UD3H
  • RAM
    G.Skill DDR3-1866 4 GBs (x2)
  • GPU
    EVGA 660 TI SC
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1/10
  1. fracking4oil

    Do you even care Microsoft stalks you on Windows 10?

    How can they stalk millions of users? Information overload!
  2. fracking4oil

    Windows 10 First Impressions, From a Mac User.

    Somethings not right about your install; my system takes about 15 seconds to be usable and Edge is significantly faster than Chrome, especially loading videos.
  3. fracking4oil

    First thing you did after getting Win 10?

    Clean install from ISO.
  4. fracking4oil

    Windows 10 Problems

    Gigabyte's apps are for system information and OS overclocking, both of which can be done better with other software or through the bios. All Gigabyte apps can be removed safely. Edited: Btw, App Center's update utility would often "update" with old drivers, your best off downloading drivers from your particular motherboard's driver page or directly from Intel in the case of chipset and Intel graphics.
  5. fracking4oil

    Windows 10 Problems

    App Center is not compatible with Win 10, it very well maybe causing some or all your issues.
  6. fracking4oil

    Windows 10 Weird Installation

    I've never done an express install so I'm not sure, but it may not be able to find or create a partition to install Windows on to. You may have to delete and recreate a partition by going custom; it's pretty much self explanatory. If you have more than one drive installed one will be labeled 0 and the others 1, 2, ext. If you don't have anything at all you want saved on the drive you're installing to, you can delete all the partitions on a particular drive (watch the number label) and create a new partition for the OS (this may create several partitions). Everything else should be the same for express instillation.
  7. fracking4oil

    People's thoughts on vanilla windows 10.

    I don't like it, because it taste like chocolate! I wanted vanilla! :angry:
  8. fracking4oil

    Still no windows 10 D:

  9. fracking4oil

    how to hack the lockscreen picture

    Then perhaps you should just disable it by going to Settings - Accounts - Sign-in Options and selecting "Never" under "If you've been away, when should Windows require you to sign in again". Or perhaps you should just speak to a Physiologist.
  10. fracking4oil

    how to hack the lockscreen picture

    You watch your computer after you leave it?
  11. fracking4oil


    Don't blame your ineptness of using Google on Win 10. http://www.winbeta.org/news/use-windows-10-troubleshooting-package-hide-problem-updates
  12. fracking4oil

    how to hack the lockscreen picture

    How long are you going to be looking at that screen? Anal much?
  13. fracking4oil

    Is your windows 10 activated?

    For smoking a joint? lmao
  14. fracking4oil

    Is your windows 10 activated?

    Yup, I'm going to go smoke a joint right now... Peace!
  15. fracking4oil

    Is your windows 10 activated?

    Are you coming from a activated copy of Win 7/8.x? If so you need to login with your Microsoft account on the copy you're upgrading from and then login with that same account once you're done with the Win 10 installation. You can skip both (two) key request during installation. Edited: Oh, forgot... You need to upgrade first and login with your MSA to the upgraded Win 10 and then you can install and activate the ISO.