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  1. I mean, to be fair, this is already at the end of the slippery slope in my view not even a hypothetical lmao Why do i need to register with the government to watch/read my degeneracy? What business of the government is it? >"Protect the children" I don't think people realize what a VPN is and how easy it is to use one as a kid, all this does is infringe on the liberties of the people, it won't actually help anybody
  2. Is he an actual marxist? Idk. I just dislike him for how he treated a lot of players and the Pewdiepie situation, extremely childish, chose not to buy Firewatch because of it. I don't think the lead protag being a black woman with a fro is virtue signaling though, it's very likely just a design they liked/fit for their protag.
  3. Well, I do have a raging hatred for people who tell me what color i can paint my house or what flowers i can plant in my garden
  4. Is this really a thing? Unions will tell workers to work less efficiently? Isn't there any pride in your work?
  5. I'm tired of government getting involved in the personal lives of others
  6. While it'd be nice to see micro-transactions/in-game purchases that are similar to the case like SW:BattleFront 2 get banned, we have to be weary with making it law. The legal system has a lot of nuances and, yes, this could permanently ban/heavily censor games that have gambling or open precedence for banning other "unsavory" content.
  7. Does anybody have any experience with webhooks on Discord using IFTTT.com or the like? I'm hoping to get some help, hopefully the correct topic area. Trying to get the webhook to post images via a reddit RSS feed (Using r/aww for cute puppy pics and a test) but it's been a while and despite content constantly being updated on the subreddit, the webhook isn't posting anything to the Discord server. Please and Thank You!
  8. So long as you're not traveling shipping it somewhere, you won't need to do much to keep it safe.
  9. "Hey guys! Let's ban all recreational use of drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol so we can finally DO SOMETHING about these drug overdoses, cases of drug addiction and alcohol-related deaths in cases of drunk driving. If you don't support my ban on dangerous things for a safer world then the blood of these people is on your hands!" So insincere lol
  10. Let me guess, you think banning drugs and alcohol will stop drug addiction as well lmao Yeah, even if i were of the same opinion that guns should be banned, i don't see it as possible in the US; it's an integral part of our culture as Americans. >"If we take away guns, people will be largely more incentive to commit crime" >"And then that'll only prove those responsible gun owners right :/" lmao, c'mon man don't say it like that I don't think it could work, even if it was from the beginning. We live in such a globalized world now that people aren't simply going to pretend something doesn't exist, their desire won't go away just because it's never been legal in their lifetime. Mass shootings aren't the problem, it's the people who are compelled to commit mass murder that are the problem. You probably hear it a lot "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" but even banning guns won't do away with mass murder; it's just a branch from a much larger problem.
  11. I would love to invest money into mental health facilities, unfortunately, with taxes i don't get a choice as an individual to where my money goes. So less taxes on guns means more money i can donate, as an individual with power over where my money goes, to charity organizations that would improve the state of mental health many people suffer from. Taxing guns would, again, put more guns into the hands of crazy people because the poor could not afford them and thus would increase the blackmarket audience where safety checks and evaluations normally found in legal gun businesses would be nonexistent.
  12. It depends on the gun, and state in a few cases, but it's about about ~10% nationwide tax with many lobbyists trying to drive up the tax to ~25% nationwide and more. It's ridiculous and will only keep guns away from families of lower income, it won't get rid of people buying guns; it's essentially a tax that would ensure the poor would not have access to firearms and make protecting yourself with a firearm that much more a luxury that the more wealthy can afford instead of a tool that everybody can utilize. There's also the fear of blackmarket firearms making their way to people's hands because the cost of buying it legally is too high, meaning no need for any kind of weapon permit or validation that you are equipped to handle a firearm. NOTE: This isn't some Left-wing vs. Right-wing thing, i'm not bringing a political dive into this, just talking about the effects legislation as such would have.
  13. Guns are taxed enough; we need less taxes, not more. Because states already tried taxing alcohol and cigarettes even more but people made a fuss about their state government trying to steal collect more money. ^^^ It's not about being righteous, it's actually just about money and excuses to get your money.