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  1. From one desk builder to another, this is looking really good. I was 17 when I started on mine too! Keep it up mate, you've definitely got access to some good power tools there.
  2. The early M7's power buttons are flat, and the later model ones have a slight raise. Best thing to do is if the connector is broken, is get a new charging assembly. a very time consuming process and would be quite hard but probably the only option you have if it is indeed beeeroken
  3. I'm kidding, I won't be calling it that. To me it is just "The Desk"
  4. Well well. Bit of a bump here. I have gotten some free time in the coming weeks and will endeavor to get the revised version done. I have also finalised my sketch for it too, what you see is what it will look like Be ready for awesome 2.0 I have also called this desk Might get it printed out and put it on the glass Erection Resurrection
  5. So it's been quite busy for me in the past few months. And they were not exactly trouble free months either! Firstly an overcharging alternator at the 'Hanmer Meet' which blew all my relays and destroyed my little tacho circuitry. Resulting in an unexpected weeks stay in CHCH (which turned out to be awesome, expensive... but awesome) But now we have her up and running sweet. Just need a new diff head because my one has a slightly bent pinion but that's not a biggie. She drives like a dream and has a big power increase over the ol' 4K
  6. Yes, Biocice will prevent Algae growth. It is cheap enough to get. I personally use the Mayhems stuff. You could run it for a few months before anything happened but I would rather have a few drops of biocide just for the ease of mind.
  7. yip sure thing, it is somewhere in this thread but won't make you dig your way through it!
  8. I really like some of the concepts you have used in this build, one specifically is how you've routed in the cable management slots. Kudos to you
  9. If you stop and look at the desk, think about how things have been done. Really, the process of doing this all is relatively simple. However, all though it is simple, the thing that gets people is the precision. It can be quite tricky to use a router, can be a little tricky to use your biscuit joiner and get all of the sections to line up with each other. If you can dedicate a lot of time, and practice on scrap bits of timber completing a project like this, all though time consuming is very possible to an extreme rookie. In terms of wood used, how long is a piece of string? To figure that out you will need to make a plan (or like me and make a model) so you can work it all out. As for thickness, i think the timber I used was about 12-13mm thick Cheers man! I promise I will get to finishing this desk off, it will look relatively the same to the above sketches but will finalise nearer to when I can start it. I am working on a 1972 and 1979 toyota corolla's that i'd like to get them out of the way first before I poor more money into it. I look forward to seeing your thread, as I do with every other desk build!
  10. Cheers lads, will get a few more photo's shortly. Am coming to a completion of the project, and am very much looking forward to starting on the next! Then it will be time to uncover the old watercooled desk and remaster that. If only money grey and trees and time was endless
  11. So the KE30 is all running now, taken it for a drive and am very happy with the performance increase. I have also bought a Link G4 Atom which I will get around to wiring in at some point, which then I'll take it in to get tuned nicely. Taking in the car to an engineer tomorrow to get the restud sorted so I can get rid of those whorey bikkies on the back One of the fuel injector seals had carked it so decided to replace them all. At $9 each they're kinda crucial so price didn't worry me New radiator hoses for the bottom piece, new radiator would have been EASIER however the one in there at the moment is huge so don't see the point Modifying the clutch pedal to suit the master cylinder Kinda shitty photo, but here is the fuel pump assembly The metal piece there connects to the drain port of the fuel tank. Had to get that made up by the engineers across the road to suit, then it is gravity feed to the pump Happy with how the exhaust is looking, pretty tidy overall. Though it has a small leak somewhere, ill wait a week for the hole to go black so I know where it is exactly Nearing completion, just a small amount of wiring left to do. Waiting on my new coil/ignitor to arrive Skip forward a few days and it's aaaaaall go!! new Accelerator cable as the old one was probably 40cm too long due to intake being on opposite sides Pretty close with the intake/water. Probably isn't ideal however I just can't find a hose tight enough to work so will probably make a custom one one day in the near future New cam pulleys. Haven't really tinkered with them yet though will are needed for when I get it all tuned I also bought some new rims. Lenso RS5's. total diameter is only about 4cm more than that modgies and Toyo's on at the moment so no worries about clearance. Also found out the guards have been rolled all ready so that saves any trouble Also got my A pillar plastics painted. found some on facebook. Guy only wanted $20!!! If anyone knows these cars, finding some in this condition is rare and to only pay $20 instead of around $150. I'm stoked
  12. So been a bit of progression. It was down at the electricians getting all the loom wired up which took a couple of days. Also the water outlet/inlet needed to be modified as the thermostat bypass was corroded so water would have leaked everywhere pretty much, so get them welded over and drilled some holes in the thermostat to allow a small amount of water to flow through till the thermostat opens. Also got my driveshaft back which fits nicely Topped up the Diff with some LSD oil, and also the Gearbox. Just need to do the new fuel line and clutch assembly (master/slave cylinder and line etc)
  13. Definitely keeping, I wouldn't put this much effort into it otherwise! Haha. Plus they're getting pretty hard to find
  14. The 4K that was in there was actually really quick... I would estimate around 90hp? It was keeping up with a 2L 140-150HP TX5 Telstar for the first 3 gears. Light cars are awesome!
  15. So over the last couple of days got my new Diff in (Toyota Hilux diff with an LSD), old engine and gearbox out. List of what has been done to the motor in the last day *NEW* Water pump Spicket bearing (between crank and gearbox spline) clutch kit (thrust bearing, clutch, pressure plate) cam belt cam belt tensioner got my head re shimmed, to all have a clearance of .3mm (as per cam specs) Monday the engine and gearbox will be going in, then the drive shaft needs to be sent for shortening and convering to a one piece shaft, with a T50 spline end (22 I think) and Hilux end. All good fun!
  16. Hey man, like your idea. Cheers for that!! I'll be starting this in a couple of weeks, will update the old thread in build logs with some more photo's once i've started
  17. Not dead, postponed. I got busy with studying, and also doing up a car this year however I Have a 3 week semester break in a couple of days so I will try get some of this new desk done (basically just revamping the old desk) It will be all in arms at the end of the year though when I am working and have some spare $$$ to spare on an entire new build
  18. Got all the bottom end stuff done today, tomorrow will be moving on to measuring the shims since I had the cams ground Not long till she's all go, and I can move onto my next old car!! which looks like this currently
  19. So I decided it might be wise to take the crank in to get checked. All was good with it and got it polished. Also decided I may as well get it balanced as well as the rods and flywheel (Which I also got lightened). Am pretty confident this engine will last and be a top performer, will be keen to get her on the dyno once she's all up and go Will aim to get the head on it done in the next couple of days. Still have to decide if I will get new valve springs though I probably won't since using stock ECU for now
  20. Sleeving looks top notch, do you prefer it to heatshrink sleeving?
  21. It's not quite 10TB yet, I need another SAS cable and 3 more 3TB Reds to put in here. Server currently has 4 x 3TB Red Drives in RAID 5 so lose one drive. Also 10% reservation to prevent overflow with ZFS
  22. I kinda wing'd it and thought it would be all good. However I have decided to get the flywheel lightened and balanced so may as well take the crank and rods in while I am at it. So crank is getting balanced and polished as well as checked for round. Also rods are getting balanced too. I also have a KE20 in my basement which is 100% original so far with 0% rust and complete perfect body. It is a bit rough inside ie ripped seats. But will get those reupholstered. Body is just painted in prime..... but will be painted cherry red. because red is boss. Your kE55, same car as this right? bar minimal things like dash and gearbox mounts etc
  23. I have no intentions to turbo this car. I just wanted a new engine that was more powerful and didn't consume 11litres per 100km like the current 4k engine does in it at the moment lol. Power is good.