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  1. ok so based on the locations we want the camera. we are looking at getting a 3 pack g3 bullet and 1 g4 pro for that extra clarity to see licence plates, people who are approaching the property. so now just need to look at the POE switch that will work for us and the getting the cabeling done. /
  2. Thanks. yea. I have been looking at reviews of these. look like the new 4K ones look really nice but everyone said the HDD would be to slow for it so you would need to have a SSD if you want 4k. but I think the STD 1080p ones will work for me. going to see how many cameras i need first to see what will work and then the pricing. some of the cameras here are very pricey. look like the only 2 concern from me with unifi is 1. HDD / SSD for the storage 2. Can you install the app on multiple phones so multiple people at home can access the system remotely if needed. I see. yea this is for home use only. and would like a simple setup to run and manage. at this time looks like Unifi will work quite well.
  3. I see. looks good. that might also work for me. will check out their range and see what would work best for where i would plan to have them located. ok. how does the non HDD one work? i guess that would be stream only and no local storage i guess. ok. do you know what brand of HDD it comes with or do you get to chose one? Also is there a max height of the HHD. as some 2.5' ones are 7mm to 15mm. Looking at the seagate 5TB as a potential option. or i can get the a 2TB Smasung 870 QVO haha. so porbs best to go for the seagate to get the max storage option. That is awesome hopefully they dont charge in the future but that sounds great ! That's good. as long its clear to see the face that is all i really need. speakers would be a bonus but its all good. is it a 7200RPM or 5400 RPM? any specific brand you have? I think this system basically meets all the requirements i would like in a system. i think i just need to work out how i need to configure my network and ports to make sure it will wll work. Do you need to do any port forwarding to the Unifi device to be able to remote access or as long as you have internet it will work? and are you able to use any POE switch as long as it has enough power for the cameras and the unifi box? as the unifi website keeps saying 8011.af or basically uinfi switches. I am thinking of getting an un-managed cisco POE switch as i have had good reliability with cisco switches so far. might need to run some lan cables around the place to get the cameras all hoked up via POE.
  4. I see. i noticed they appear to be a PRC based company so that was a bit concerning as well based on what happening around the world / news at this time. I will probs avoid them at this time as the Ubiquiti seems like it can work for me.
  5. that looks interesting. Have you used these before ? looks like there are 2 version one that can have a HDD and one without? do you know apporx how much of hours a 1TB hdd will store? is it a good idea to get a SSD for it or will that be an over kill ? i think we would at most over a the set up 8 cameras maybe 10. i did see the app. looks quite good. is there any subscription fee to use it ? it is not mentioned on the site. how about audio and night vision. this does look very promising. I think the only concern i would have is that it uses a 2.5in HDD and i don't see any surveillance specific drives in 2.5in. look forward to hearing about your experience. and set up guidance.
  6. not yet. will check them out. looks like they have a few AUS providers. will check with them.
  7. I currently am using a windows PC as my server at the home. it is running my Plex server, acts as a daily backup storage and looking at add the camera function to it as well, since it's got the speeds and the memory to deal with it. I have used synology at our office for storage/ backup quote well so mabe will consider that in the future. I checked them out but they look to be only a US / Canada based company. dont seem them here in AUS
  8. Hello Dylan. I am still looking for a solution. Still open to ideas. please PM me so we can discus options that you think could work for me. Thanks !
  9. Sorry for the super late response just been super busy. Deff a interesting option. I unfortunately don't have the time to go through creating all of these and would prefer to use some pre-made cameras and systems. Oh i see i will check these out. what brand of CCTV system o you use if you dont mind me asking. does iVMS4500HD link up with any camera? or does it need to be an IP based camera? It sounds interesting but looks like it might take some time to configure and fine tune. but will look into it to see if it can work for me.
  10. Hi All, Not sure if this the correct sub forum for this please move it if required. So i am looking to get a security camera solution for my home to have that extra security. I have a few requirements but I cant seem to find an option that would work with these. Please note I am in Australia so some of the options i have seen in the past are only based in US etc so those will not work. 1. ability to have 4-8 cameras initially with a max of 12 but can also manage with 8 if that works better will be a mix of internal and external cameras ideally. 2. no subscriptions to use the system or for remote access to view live view etc. 3. IP based camera compared to traditional camera system - read these have better quality 4. NO WIFI / battery based cameras 5. Preferably POE cameras 6. App to view camera remotely via phone (android) (must be secure connection) 7. Local storage for min 24 hours 8. ideally $200 AUD per camera can look at ones costing more if it meets more / all requirements 9. 1080P or higher quality 10. Night vision - additional night security light nice to have but not a must 11. 2 way audio - nice to have but not a must 12. auto notification if activity in hot zone nice to have but not a must 13. Happy to mix and match cameras / software as long as it works During my research into these i have found the following software that looks that could work but not sure how good it is. Its called Luxriot EVO for soho use and seems to be free. https://www.luxriot.com/product/ip-camera-software/luxriot-evo/ The few concern is i wonder how good and stable it is ? Also how much resources it will use? I have a PLEX media Server which also double as my backup server and data server. so i am not sure if just having a few cameras will saturate the 1GB/s NIC and drives i might have installed on the PC. The PC ii think is more than powerful enough to handle the encoding. But i think if its running camera system, PLEX, file server, backup software it will overload the system and everything its used for will suffer. Unless the traffic it sends is so low that it wont affect other things. 1. Not sure if Luxriot is good any one used them before? 2. do i need to a dedicated system to use it due to the load ? 3. would it be better to go for some other system or brand like swan that makes cameras but seem limited. 4. any good places to check reviews or to see the cameras / quality of the system? Thanks !
  11. Thanks. I left the Intel SSD with intel RST mode. so far so good
  12. I see. happy to keep the current drive then. just wondering why it would have RST enabled when there is no option to have an RST module or to even have RAID SSD etc. so if i change it back to AHCI when i re install will that be ok? is there any extra drivers it needs to run in RST. normally back in intel 3rd gen era you could have AHCI enabled with RST on top. but now it looks like you must chose one or the other ?
  13. Hi guys, I just got a ASUS laptop that has a Intel 512GB SSD (intel ssdpeknw512gb) which has quite average read write speeds. I am considering to replace this with a Samsung 970 evo plus SSD potentially. i noticed in BIOS that the controller is set to by default Intel RST with optane instead of AHCI. There is no second drive in the system that could be used for optane acceleration so not sure why that is the default. does changing it to AHCI make it any better or worse ? I will be reformatting the system soon so just wanted to make sure i have it in the best possible setting regardless of what SSD i finally decide to go with. Thanks !
  14. @Net Runner any ideas what else could be causing the boot to fail after the conversion ?
  15. @Net Runner now the real kicker. we took a VMDK image via starwind v2v converter created a ESXI instance in our office with the same version they have just no raid as its test only. loaded the VMDK and it turned on straight away....