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    i5 4690K - Stock OC coming soon
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    Asus VII Impact
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    Corsair Vengeance Pro @ 2400Mhz
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    EVGA GTX 1070 FTW
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    Bitfenix Prodigy
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    Western Digital Caviar Black 1Tb, Kingston V300 250Gb
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    Cooler Master GM650
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  1. Did you use XMP settings on the ram? if yes try to scale down the clocks. And try to see if it is more stable. My asus B450 strix had the same issues with ram
  2. Lets hope that it is only regarding the laptop parts, the 560X is Polaris 21 really small chip so 60% over that isn't something to write home about.
  3. So Vega 20 late November. lets hope they might be able to perform this time around.
  4. So let me get this straight. PCP is both getting paid by companies to do "white papers" aka paid positive reviews. And then they review the products again on the "review business" PCP. They got exposed and people say that the person exposing them is on the wrong? What the actual F. They should choose one of the 2, either doing white papers or real reviews, this is text book conflict of interest. It doesn't matter if it is Intel Nvidia or AMD or any other tech company, they still get paid for the white papers. You expect me to believe that Company A pays you amount X to do a white paper, and if it sucks you are gonna tear them a new one in your review? No chance of happening, because you will lose the customer on the paid review business. Behind the two companies are the same people.
  5. You bring up a good point. I believe that with rumours regarding Navi and how Ryzen's architecture is, AMD is moving towards a scalable GPU architecture with an infinity-fabric type of interposer. And even from the Hawai Era the GPU compute tech was miles ahead than their CPU dep. Even with VEGA there is a ton of futures that stay unused because developers wont optimize for AMD. This push with intel even on the low end with an APU will bring some good change in the scene.
  6. I have to agree, I had a Sapphire Vapor X 290, and it was a beast in all aspects.
  7. I believe that this is done to purely go for Mixed GPU marketshare, as this will push more developers in some ways to optimize for AMD tech, so low end PCs + consoles with AMD GPUS will be over 50% of gaming tech marketshare in the long run. Plus this enable more programmes to run better on apple since they prefer intel CPUs with AMD GPUs and this might even help to thwart the CUDA ecosystem (at-least on the low end)
  8. under AIDA64 stabilty test for 35min it reached 80C
  9. Oh I dont mean RGB leds Just a White led lighting up the AMD Logo
  10. Thanks for the input. Actually it does it worked once. then died.
  11. Hey all, I have recently built a Ryzen 5 1600 machine and I am pretty worried with the temps with the stock cooler. I idle around 48C OC'd to 3.8Ghz at 1.36V. I am measuring temps in BIOS, Asus AI suite and HW monitor. Is the offset thing still in effect? Or are the monitors showing the correct temperature. When i built it i was idling at 50C on stock (one reason was that an auto the vcore spiked to 1.40v), I re pasted (with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut) and seated the cooler and got some improvement but 2-3C at most, also the LED AMD logo doesnt work so I think there might be the possibility i received a defective cooler. I am thinking of buying an H100i V2 but wanted to postpone the buy in 1-2 months but the temps are acting up and it gets me worried. Any takes on this?
  12. I just bult a system with a 1600. Stock cooler is meh, i thought i could live with this but it a no go, bone stock i was idlying at 45-50C. Reseated the cooler same thing after i checked the voltages i saw that in auto the CPU spiked at 1.42V. I OC'd @ 3.8 but with stability issues am trying to work em although now i reduced voltage down to 1.38V fixed I idle at 40C (and reseated + repaste the cooler with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut) . Ram also is finicky cant make em work at 3000 mhz without crashing. TL:DR: get an aftermarket cooler.
  13. Am not sure to be honest that might be as well.
  14. I think buying my 1070 a year ago at 430 euro (same model now retails for 540) was a pretty good move considering it will take nVidia another year to produce the 2070. But i think middle to later 2018 the prices will normalize - hopefully.
  15. Either nVidia is pulling an Intel, or they have to delay and use this as an excuse because the maturity of the node they want to use isnt where it needs to be yet. So that means we are stuck with the 10 series atleast up to next summer.