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  1. Indeed Could it be due to the TN panel? or is that not an issue?
  2. Nvidia control panel (I have a 1050ti)
  3. Yo, so I'm overclocking my monitor right now just for the hell of it and when I create a custom resolution and successfully apply it, the new refresh rate doesn't show up in the advanced settings of my display. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. The headset has a four pole jack, so almost all laptops and smartphones could take advantage of the mic on the headphones. I like the way HyperX does their detachable mic with the rubber cover that can go over the mic port so you can use them as normal cans. (if you have a better mic or want to wear them in public) basically all headphones dont "NEED" a usb dac. But for better audio performance, having some sort of powered audio interface is a big help. I had the cloud 2s and without the dac they were fine. Id use them with my phone and theyd still sound just as good. The dac is handy because a lot of motherboards (especially older ones) have pretty weak audio output from the jacks. So having the ability to crank the headphones up to stupid high volume (plus the funky 7.1 thing) is nice. Most headsets dont have "drivers".... the only thing to keep note of is the impedance of the headset. the higher the impedance, basically the quieter they will be unless you have a sound card or something a bit more powerful to push signal to them. If you're purely gaming the cloud 2s are fantastic. But for me, I listen to music most of my day and have headphones or earbuds in all day. The cloud 2s, while super comfy can get pretty heavy. and your ears can get a bit warm with the leather pads. (there are felt pads or whatever theyre called but with how heavy the headset is (relatively) they can make your head itchy) If you have a mic like a yeti or something then go for something like the sennheiser HD120s I have them now and they are truly great. Super Light and comfy with great sound and a nice long cable but the cloud 2s pretty much own the gaming headset space for that price
  5. That's a good point. Thanks for the opinion very true thanks for the info
  6. eh id rather save the 50 bucks and get the CL 1060 is a 1060 at 210 worth it over a 780 at 150? and if im buying a new card then there's the rx 480 4gb vs 1060 3gb battle shit just gets complicated
  7. shit i forgot the 1060 but assuming the 1060 guy doesn't respond then the 780 is the way to go then eh?
  8. so 80 for the 7970 is outrageous I assume?
  9. It does. as far as I know, neither are close to a linear performance scale. so SLI or CF isnt super attractive. that and the 400 watt power draw from the 280x's would be a pain so there is a point there looking at single cards then. 780 - 150 760 - 110 280x - 120 7970 - 80
  10. I'm currently on the prowl for a gpu after my brother moved out (taking his PC I've been using with him) And I have found a plethora of options and im fuckin torn over all of them lol I found an HD 7970 for $100 on craigslist with "Very low operating time." If I choose to pursue this card I'm going to try to get him down to $80 because duh I found a GTX 1060 for $150 on craigslist. I already reached out to the guy with an offer for it but have received no response. (It's a fairly old post so he might have sold it or something) I found a GTX 780 3GB for 150 I found a pair of GTX 760s 110 a piece or 190 for both (slightly negotiable) I found a pair of R9 280xs for 120 a piece or 220 for both I am a semi-competitive rainbow six siege player so maximum performance is a factor. but im also tight on cash and want the best mix of cost and perf. I can afford any of the offers listed above but I don't just want to buy the most expensive cards. Id rather spend 150 on a 1060 than 190 for the 760s if I get more performance per dollar. I play the game with settings in the most performance oriented way possible. Advice?
  11. I said this earlier but I can say it again IG. I don't think the macbook will have this issue... Apple can specifically develop the OS with this feature in mind versus lenovo who just has to deal with windows being windows