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  1. Not to hijack this topic but I feel like I'm in a very similar situation. In light of Zen 2 I am preparing a system upgrade and managed to pick up some G.Skill 4000CL19 at a very reasonable price and was wondering if it's worth sticking with these and downclocking much like the OP?
  2. Yeah, did all that, multiple times. It just tells me Windows 10 upgrade reserved. I guess it's due to them staggering the updates.
  3. How did you get yours to install? I keep getting a windows update error when trying to install Windows 10.
  4. Sounds amazing. As long as I don't have to trade a foot for it.
  5. $999 probably Australian/Canadian dollars. Loving the stickers.
  6. Project Quantum looks like a lava lamp and I LOVE it!
  7. So many people seem to be confused as to what the 390X actually is. It's the rebranded 290X, NOT the Fury flagship card AMD are launching soon.
  8. A Fury thread doesn't go by without someone complaining about the 4GB of vram, all the while having no real world experience with Fiji.
  9. As with anything that requires game developers to not be lazy, I wont hold my breath. I just hope AMD provides good drivers at game releases, much like they did with GTA5, and none of this "GameWorks held us back..." bullshit.
  10. Just saw this posted on OC3D facebook page as well. Not that it's anything new, but nice to see the marketing direction they've taken. To all those people touting that 4GB vram isn't enough for 4K and it will be the death of this card: AMD appear to putting ALL the emphasis on 4K with the marketing direction, so having "only" 4GB of vram appears to be a non-issue. EDIT: Clarity.
  11. In some respects it's quite desperate from nVidia. Cannibalizing their own product line essentially, and inadvertently penalizing those who elected to purchase the 980 or Titan X. It's bordering on unethical business practice on multiple levels.
  12. I don't think there was much incentive for nVidia to compete on HBM1. They already maintain the vast majority of dGPU shares and thus don't really need to be at the forefront of innovation to drive sales. Plus there's the risk of early adoption with new tech and the innate issues that can potentially come with it. They can allow AMD to "beta" test the technology (as you pointed out) and, should it perform well, they wont lose too much in terms of revenue, but they can improve on whatever short-comings it may have in its current iteration ready for Pascal. nVidia maintains a lot of its success through aggressive marketing, and refining existing technology. AMD are almost forced to rely on early adoption of new technology as a selling point. I just hope that AMD can claw back some market share so both companies can start pushing innovation.
  13. They may be comparing it to the previous generations flagship. Could be a mistake though. On paper this card is shaping up to be well worth the wait. Hopefully it performs in gaming benchmarks at the same performance.
  14. Indeed. That $60 cash-back is actually quite appealing if you were considering the game anyway, which I'm sure most are.
  15. The only time where running hotter might be considered an advantage.
  16. He was referring to the early access version on PC. EDIT: Clarity. EDIT: 11:30 they start talking about FPS and performance.
  17. Why exactly is necroing a thread if you have valid input a bad thing? But posting epic-memes about said necroing is perfectly acceptable?
  18. I watched an interview with one of the developers on Lirik's twitch stream, and he mentioned that they are currently optimizing the game for 30FPS. I can only assume that's due to the console version they're developing, but it's a real deal breaker for me. Lirik runs Tri-Titan X's and he was struggling to get 15 FPS with ultra settings, which is just insane when you consider the amount of power available to him. To go on further from the lack of current optimization: they ultimately plan to implement the game with DX12. Now, we've already heard the stories that it's going to be up to the game developers to implement a lot of the features from DX12, and looking at the games current optimization it doesn't really fill me with much confidence. I know I know, it's early access, I'm sure a lot of the performance issues will be resolved before the game is officially released, but they clearly stated their intentions of optimizing for 30FPS, so I'm not holding my breath.
  19. Here's hoping Fiji delivers. I have money with your name on it, AMD, don't let me down.
  20. And in a world where money wasn't an issue, we'd have non-stop innovation. Unfortunately the reality is that AMD simply cannot invest enough to warrant an entire new line of GPU's from the entry level to enthusiast grade. So they target the area in the market where they haven't been a contender for a while with the lure of new technology in HBM, meanwhile maintaining some relevance in the mid-high range with the rebrands. With the budget AMD have, it's a sound strategy.
  21. Sounds like the plot line to an overly-dramatic 80's action film about a renegade cop who fights crime with super-human martial arts techniques.
  22. Interested to see how this runs but in all honesty I don't see what market this is aimed at. I don't see console users buying this as its a platform they might not be familiar with, and seeing as the current consoles have huge loyal fan bases I doubt that'll change. Current steam users maybe, if they're considering a console, though if the streaming box is good enough I imagine that being a more likely, and less costly, alternative. A little confused about the soldered-on GPU considering how they first marketed the system. The controller looks interesting. Will likely pick one up for my PC.