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Najeeb Ullah Qadir

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  • Birthday 1996-03-26

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    Car builds
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    i7 3770
    i5 4200u
  • Motherboard
    Microsoft Surface pro 2
  • RAM
    8GB DDR3 Desktop
    4GB DDR3 Laptop tablet
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon RX580 4GB
    Intel HD 4400
  • Case
    Thermaltake commander G41
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    256GB SSD Kingston
    1TB seagate
    1TB seagate

    128GB laptop
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    550 watt thermaltake Power series
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    Hanns-G 1080p 27inch monitor HL 273
    1080p surface display
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    Thermale cooler (no idea what its called)
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    Langtu Mechanical Keyboard
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    E-Blue Cobra-S Jr
    Freewolf Wireless mouse (ITS RGB)
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    Monitor Builtin speakers skullcandy riff headset
    MS surface speakers (Not a sound guy)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 1903
    Windows 10 1903
  • Laptop
    Microsoft surface pro 2

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  1. fixed it The monitor was set to 59hrtz changed it to 60hrtz and that fixed thw issue somehow how it happened is beyond me tho
  2. Thanks man I think Ill just downgrade the windows version from 10 1909 to 1903 as it works best with most things 1909 has been a pain since day 1
  3. Total black in videos also seems to cause this issue
  4. There was no yanking: I did try the following 1.The cable has been and is also being used on another device with no issues. 2. I did plug my laptop in with the same cable and monitor and then again there were no issues 3. I Used an other cable to the desktop setup that this issue is on and it resumes 4. Did Plug the desktop in other monitor and no issues 5. also used the same cable and a different desktop and no issues The issue seems to only come forth when a full screen application like games is launched in full-screen mode border-less window seems to work fine full screen vlc also runs into issues no other video player has yet been tested tho the prompt for admin right popups seems to cause issues which also doesn't happen when an other system is plugged in. My conclusions There is no issue with the monitor or the desktop when used separately which could mean a driver incompatibility there is issues on full-screen mode only. the issue seems to only be with the desktop tower and this monitor although no new driver updates have been installed recently and this monitor is being used for quite sometime with no issues I am at a stalemate here
  5. then can u help me alleviate this issue as i dont know how to solve this if there is another Android based OS that will work better then this one even if it is older version of android can u recommend it to me just the name and link to where i download and install this will be enough help thank you
  6. I dont know what happened I swaped thw cables and all nothing seems to bw working VID-20200501-WA0050.mp4
  7. How do i check weather i am using a kernel of such properties and is an intel HD 4200 even supported on anything like it came on ultra ultra power saving netbooks that cant even handle windows 10 properly
  8. This is what it keeps saying when I try the houdini.sfs method of the fix
  9. Every game i install crashes benchmarks are runing stuttery at 50fps-0fps-50fps like so video for reference Kindly tell mw if someone has a fix for this crashing I have enabled the native bridge option and tried those fixes with houdini.sfs nothing seems to work VID-20200427-WA0024.mp4
  10. Also I know this is a noob question but I am using it for eGPU solution with an Asus x550l I want to know that do i need to connect the 6 pin connector there or not P.S the card is only 55 watts
  11. it has a 6 pin connector but shoulld I connect it new to GPUs here lol
  12. ok here is a pic though and will i need to power GTX 750 with a 6 pin connector from PSU as well or not here is pic of the board