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  1. User: HiJynx Favs: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf
  2. "These short little people..." - nice Luke!
  3. Slogan - "bringin' back socks and sandals" theme song: http://youtu.be/N87DEVdhgUU
  4. "Security footage reportedly showed that he had a small struggle before he collapsed, The Independent reports. He was pronounced dead of cardiac arrest, and paramedics said that cold temperatures and exhaustion likely contributed to his death." Huffington Post http://Gamer Dies After 3-Day Binge At Internet Cafe In Taiwan
  5. I did not check out any of the auto at CES but I am not sure why Luke down played Oculus in the video but that was probably one of the best at the show.
  6. Yes please! I would build me a new rig!
  7. LiquidCool has one PC product which is built specifically for performance. Where as Puget is all about looks. LiquidCool must not have gotten a lot of contracts for their "liquid cooled data centers" so they feel the need to pick on Puget. This really sucks because I have been wanting to build one for a while.
  8. This is Linus' theme song - I am sure Luke is getting sick of hearing it all the time!
  9. Thanks for everyone's advice - so I should not worry about bottle neck? I am looking at Strix GTX 970 (no SLI). The mobo I am looking at is Asus H97M-E/CSM. I am not trying to build a very low cost PC but something that can be upgraded in the future and still have a good running PC. This build is for a client's son who is playing DOTA (semi-pro?) and I would like to get the best performance possible out of it and not break the bank. The mobo or anything else is not set in stone but was going to be part of the 1st option I am going to present to him. It will be used in the future at college so I was thinking size wise it would work well.
  10. I was wondering as far performance what would be the best CPU for Dota 2? I was thinking 4790k but the $$ is bit much. More cores or less cores? Chipset? From my understanding it is a CPU bound game. Would OCing make a difference or stick with a chip that is not OCing capable? Thanks for any advice in advance!
  11. I found Linus Tech Tips when searching for info on what I should use in my new build. A ton great info and love the vids try to watch at least 1 or 2 a week.