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    nop no warranty and overheated dust in the fan when i noticed the temps it was a little to late. a dude removed the chip using a heat gun but without the template i cant reball it so i cant use so am looking for a company in london that might have it. i tried contacting clevo several times but no response, quite bizarre remind me never to trust clevo again. with no options i came here
  2. supersaltyname


    so guy any solutions to my problem i would like like to get this laptop fixed
  3. guys need your help i got a clevo w370et laptop and the bga overheated so i need to reball i t do you know anyone in london that can fix it bga 25x25mm 989 Ball FCBGA manual http://www.manualslib.com/manual/674853/Clevo-W370et.html?page=52#manual thanks
  4. supersaltyname

    scam/fake 1m subber giveaway

    thanks my heart is broken but my personal information will be with me
  5. supersaltyname

    scam/fake 1m subber giveaway

    I got a message from someone claiming to be linus saying Hey Powerprick red! I'm happy to announce that you are the winner of my giveaway! To claim your prize please go to the link below, complete an offer and then I will get in touch with you! i am guessing this is a scam cause when you click the link you got to a servey and i dont do serveys. IS this for real i doubt it but if its happen to me that means that i am not the only who got it. If linus can reply to this blog and tell us how a giveaway works Edited by Whaler_99 - removed linky
  6. supersaltyname

    1 Million Subscribers - Thank you all! And a giveaway!

    I DID KNOW YOU CAN SIGN WITH STEAM TOY DIDNT MENTION THAT THANKS FOR THAT AND THE GIVEAWAY. been following since 2011. I made a poem that makes me thing of you and the team, Its a mans obligation to stick his boneration in a womans seperation, this sort of penitration will increase the population of the younger generation lol no serious i would love to win this sinces i broke my gaming 600 pounds gaming laptop. what did i learn? you have a box full of titan blacks and laptop=NOT GAMING THANKS p.s now i will be a login in everytime now, not to piss you off but to piss of the the other poster :)jk GIVEAWAY WINNER CELEBRATION