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  1. I would love to have the opportunity to test out this little machine
  2. I love the design of both the AMP! Extreme and the AMP! Omega, just the mere fact that they are 900 series is a big plus for me. Can't wait to actually be able to run games in 4K whether I win this or not
  3. I learnt about computers from a friend of mine who recently moved away, since he was the "techie" in our group i decided to take up the mantel, and came across LinusTechTips while trying to a find a computer setup that wouldn't be too expensive but still be able to render high poly images, and since then your channel has taught me everything i know about computers. Thank you for all of your help I intend to get the HyperX Cloud, and Corsair k95 rgb keyboard that you reviewed recently , and i can't wait to see all of the build guides, unboxings, reviews, news, and information videos to come, I will be watching, count on it! PS: Don't you just loooove comic sans^^