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  1. The headphones looks AWESOME! JAPANESE PINEWOOD!
  2. I want to try a mouse with a better sensor than my actual m40 because i play osu, and its a game that basically any little mistake is going to be really bad
  3. 1.) like no. a friend of mine downloads from mega at normal speeds very fast 2.) dont know about that, bout every time i call them they say to me that my slow internet speed is not due to them, and i rather get a technician to check my pc 3.) i've not cheked my modem (since i dont have a router) and i dont know how to do it, as far as i know my isp has cheked it but not sure if that is true, also my computer seems fine on malwares or other virus since i alredy passed malware bytes, avast, spybot seek & Destroy and ccleaner... i don't know if there is something else to check on my computer. 4.) as i tell on the post, i go to the speedtest.net and i get the full 5mbps on the download, upload its fine at 1mbps since it always has been like this 5.) regullary only m, but some times my dad and my brother uses smartphones for only social media, so not a big deal.
  4. no, i mean everything like a download on mega or something from dropbox or media fire or even on u torrent the speed is extra slow for what im paying for
  5. Hi guys, im having a problem, when i try to download any file from anywhere the server is, it downloads at like 50kb/s - 100kb/s, but i own a 5mbps connection, so it should go betwen the 500kb/s - 600kb/s, so i go to speedtest.com and the result is the 5mbps ! upload is 1mbps (wich is normal) but still when i download from anywhere it just download pretty damn slow!, i alredy passed malwarebytes, avast and seek & Destroy anti-spywares and malware, so is not a malware problem. Also sometimes when i use a proxy, it downloads at normal speeds (depending on the proxy) but still browsing with a proxy is damn slow sometimes and sometimes the proxy doesnt work so its not a 100% problem solver What could it be? i tried using firefox aswell and it doesnt work too, i use the google chrome beta. I also tried CCleaner
  6. interesting, but uk layout has big enter key (something i can't really live without) but is just an option, other than that i would preffer the spanish lay About the shipping and taxes things im not sure if that is available in my country, but i will search Thanks
  7. Hi! Im thinking of buying a corsair k70, but i live in colombia and you can only get the keyboard on us layout. So i was wondering if its possible to buy the keyboard from amazon or other site in the us with UK layout or ESP layout, without having to buy the keyboard from amazon uk and having more cost on shipping than the keyboard itself i want the brown switch ver. Not RGB if someone has info. On what im asking it would be pretty nice, if its not possible then ill buy the us ver here in colombia, thanks
  8. Thanks that is the kind of response i was waiting for, i will go and buy the rosewill, i was really speculative about those kind of reviews i saw on newegg, even tho i have already read that review you posted from hardware secrets. I will be more safe buying that psu Thanks man!
  9. I would like to hear from someone who is using That psu, on newegg there are some pretty bad reviews witch seem pretty bad
  10. my budget is that... 114 dollars, but again i have to buy the things from retailers here in colombia wich is more expensive... and trying to buy it from amazon to get it here is even more expensive only for the shipping cost to colombia i don't have other options since this are the only psu that are on my budget and are over 600watts please help
  11. So this is my system I'm having problems with my actual psu since i put the gtx 760 and hyper 212, wich is when i put the pc to 100% load or close it shut down after a time, but for example as well, i play bf3 at ultra settings it shut down after playing 30-20 mins, with fire strike benchmark it shut downs kinda fast (after 10 mins), but it happens still when i play bf3 at every detail at low, but it shut down after like several hours (3-4 hours)... when it shut downs it doesnt show an error or something it just shut down and im not capable of turning it on (the fans dont even start and the mobo aswell) but to turn it on i have to turn off the psu power button (the one on the next pucture) and turn it on again, then my pc starts normally. so i concluded i have to change of power supply (if im wrong please tell me what could be a solution to this) if that is the case, wich power supply should i get? the rosewill hive 650w or the corsair cx600m? both are at the same price point in my country (114 dollars, yeah pretty damn expensive) so wich one should i choose? what do you recomend? i see pretty interesting the rosewill but i don't want it to fail, i want to get something that last at least the 3 years of warranty the rosewill supplies, thanks
  12. The 1100 V2 Case seems reeeally pretty i want it D:
  13. ok so i would really need a gpu ! im having a momentanium replacement of a HD 6570 ! i need a gpu really and it seems that the 900 series of nvidia did well as always , specially the 970, and this zotac models are really sick looking and its power just seems outstanding!
  14. and it's obvious to say that the 212 is 30% cheaper here (99.000 pesos vs 133.000 pesos, like 48 usd vs 64 usd)
  15. its an amd 8120 and no i have never overclocked it and i don't plan to do it. i was thinking on the 212 too... so even way putting 2 fans on it would be better than the seidon? 2 fans would make more noise? thanks!
  16. So im searching for a new cooling solution (getting tired of the stock amd cooler because of its noice) so im searching for wich of this products are more eficcient and less noicy? i will have to point out that im thinking on putting 2 fans on either of both solutions (im not overclocking if that is important too) this are my only two options because of my budget and also in colombia there is not a lot of variaty of products you guys get on the us thanks (sorry for the english tho)
  17. Linus i know you will give my computer or i migth oil your things up... hehe yeh boih