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  1. Apparently the next version will not be available for download anymore. A Microsoft employee will come over with a USB stick and guide you through the install. I managed to get a photo of that, courtesy of a friend who's in the Windows Insider program.
  2. Primal : Great story, awesome soundtrack, pretty good graphics and gameplay for its day. I wouldn't mind seeing a HD re-release on PC. An then there's the usual suspects. The Sims 3 : The pre-release cracked version though. The one they eventually shipped was rubbish by comparison. NFS Underground 2 : They still haven't been able to match this one. Cities Skylines : In stock form it's already better than any of the Sim City games, with mods it just becomes that much better.
  3. Nothing to worry about then, it was most likely just Avira giving a false positive. If the drivers are messed up as a result of that, a simple removal and reinstall of the drivers may sort it out. That being said, a full reinstall of the entire OS never hurts. Just be sure to back up everything in your personal folders (savegames etc) and perhaps your browser bookmarks and login details for the various sites and forums.
  4. Definitely needs headphone jack, microphone line in, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, possible a type C, a FireWire port, eSATA port and at least two 5.25" bays. Joking aside, you do need to put a power button somewhere on the case, or at least behind a panel where it's easily accessible. Unless you set up the BIOS to boot from keyboard. The problem with that is that pets, and in particular cats, will regularly turn the PC on at night.
  5. Absolutely nothing. Tigger specifically said "Plus by the time they break even the SW based encryption it wont be any use", to which Lawlz replied that that won't do anything if someone steals the laptop. I'm not sure how you got the idea that this was somehow about T2 and TPM.
  6. The problem with that picture is that it was taken a long time ago. The wheels kinda give that away. The Krew Kut was wearing those back when it was featured in the August 1999 edition of Truckin', but when it disappeared in 2001 it had different wheels already. The Truckin photoshoot was done on the beach, so I'm 99% sure that this photo was from that shoot. EDIT : Here's the cover of that magazine. EDIT2 : the link @mariushm provided confirms that it is indeed from that photoshoot. Truckin' Magazine apparently still exists. It never hurts to ask, worst case scenario you get a negative answer or no answer at all
  7. It has always been €579 at my local store, and is still there at that price. Guess that price will go up soon then. Then again they didn't really raise GPU prices during the mining craze either.
  8. I kinda get where tigger's coming from though. If someone makes it past the encryption and can boot into the OS, the machine may have saved logins of sites, corporate networks, mailboxes etc. Having the time to change the passwords of all those, or to revoke that machine's access, can make a world of difference in how hard your digital life can be compromised by brute-forcing the encryption of the laptop.
  9. Nah, worst case scenario is that you need to reinstall Windows (which I'd suggest doing anyway if there's any sort of infection) and then perhaps change all your passwords just to be sure.
  10. Given the failure rates of SSDs, the added risk is very very minimal. But because with RAID0 you are writing half as much data to each SSD's NAND chips, each SSD's NAND lasts longer than a single large SSD's NAND would. So instead of 1PB of total write endurance, you'd get around 2PB, or 1.5PB if the smaller SSDs have slightly less endurance than the large one.
  11. Keep the WiFi disconnected and let Windows Defender do a full scan of the PC (if you have any game cracks etc, be sure to whitelist those folders first). If that doesn't find anything, Avira may have messed up some of your drivers when it started acting up, which could cause the problem you're having now. In that case I'd start by uninstalling WiFi and Radeon drivers and reinstalling those. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First let's see how the Defender scan turns out.
  12. I built a new one in 2016 to replace the one I built in 2011. Needed to scratch that X99 itch. Once I started using the new one, I realized that it was a huge waste of money. Not making that mistake again. I still have the old one, and it gets plenty of use still. I did upgrade it a bit over the years.
  13. Oh FFS!  Leave me alone man!



    1. pizapower


      The Witcher 3 is better.

    2. pizapower


      No calls from Dandelion.

  14. Holy necro ! Oh well, seeing as it's on page 1 again ... I replaced mine with a sit-stand affair since. Almost the same looks, exactly the same size (180x80cm). Height can be adjusted from 65cm to 130cm. Oh, and I replaced the screens, the main rig's case, the speakers, the mic, the webcam, added the old rig to the setup, moved the printer to another desk setup (the old desk). Only the cabinet, mouse, trackball and keyboard remain.
  15. That's most likely your problem. Disable Avira and use Windows Defender. If that picks up a virus as well, THEN you can start getting worried.
  16. This is a good move. I'm surprised they ended up doing it after all. I figured it just wasn't going to happen. As the article points out, we've known about these hardware encrypting issues for 10 months now.
  17. The best way to find out is to do some testing. Open task manager, go to the Performance tab. Once you get a graph of your CPU usage history, start your games and play a while while the task manager is running in the background. suddenly alt-tab in the middle of playing and see what the CPU graph shows. If it was at 95-100% right until you alt-tabbed, your CPU is bottlenecking the card. But it's hard to say how severe the bottleneck is. Sandy and Ivy bridge non-K CPUs have a limited unlock (4 clicks past max turbo, so 4.0 GHz in the case of the 3470). Is yours running at stock speeds still? If so, go into the BIOS and increase the multiplier to x40. No need to mess with voltages or any other settings.
  18. Many SSDs will happily do a multitude of the rated write endurance. As for who writes that much and how long it takes to wear out an SSD, I just did a Crystal Disk Info check of my old 1TB 840EVO, which is mostly used for multiplexing fresh Blu-Ray rips and editing audio files. 48TB written in just over 5 years (I bought that drive in August 2014), with 0 reallocated sectors and 100% drive health still. Samsung doesn't give a maximum write endurance for this drive, but the 250GB version in Techreport's endurance test died shortly before hitting 900TBW. At this rate I'll need 88 more years to hit that 900TBW number. Seeing as I'll be well into my 120s by then, I'll probably wear out long before the NAND does.
  19. Not a fan of haggling in general. When I put something up for sale, it has a hard price and I do mention that it's non-negotiable. Whenever people still try to offer less I'll simply tell them to get back to me when they can actually afford it.
  20. If the multiplier doesn't go beyond x42, you probably have a regular i7-2600 instead of a 2600K. Messing with the BLK on Sandy and Ivy Bridge does give you higher frequencies and better benchmark results, but in real-world usage you'll find that the system easily becomes unstable. I'd revert it back to stock BLK.
  21. That's never a bad idea. That being said, I recently plugged in the 240GB 840EVO (TLC) that holds my old rig's Win7 install. That drive had been in a drawer for 6 months and it still booted just fine. Even the video files in the download folder played without any visible or audible artifacts. And that model is known for slowing down due to charge leakage if data was kept static, even if the drive was powered on. Didn't do any checksums though, so I can't verify that there was no bitrot at all. I'll do some next year when I put it back in storage at the end of the winter (end of folding season).
  22. This info has been known a while. The Daily Mail article at the top of my post is from January, which IIRC is way before they started advertising with LMG. The whole thing with the app controversy and the police is from June-July.