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  1. Captain Chaos

    Many instances of windows 10

    Not necessarily. Do one install, activate it, clone the HDD to several more. Microsoft most likely won't notice. It's just that you'd need to spend more on HDDs. Personally I'd look into doing an install on a VM and then copying or cloning the virtual disk file. If you keep multiple copies of that file, they may all have the same device ID. So while you'd be limited to only using one at a time and swapping the files out as needed, Microsoft's activation servers wouldn't notice that you have 100 copies of the OS. This might be worth looking into. You'd be able to store all the virtual disk files on a large drive, with a folder structure set up to easily find the machines that you used earlier for the same customer. (by customer ID, date of the project, whatever suits your workflow best) As for doing it all virtualized: if you use Linux as a host OS, you'll be using far less resources than you would under Windows. That means you'd be able to allocate more of the machine's resources to the virtual machine. It also means you wouldn't need a Windows license for the hardware anymore, so you can try to migrate the current license to the virtual machine(s). The only issue would be Windows updates. If you have to run updates whenever you pull out an older disk file again, you'll lose a lot of time and you'd better have no data caps
  2. Captain Chaos

    HDD Shipments Down 18% YoY

    That hasn't been an issue for consumers for a while now. Only on very early SSDs you had to worry about wear. At the rate most people write to their SSDs, it'll take anywhere between 30 years and a century for modern NAND to wear out. Good luck getting a HDD to last that long.
  3. Captain Chaos

    An UNPOPULAR Opinion - Huawei P30 Pro Review

    Thing is, it's not like the Samsung hardware is bad, the problem is 100% in the software. I see massive jumps in battery life whenever I install Lineage on a Samsung device. On this phone I didn't even bother checking its stock performance anymore, I literally had it on Lineage within an hour of opening the box. On one hand I'd love to see Linus review a Samsung device with a custom ROM, on the other hand I'm worried that it would result in hundreds of threads from new people who bricked their devices and expect us to solve the result of their inability to follow instructions.
  4. Captain Chaos

    Do gaming mice work well on linux?

    My Logitech G700s works fine in Linux ... although I had to program the buttons in Windows and then save the profile to the mouse's own memory. Try to find out if the Rival 500 can also store the programming on the mouse itself. If it does, just keep some option to boot a machine into Windows for if you ever need to reprogram the mouse. Not sure if a VM would suffice.
  5. My advice would be not to buy a Corsair 780T, but it's a bit late for that. Honestly, a bit of flex is nothing to worry about. It's not like you're regularly going to strap the PC to your back and run up and down the stairs.
  6. Captain Chaos

    malware fuck up

    You can try all kinds of programs and tools to "remove" the malware, but you will never be 100% sure that those tools actually removed everything. There may still be something in there that isn't picked up but still functional. The users here who "succesfully" removed malware simply got their PC to a state where their virusscanner doesn't pick any malware up anymore. But none of them have the skills or knowledge to verify that it is indeed clean. That's coming from Brian Krebs, a well-known security researcher. https://krebsonsecurity.com/tools-for-a-safer-pc/ , near the bottom of the page He does add : So save yourself a lot of time and insecurity, just nuke that install and start over. If you have important data on the PC that isn't backed up yet, use another PC to create a bootable Linux stick and use the latter to get into your machine and make the backups. Whatever you do, don't plug in an external drive/stick to back things up while your PC is running from the infected install ... unless you want to risk having the external drive/stick infected too. There is lots of nasty stuff out there that uses external drives to spread to other machines. You don't want to do a fresh install and then re-infect your PC right away.
  7. Captain Chaos

    5.25 or 3.5 USB 3 card reader

    People don't really use them anymore these days. I bought a Transcend external USB3.0 card reader and used double-sided tape to attach it to the bottom of my desk. Then I put a 4-port USB hub next to it. Together they take up 2 USB slots from the rear. That being said : https://www.siig.com/usb-3-0-internal-bay-multi-card-reader.html One external USB3 port, the other USB3 channel of the 19-pin connector is used for the reader itself. fits a 3.5" opening Akasa also does one http://www.akasa.com.tw/update.php?tpl=product/product.detail.tpl&no=181&type=Card Reader/Hub&type_sub=Card Reader&model=AK-ICR-27 And one with much more connectivity, for a 5.25" bay : http://www.akasa.com.tw/update.php?tpl=product/product.detail.tpl&no=181&type=Card Reader/Hub&type_sub=Card Reader&model=AK-HC-05U3BK Plenty of other manufacturers too. I've used several Akasa parts in the past (actually I'm currently running off an NVMe SSD that is in an Akasa PCIe adapter, come to think of it) and I never had any issues with them.
  8. Captain Chaos

    Anyone remember Linus Tech Tips?

    You guys only just noticed the takeover? It has been pretty obvious for a while now. Even the merch has changed
  9. Captain Chaos

    Lightweight bootable USB drive?

    If it's overheating, look up on youtube how to take that model (or a very similar one) apart. 9 times out of 10 the problem is simply that hair and dust clogs up the cooling fins. If you can take the laptop apart up to the point where you can clean out that dust, it should run fairly cool again.
  10. Captain Chaos

    An UNPOPULAR Opinion - Huawei P30 Pro Review

    Gotta love that Samsung battery rant starting around 8:00, with Linus praising the Huawei for doing 2 days on a single charge. Meanwhile on my S9+ ... Lineage OS FTW (okay okay, I am a rather light user. But then again I did have about 4 hours of screen-on time in those 3 days since the last charge. Some of it was testing games)
  11. Captain Chaos

    Millions of people still use 123456 as their password

    I used to use "I will not give you my password" as a password. Then I went to the US and CBP wanted to check my laptop ... Joking aside :
  12. Captain Chaos

    How do I know if my AIO is going bad?

    Normally the hoses should be around the same temperature. As long as there's sufficient flow the whole loop is almost at an equilibrium. Passing through the CPU will heat up the water a couple of °C at most. Jay kinda explained in this video, even though it is about the importance of loop order rather than troubleshooting Timestamped to 12:55 as that's the start of his conclusion. By 13:15 he makes the point that the difference between the hottest and coldest part of the loop is 1-2°C. So if you are feeling an obvious difference you have a serious problem.
  13. Captain Chaos

    How do I know if my AIO is going bad?

    Use a tool like Hardware Monitor to check the temps. https://cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html Download links are in the left-most column, the .zip should suffice for occasional use Another option is to feel the hoses. If they're not roughly the same temperature, coolant flow is severely restricted due to either clogging or pump failure. But those may still be the same temperature if there's no flow at all anymore. So that's not really a scientific method.
  14. Captain Chaos

    Looking for some old Star Wars fan analysis videos.

    How about that for an analysis?
  15. Another day, another Facebook privacy issue. Earlier this month there was a topic about how people signing up for a Facebook account were asked to enter their email passwords. It turns out that when people actually gave Facebook access to their mailbox, Facebook "unintentionally" uploaded their contact lists to their servers without even asking for their consent. This info was then used to let Facebook find out your social connections and recommend more friends to add. It is unclear if the data was also used for advertising purposes. Source : Business Insider https://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-uploaded-1-5-million-users-email-contacts-without-permission-2019-4?r=US&IR=T I'm honestly not even surprised anymore. I also have some serious doubts about this being unintentional. At least now that they got caught they will be deleting the info ... or so they say. Good luck finding out if they actually did.
  16. Heh, looks like nobody here reported on that indeed. It's been known a couple of days though. The timing is also very convenient, they announced this in a blog post right after the Mueller report was released, knowing that all of the press would be focusing on that. FYI : https://dayssincelastfacebookscandal.com/
  17. Captain Chaos

    I think i have an issue ???

    The top left point of the cursor is what matters. As long as that remains visible on the right edge, there's nothing wrong. The rest of the cursor can indeed go off the screen.
  18. Captain Chaos

    [Discussion] Will Facebook still exist in 2025?

    hopefully not, but sadly it is very likely that they will still be around and may even grow still. Facebook is big enough not to worry about anything anymore. The people who leave them over privacy concerns won't just quit social media, they'll just move to a different platform. As soon as an alternative becomes big enough, Facebook will simply buy that company.
  19. Captain Chaos

    SSD for D:\ drive or storing data

    Most cheap SSDs will still be able to write hundreds of terabytes. I am not familiar with Team SSDs, but the Adata and WD will most likely outlast this laptop ... and the next one ... and the one after that.
  20. Captain Chaos

    What's a good bitcoin wallet?

    I used blockchain.info when I just started out with crypto. They do Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. If you are not investing but plan to use it as a currency, I assume you'll stick with Bitcoin Security is as good as you make it. You could just use a password, or you could add email verification as well as 2FA per SMS. My only real gripes with it are a ) they try to push their other products and services all the time with annoying pop-ups etc b ) in some stores (mainly the ones that use Bitpay as a middle man to handle Bitcoin transactions) you can't pay with your blockchain.info wallet. I ran into that problem when trying to purchase PC parts from Caseking and Scan UK. No idea if this happens elsewhere, those 2 are the only shops that I spent my coins at. The latter problem pushed me to Electrum, which is a software wallet that only does Bitcoin. That one has 2FA through Google Authenticator.
  21. Captain Chaos

    What kind of case is this?

    Looking for a "<your phone type> detachable wallet" will usually yield results. or removable wallet, or magnetic wallet. Plenty of choice really. Here's one example (I'm not the seller, this is merely the first one I came across): https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Samsung-Galaxy-S8-S10-Note-8-9-Removable-Leather-Magnetic-Flip-Wallet-Case/192629472702?hash=item2cd99c7dbe:m:meyhgze_dwDZhRDBSscLGwA Some models (like your dad's case) are very basic with merely a couple of card slots and one for notes. Others are full-on wallets with multiple flaps, zippered compartments for change etc etc.
  22. Captain Chaos

    Have you ever bought merch?

    Back in 2015 I bought 3 of the LTT #first T-shirts. The day after mine shipped, Teespring found out that they printed them using red instead of orange. So they sent me 3 more in the correct color for free. I was very busy the days that the shirts arrived, so I put the unopened packages in a box with the intention of checking them out later. I guess you know where this is heading. Yes indeed, they're still in that same box, unopened ... Maybe someday after LMG disappears and their merch has become rare and valuable, I'll put them up on Ebay and use the profits to retire.
  23. Captain Chaos

    HDD Shipments Down 18% YoY

    I'm not surprised. HDDs have their place, but that place is not in most consumers' homes. I consider HDDs useful for mass storage (several TB) and backup/archival purposes. Everything else here is on SSD only. I'm really considering doing the mass storage on SSDs too. It sure would quiet down my NAS. At that point spinning rust would be for backup only.
  24. Captain Chaos

    CMD and TWRP

    So I assume you're running a custom ROM now. Happy they helped. If you want to change ROMs later on it's real easy. Just copy the new .zip file onto your MicroSD card, boot into TWRP, do a factory reset and install the ROM. You won't need to do the whole Odin thing anymore because you already have the recovery on your phone. If ever your recovery needs to be replaced (sometimes you will need a newer recovery to flash the latest ROMs), you should be able to do that from the recovery too. Same procedure as flashing a ROM. Small tip : under Settings -> System -> Developer options, you'll find an option for "advanced restart" near the top. That makes it easier to boot into recovery if you ever need to be there. No more need to remember what button combo to use, just long-press the power button as you normally would, select restart, select recovery. Another nice thing in the Developer options is at the bottom, the "Kill app back button". That allows you to simply kill the process in the foreground by long-pressing the back button. Very handy for when you have an app that freezes or misbehaves.
  25. Yup, that's the procedure.