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  1. Captain Chaos

    Wafer scale chip has 1.2 trillion transistors

    A 46225mm² chip ... that's 215x215mm. That chip alone is larger than a mini ITX motherboard. The motherboard to support that thing must be huge. Good luck getting that to fit in a regular full tower.
  2. KeepScreenOn might be a temporary solution. That will prevent the screen from turning off regardless of what app is on the foreground. It's never a good idea to manipulate a touchscreen while driving though. Your eyes are off the road much too long.
  3. Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I automatically assumed it was a capacitor because those are known to go out with a bang. I didn't know diodes and mosfets did that too.
  4. I don't expect a problem. If something got damaged, it most likely happened the first time.
  5. Most likely a blown capacitor. Don't open the PSU to check, just sniff it. If you smell burnt electronics, it's done for. Also check the motherboard for blown capacitors and burn marks. IIRC Seasonic has a 12 year warranty, so if the PSU is to blame I'd get in touch with them.
  6. Captain Chaos

    What underwear does Linus wear the most?

    A pink G-string
  7. Captain Chaos

    What is going on with my PC?

    That's fraud.
  8. Captain Chaos

    What is going on with my PC?

    Yes, if you still have the problem with another PSU, it is time to look at the CPU or motherboard. That's why I'd suggest borrowing a PSU instead of buying one. If you can't borrow one or take one out of another PC, I'd suggest taking it to a shop.
  9. Captain Chaos

    What is going on with my PC?

    Not necessarily, but it is the first thing I'd look at when trying to find the cause of the problem. If you can borrow a PSU somewhere, I'd try that first and see if that solves it.
  10. Captain Chaos

    What is going on with my PC?

    That's because those displays don't have rounded corners. This is straight from your motherboard's manual :
  11. Captain Chaos

    What is going on with my PC?

    Code 00 is not used, however there is a code D0 which is a CPU Initialization Error. That means either your CPU has some kind of failure or doesn't get the correct voltage. Intel CPUs aren't known for having hardware problems, so I'd look at the PSU first.
  12. Captain Chaos

    Dutch Talk

    Godver, de spam filter van mijn hotmail moet kapot zijn, ik krijg reclame voor spyware.
  13. Captain Chaos

    Browser war chrome vs Firefox vs chromium edge

    You can always install and use both, see which you like best. Chrome has by far the most users, but the people who are privacy-conscious will avoid anything Google-related as much as possible and use Firefox or other browsers instead.
  14. Captain Chaos

    Gigabyte aorus master x570 error 90

    Could be bad luck. S**t happens. With electronics you never know when and how things will go wrong. At least it's under warranty.
  15. Captain Chaos

    Gigabyte aorus master x570 error 90

    You could try flashing the BIOS, but if that fails I'd contact Gigabyte's support. There's little more we can do or suggest.
  16. Captain Chaos

    Gigabyte aorus master x570 error 90

    Just looked up the manual for your motherboard, and it looks like the codes remain the same. Code 90 is "Phase transfer to BDS (Boot Device Selection) from DXE". I know that DXE stands for Driver Execution Environment, but I can't make much sense of the rest due to not being too familiar with Gigabyte. I'm sure someone can fill us in on that.
  17. Captain Chaos

    Gigabyte aorus master x570 error 90

    AFAIK error 90 on a Gigabyte motherboard involves the boot device. Try disconnecting your OS drive and booting the PC from a Linux USB stick, see if it gets to desktop that way. EDIT : Don't have the codes for the X570, but this is what's listed for earlier models :
  18. Captain Chaos

    New Merch idea: LTT screwdriver

    LTT Screwdrivers, "Screw with confidence" oh, hang on ...
  19. If that's considered strong, it's a good thing I removed the part about carpet-bombing it from the map then. Segregation in general isn't good, but then again in the medical world it's normal procedure to quarantine patients to stop the spread of an infectious disease. Oh, and as for punishing an entire country, let's not forget who voted for those prolific residents. The nominees on both sides were truly horrid people. Millions of people voted for those two. Sure, there's always the "some of them are good people" argument. Then again that didn't stop the annoying orange from wanting to build a wall to stop all Mexican refugees from crossing the border.
  20. Google may be biased, but don't forget that they also have their personal filter bubble thing going on. If a conservative does a search on any subject, he/she will get different results than if a progressive enters the exact same search term. So the only way to look for bias is to do it from a machine that has never been connected to any Google accounts or is in any way known to Google. As for the whole left versus right debate, IMO the US is completely and utterly screwed. The best thing would be to put a wall around the entire country so we can protect the rest of the world. Preferably one that's high enough and has some sort of ceiling or large net to prevent planes from escaping and stop them from polluting space as well. Oh, and cut the internet cables too.
  21. Let them fight. Is there anything we can do to help destroy the company?
  22. If only it were that easy. Facebook is still collecting data on you even without an account. That's what their famous "shadow profiles" are for. Every time you visit a page with a "like" button or one of those hidden Facebook pixels, Facebook knows and logs that. Eventually they'll have enough info to identify you and when that happens their system searches their database for people who know you and gets your details from their contact lists. The best part is that you have no say in this. You didn't consent to it and because you don't have an account you can't ask Facebook to delete that data either (assuming they actually delete data upon user request and not just hide it from the user). https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/11/17225482/facebook-shadow-profiles-zuckerberg-congress-data-privacy The very basic steps to stop Facebook tracking involve blocking all social media buttons in your browser and blocking all of Facebook's domains in your hosts file or router. If you ever browse with your phone, don't forget to fix that one as well ... which means rooting the phone because the hosts file is in the system partition.
  23. Yes, yet another one of these topics. Like all the other tech giants, Facebook apparently hired third-party contractors to transcribe audio recordings. These recordings included plenty of random stuff, arguments etc. The difference with the others is that this are Messenger conversations, so the people actively recorded the audio instead of a device randomly picking it up. Still, I'm pretty sure that most of the users had no idea that anyone apart from the recipient would hear the audio. Facebook has already stopped doing this after the others came under fire for it. They also claim that the users whose voice chats were transcribed chose that option in Facebook's Messenger app. I don't use Facebook so I can not verify the default position of this option, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's on by default and people simply weren't aware what it actually did. Much like the others, they were deliberately vague about everything. Source : Bloomberg Another day, another data scandal. Or is it "Another day, another Facebook scandal"? I guess nobody is surprised at this anymore. Everyone is doing whatever the hell they want with your data and you have almost no say in it. The only thing you as the user can do is not to use these companies' products and make it as hard as possible for them to create a shadow profile on you too.
  24. Glenn Greenwald, "No Place to Hide" Oh, hang on, that one is non-fiction and may be too scary.
  25. Captain Chaos

    Facebook also listening in on converstations

    Teslas log every button you push, how hard you press the pedals etc. The company can access that data at any given moment, and has done so whenever users reported strange behavior or blamed the car for a fender bender.