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  1. Captain Chaos

    Nvidia trying to trademark..... numbers?

    Funny that you mention the 911. That car was supposed to be called "901", but Porsche changed it because Peugeot complained about the number https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_901 Anyway, this whole patent thing is out of control. What's next? A phone company patenting a rectangle with rounded corners?
  2. Captain Chaos

    Upgrading from 500W to 850W worth it?

    For a consumer-level CPU and a single GPU, anything above 650W is completely useless. Even with overclocking you're very unlikely to ever draw more than 500W. If you really want to spend extra on a good PSU, look for something that has good efficiency (80+ platinum or titanium) and a nice long warranty.
  3. Captain Chaos

    Will changing thermal paste decrease my temps.

    That's a LOT of money for a 7700HQ and a 1050Ti. You could have bought several other laptops for that, and have enough left for a nice car. I assume you meant 1500 USD, or 1.5K
  4. Hasn't anyone learned anything from all those data breaches lately? Having everything in one place is a BAD idea.
  5. Captain Chaos

    The FUTURE is... FM Radio??

    All that was missing was the Top Gear intro. Tonight, Alex opens a trunk, Linus talks about a radio, and we plug our merch store
  6. Captain Chaos

    Dark Rock Pro 4 VS 360mm AIO

    Timestamped to 4:18, where Tom starts to discuss the heatsink covers. He clearly shows the installation.
  7. Captain Chaos

    Samsung S10e absolutely terrible battery life?

    Probably a rogue app that keeps consuming power while it's not supposed to. Linus seems to have the same problem with most Samsung phones he uses. As a Samsung user myself I never experienced such problems, so it's not like they all have it.
  8. Captain Chaos

    Max Temps

  9. Captain Chaos

    Max Temps

    Nvidia lists 95°C as the max temperature for the 1660 cards.
  10. Captain Chaos

    Cheap Steel frame vs Carbon for a Bike

    As someone who rides and restores 90s MTBs, I have seen plenty of alu frames develop stress fractures (as a result of metal fatigue) after about 20 years whereas steel (hi-ten, Reynolds, cro-moly etc) tends to just last forever ... or at least as long as you can keep rust at bay. As for carbon, 90s carbon frames tended to crack real fast. The technology has evolved quite a bit since then, but so has the manufacturers' tendency to cut corners and design everything to be "just good enough", so I still read a lot of stories about frames cracking within months of purchase. I don't trust carbon for anything structural. So no frames, forks, seat posts, stems, handlebars etc.
  11. Captain Chaos

    Zero day exploit in windows 10 1903

    ermm ... See how that skyrocketed as Win10 was released? Win10 had more vulnerabilities in 2 years than Win7 had in 5. And while it is getting better in recent years, it's still nowhere near good. In fact it's still worse than 8.1 or 7.
  12. Captain Chaos

    Zero day exploit in windows 10 1903

    Damn, laughing too hard really hurts after a while. Anyway, this is bad. Hopefully MS releases an emergency patch soon.
  13. The answer is always "Fractal Design". Then again you seem to have your heart set on a white TG case and the S2 Vision apparently isn't available in white. The 360 rad in the front will increase the air temperature inside the case perhaps with 1 or 2 °C. It won't really make a difference for the GPU and definitely not for the CPU. So I wouldn't worry too much about that.
  14. Eric Schmidt said almost the exact same thing. Shortly afterwards he ordered everyone at Google to stop speaking to Cnet because the latter "invaded his privacy" by publishing all kinds of info about him ... info they found using only Google searches and products. Everyone has all kinds of things to hide from almost everyone else. Dozens of times every day you make a choice not to tell someone something because you aren't comfortable with sharing that info with that person, because you consider it private. Not only in real life, but on the internet too. Oh, and while the proverb says it's futile, you do need to lead a horse to water in an attempt to make it drink. So ...
  15. Captain Chaos

    UPSAMPLED FLAC files...??

    Spectro can give you a hint. I did some searching on this in the past and everyone seems to agree that : 128kbps : cut-off at 16KHz 192 kbps : cut-off at 19KHz 320kbps : cut-off at 20KHz That being said, I used fre:ac to convert my entire collection of CD rips from .flac to 320kbps .mp3. The resulting .mp3 files are cut off anywhere between 15.6 and 17KHz instead of 20KHz, so I'll take the statement earlier in my post with a grain of salt. I think the encoder also plays a role.
  16. Captain Chaos

    What do you do with your old rigs?

    I'm using my old rig for dabbling around in Linux. Trying different distros, looking for alternatives for my regular Windows programs, messing around with mount options for multiple drives in the same system, etc etc. Basically I'm using it as a testing machine so I can move my main rig over to Linux by the end of the year. Once that's done ... I don't know. I usually work from home so it never hurts to have a backup PC that's all set up. .
  17. Mainly using my X99 rig, but my old 2011 one (i5-2500, Z77 MoBo) is lately being used more and more. I am looking into moving over completely from Win7 to Linux. The old rig is great for testing stuff without having to resort to dualboot. With a modern GPU (I had a couple of 1070s left over from mining so that was a no-brainer) it's still pretty good for 1440p gaming.
  18. - No option to turn the RGB off in Linux because of no software support there. - Oh, and the fact that it has that RGB nonsense to begin with.
  19. Captain Chaos

    This triggers me

    Raise the middle one, or replace them both with Chromax fans and put some Chromax covers on top of the fin stacks.
  20. Captain Chaos

    Anyone else not crazy about RGB?

    Shotguns, grenades, molotov cocktails, poison, etc etc As for RGB, not a fan. That's why I use a non-windowed Fractal case.
  21. Captain Chaos

    Best Place To Live if money didnt matter

    Probably Hawaii. Something on the west coast of Oahu. Close enough to the sea to have a nice view over the ocean and enjoy the sunsets, but high enough to not have to worry about the water level rising as a result of global warming. Preferably within walking ar cycling distance from most regular shops.
  22. Captain Chaos

    How much should an individual worry about Zombieload?

    For regular consumers the risk seems to be minimal. For datacenters it's a huge issue because one user could be running malicious code on the server to read what's happening in another user's process. IF Spectre, Meltdown and Zombieload ever become real-life threats, for you as a regular user it would mean that your machine would have to get infected by malware containing those exploits in order for the exploits to do their thing. If you get any kind of malware on your system you're screwed anyway. EDIT : Actually it looks like Zombieload can be done through the browser as well, no need to install any malware. But as long as we don't see it being done in the real world I still wouldn't worry too much.
  23. Captain Chaos

    Apple Launches "Flexgate" Repair Program for Select MacBook Pros

    IMO everything went to shit after the SE/30. The Powerbook 140 wasn't bad though ... apart from having to buy a new battery almost every year.
  24. Captain Chaos

    Can I get files off of a smashed phone?

    A local repair center will be able to replace the screen without doing a full reset. Any larger store will send the phone away for repairs which will involve a factory reset. So if you care about your data, have it done by one of those "shady" shops that does the repair while you're present. Usually a screen+digitizer and an iFixit toolkit for your phone will cost about the same as having someone else do the repair. So if you're a bit handy that may also be a solution.
  25. <removed> On-topic : Looks like Huawei will have to push out a major update to move all phones over to AOSP or LineageOS, perhaps with an option to install either Opengapps, f-Droid or their own app store. This is still going to really hurt their sales numbers.