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  1. Captain Chaos

    Can I get files off of a smashed phone?

    A local repair center will be able to replace the screen without doing a full reset. Any larger store will send the phone away for repairs which will involve a factory reset. So if you care about your data, have it done by one of those "shady" shops that does the repair while you're present. Usually a screen+digitizer and an iFixit toolkit for your phone will cost about the same as having someone else do the repair. So if you're a bit handy that may also be a solution.
  2. <removed> On-topic : Looks like Huawei will have to push out a major update to move all phones over to AOSP or LineageOS, perhaps with an option to install either Opengapps, f-Droid or their own app store. This is still going to really hurt their sales numbers.
  3. Captain Chaos

    What song are you listening to right now.

    TBH that's hardly an achievement. -----
  4. Captain Chaos

    How long do you use your pcs?

    I upgraded from my Sandy Bridge machine (i5-2500, Z77A-GD65 Gaming, 8GB DDR3-1333, 770s in SLI) to my current X99 rig after roughly 5 years. However it is still used as a secondary PC (including gaming). It's 8 years old and still plenty good enough for 1080p (and even 1440p) gaming. If my main rig dies tomorrow, I would be perfectly happy using the old one for a couple more years. All I really did in recent years (apart from a case swap) was install a 1070 because the old 770s both had fan problems.
  5. Captain Chaos

    What should I name my PC

    Silver/white and light blue eh? Kifflom, The Epsilon Program, Chris Fromage, ...
  6. Captain Chaos

    Wooting One introduces new analog switch at computex 2019

    At least it'll make driving in games like GTA easier for those who swear by keyboard and mouse. Too bad I can't read the article, hardware.info wants to verify that it has installed its cookie on my PC before it will dismiss the cookie pop-up.
  7. On one hand this sucks. My system is around 4 years old now. There were no decent AMD CPUs back then, so Haswell-E was the best option for me really. If it weren't for having massive overclocking headroom, I'd probably be royally effed and looking into Ryzen right now. On the other hand, how likely are we to see this in the wild? So far there have been precisely zero reports of exploits that leverage the Spectre or Meltdown vulnerabilities, which is why quite a few people have disabled those patches to regain the lost performance.
  8. Captain Chaos

    What does your company offer as a work computer?

    Currently taking a sabbatical year to think about what I want to do with the rest of my carreer. At my last job I was an office clerk, working mostly from home. For some reason my employer didn't want to buy desktops, so we all used low-spec Dell Vostro 15 laptops (1.7GHz dual core with HT, 4GB RAM, Win10 on a 1TB HDD). That thing was so slow that I simply left it at the office and used my own PC at home.
  9. Kinda makes sense, seeing as they only really dropped support for XP POSready this April. About 4% of Windows machines are still on XP. hmm ... also it looks like Win7 overtook Win10 again.
  10. Captain Chaos

    Do SSDs wear out on idle?

    It's not all that uncommon for a HDD to fail while the array is resilvering after another drive's failure. The procedure puts a heavy load on the other drives, who are often from the same batch as the failed drive. As drive capacity increases, so does the time needed to resilver. That increases the odds of a second drive failing. As for SSD life in a NAS, on average the SSDs will last a lot longer than HDDs. But when they die it'll be a lot harder to recover data from them. Freenas and ZFS work with checksums, so as long as you have enough redundancy a flipped bit or damaged file will immediately be noticed and the OS will try to repair the damaged file using the parity data. That being said, I've had a set of Crucial MX200s in my NAS for almost 4 years now and have had precisely 0 warnings about file repair. Based on my own experience, I'm inclined to think that SSDs are doing just fine for long-term storage of data.
  11. Captain Chaos

    Western Digital WD Red Pro vs Red

    The Red Pro drives are much less sensitive to vibrations, which will occur if you add more drives to the same enclosure. The rule of thumb : - 8 drives or less : Red - More than 8 drives : Red Pro For what it's worth: I have eight of the 4TB Reds in my own NAS. The NAS is on almost 24/7. Next month the drives will be 4 years old and I've had 0 issues with them so far.
  12. No, you don't use their product, you are the product. The companies that buy ads, those are the users. As for why tracking and infinite storage of data is a problem: What if you later decide to go into politics? Anyone who has access to that old data can then us it to blackmail you. "Hey, we need you to vote against this bill that would regulate our sector. It would be a shame if your browsing history ended up in the wrong hands" Or what if you want to organize a protest against your government and they can use that kind of info to start a smear campaign?
  13. Captain Chaos

    iMac 2019 vs Fully-Loaded Macbook Pro

    @LukeSavenije -------------------- Thanks for that "but ... and it's a big but" at 10:38, Linus. Now I've got Sir Mix-A-Lot stuck in my head again.
  14. Captain Chaos

    Time to upgrade my 3 year old PC?

    Seeing as you seem to be struggling more as the resolution goes up, the GPU is clearly the limiting factor. So that would be the first thing I'd upgrade. Going from a 1070 to a 1080Ti I noticed that my framerate (at 1440p) went up by around 75-80% in most games. Judging by the benchmark scores I see online, it looks like the 2080 is only marginally slower than the 1080Ti. So those 2 would be one huge step up from your current 1070. Then there's a reasonable step up to the 2080Ti. In terms of raytracing support, it's just too early to bet on that. By the time we see games that properly make use of it, the 2080 or 2080Ti will most likely be outdated anyway. So if you can get hold of a 1080Ti at a lower price as a 2080 non-Ti, you may want to seriously consider getting the older card. Whether or not the extra performance of the 2080Ti justifies the extra cost is something only you can decide. I honestly don't know what speed your 6700K needs to run at in order to keep up with the 2080Ti in your preferred games (yes, that also can make a difference) at 4K.
  15. Captain Chaos

    Bill to ban Loot boxes and pay-to-win micro transactions

    Welcome, Almighty_hebers. There already is a topic on that subject here : Small suggestion for the future : When you plan to post a topic about tech news, first use the forum's search function to find out if there already is something about the subject here. A searc hfor "Hawley" for example would have shown the above topic right away.
  16. On the main PC (Win7 with Firefox 66.0.3) I manually enabled the addons again, but that's only good until I close this session. Seeing as I'm busy comparing parts and stuff for my desk overhaul, I have a gazillion tabs open and no intention of updating the browser right now. I'll probably update it sometime near the end of next week. I updated the laptop (Linux Mint 18.3) around 3 hours ago and the addons stopped working on that one shortly afterwards (hadn't used it for a week before I ran the update, so I doubt that the update triggered it). Looks like 66.0.4 hasn't made it to Mint's repos yet. The phone seems unaffected. Then again that one is running GNU Icecat instead of regular Firefox.
  17. Damn. Guess I'll go offline for a couple of days then. I'm really not going to browse without my addons and I don't feel like changing my clock settings etc.
  18. No issues here yet, my addons all seem to be working just fine. Then again I left the PC on overnight with Firefox open. Maybe a reboot or closing the browser will trigger it?
  19. Captain Chaos

    Why you shouldn't water cool your PC

    That would be the price of the H100i + two Noctua fans. People want to compare the performance with those fans instead of the originals, so it's only fair to add the price of the fans to that of the cooler. So $120-ish for the cooler (it's 120€ here, and usually when it comes to electronics 1€ = 1$) + $50-ish for the fans = $170 total.
  20. Translation from part of the VRT NWS article on this (original is in Dutch, I simply ran it through Google Translate) Source (in Dutch) : https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2019/05/01/de-toekomst-is-prive-facebook-kondigt-grootste-hertekening-va/
  21. Captain Chaos

    What do you think of my friend's fan setup?

    That would be the first time I've seen a fan that pulls air in through the side with the frame. No, I'm pretty sure she only has a single front intake and the rest is exhaust. I'd recommend that she takes that bottom fan and puts it in the front, just above the other one and blowing in the same direction.
  22. Captain Chaos

    Why you shouldn't water cool your PC

    Perhaps because the AIOs already are more expensive and replacing the fans would only increase the price gap? The Noctua is $100 with 2 Noctua fans. If you take the AIOs and replace the fans (at $25 each), you're looking at around $170 for the H100i and $230 for the H150i (rough calculation based on local prices here in Belgium, so please don't shoot me if I'm $10 off whatever the price is in your local store). That's not even close to the same price range anymore.
  23. Captain Chaos

    More Ryzen 3000 info - 4.5GHZ boost & +10-15% IPC

    Hang on, we were talking 2nd and 3rd gen. I made it easier by excluding all results that weren't on LGA1155. Ivy-E wasn't really in my picture, otherwise I would have included 2011. I'm not going through the entire spreadsheet again though.
  24. Captain Chaos

    More Ryzen 3000 info - 4.5GHZ boost & +10-15% IPC

    I quickly went through the original spreadsheet again : Banttu (i5-2500K, 5.0GHz, custom loop) : "At least 40-50 passes with Prime95" TheSLSAMG (i5-2500K, 5.0GHz on H100i) : 6+ hours of Intel's CPU stress test Jumper118 (i5-2550K, 4.926GHz on "stock cooler") : Used Cinebench, listed in spreadsheet as "1-3 hours" Located (i5-2500K, 4.8GHz on H100) : 404 error on the image, spreadsheet lists it as "1-3 hours, or at least 40-50 passes with Prime95" Artem (i7-3770K, 4.8GHz on Noctua NH-D14) : 6+ hours on Prime95 terminashunator (i7-2600K, 4.8GHz on H100) : 6+ hours of Intel's CPU stress test arodrake (i7-2700K, 4.7 on H100i) : imageshack doesn't show the picture, spreadsheet list sit as "1-3 hours, or at least 40-50 passes with Prime95" SpyRosL (i5-3570K, 4.7 on CM Hyper TX3) : 6+ hours on Prime95 Gofspar : i7-3770K, 4.7 on Kraken X61) : 6+ hours on Prime95 HappyChubbs (i7-3770K, 4.7 on H100i) : 404 error on the image, spreadsheet lists it as "6+ hours" The others were either less than an hour or did a single pass just to get the result.
  25. Captain Chaos

    More Ryzen 3000 info - 4.5GHZ boost & +10-15% IPC

    If you only did 4.5 on air, you were very unlucky with the silicon lottery. I saw machines do 4.7 and higher on air on a regular basis. Ivy often did require delidding due to bad TIM (as did almost every generation after it). Maybe that's why you thought/think it didn't do those speeds. I didn't even have to dig far for this : Source : Most of the Sandy and Ivy results were from 2014 or earlier, when the forum was a lot smaller than it is now. I highlighted the ones on air. Right away I see three 3570Ks on air at 5GHz, 2 of them even on a mere Hyper 212. also a 3770K doing 4.9 on a Thermalright Silver Arrow, another one doing 4.8 on an NH-D14. If 4.5 is "really good", 4.8 and higher is probably not bad. I doubt that Jumper118 was actually running a stock cooler, but I wouldn't mind if someone can prove me wrong on that. As for the water-cooled ones, I only see 4 custom loops, the rest are AIOs.