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  1. Captain Chaos

    Kmart hacked – payment systems compromised by malware

    No worries here. I pay cash whenever the law permits me to do so.
  2. Captain Chaos

    Sexiest graphics of old?

    Wha? Oh my goodness, and I thought my card was bad.
  3. Captain Chaos

    Post your Good Ghetto mods

    I can't be the only one here that used a bit of bubble gum because he ran out of thermal paste, right ?
  4. Captain Chaos

    [Solved] PSU dead on first boot?

    I installed a slightly heavier PSU tonight. Went from BeQuiet Dark Power Pro P9 650W to P10 850W As per BeQuiet's recommendation, I replaced all the cables. Everything is connected just fine and the PC booted on the first attempt. HOWEVER when I just about to actually start using it, it shut down on its own and now refuses to do anything. The power button on the motherboard is illuminated as it usually would be, but the PC doesn't respond to either the regular power button or the one on the motherboard. No case ligting, the fans don't start, nothing. I don't smell anything weird, the connectors are all solid ... I just don't know what to do. Any suggestions before I put the old PSU next to the case and hotwire the whole thing to see if it boots that way?
  5. Captain Chaos

    [Solved] PSU dead on first boot?

    hehe, that's sorted now as well. PC is all closed up again and purring like a kitten. That pic was with the disconnected 850W inside the case and the 650W actually feeding the components from the side of the case. Hence the double wiring.
  6. Their own fault for teaming up with a publisher such as Ubisoft. They could have tried crowdfunding and probably would have collected enough to make the game without a publisher telling them to dumb it down on PC.
  7. Captain Chaos

    [Solved] PSU dead on first boot?

    Thought I'd provide an update. Rang the store on Monday, and they told me to take the PSU out and bring it in for testing. I figured I'd make sure that it was indeed the new PSU that was faulty, so I hotwired the old 650W PSU to the necessary connectors and used the PC all week without a single hiccup. This worked just fine, so on Saturday I took the new PSU back, had it tested and swapped for a new one. Now I can finally enable that SLI without having to worry about my PSU being too weak. Case closed.
  8. Captain Chaos

    Anyone still on Sandybridge/-e?

    My non-K 2500 is 4 years old, running at 3.8 and I have no short-term intention of replacing it. I haven't seen it go anywhere near 100% during normal use, so no need to upgrade.
  9. Captain Chaos

    Sexiest graphics of old?

    Hottest and loudest card ever? not by a long shot. You forgot about the 4870X2 I didn't even need a heater in the winter, that darn thing was 82°C on idle. Great card though, it really was.
  10. Captain Chaos

    Ia there a diffrence? WD Black vs Seagate barracuda

    WD for day to day use, Seagate for cheap backup storage.
  11. Captain Chaos

    Has anyone had experience with bequiet fans?

    I have a 140mm SilentWings2 in the back of my case, as well as one in my BeQuiet PSU. I can't say I hear them even if I shut down all the other case fans. Then again I have the case fan on 500 RPM and the PSU fan on whatever the PSU deems necessary. If they would make a 200mm fan, I'd drop my CM Megaflows and go BeQuiet throughout the PC.
  12. Captain Chaos

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    If you're going to hang your PC on the wall, at least cover up the cables. I use these Hama cable covers myself, and it really tidies up the clutter even if your PC is on the floor. https://uk.hama.com/020602/hama-cable-bundle-tube-25-m-20-mm-black
  13. Captain Chaos

    Best black or red colored 1866 memory?

    GeIL Black Dragon might fit in your budget, depending on where you can find it and how much they charge. Black with a bit of gold, but red LEDs as well.
  14. Captain Chaos

    Is the 770 still worth it?

    and much less driver problems. Yeah, I'll pay extra to have a card that works properly.
  15. Captain Chaos

    Why is Windows Media Player so lame?

    I prefer it simple, without the need to categorize or import, and preferably skinnable. Xion has been my go-to media player for years now.
  16. Captain Chaos

    TDK is promising 15TB drives next year

    Same here, I'm close to 7TB right now on my 12TB NAS, and I am about to push it well beyond 8TB (about to open and rip the entire Sopranos Blu-Ray boxset)
  17. Captain Chaos

    When did you fall out of love with stock Android

    My first Android was an HTC Desire (A8181). Every phone I bought since has been using Sense. Tried stock and Touchwiz on tablets, but that just didn't feel or look right.
  18. Being able to circumvent the lock would defy its purpose. The lock is designed to secure whatever is on the phone. If there would have been a way to get around it, you may as well not have a lock at all. If you forgot the combination, the data on there is locked away and the only way past the lock is by deleting the data via either an RUU or a factory reset.
  19. Captain Chaos

    best fan controller?

    Depends on the number of channels you need to control. I went for an NZXT Sentry LXE myself. That has everything on the inside, except for the display which you can put on your desk (or in my case inside my desk's cabinet).
  20. Captain Chaos

    I may commit a cardinal sin of the PC community...

    Vista was WAY better looking than Win7 is, and with the SP2 update they really did have all the problems sorted out. There's no valid reason to pick Win7 over Vista, except perhaps compatibility with certain new hardware that doesn't support it. Those who bring up the fact that Vista needs more resources should probably just buy a decent PC, because you only notice a difference in performance if you're using a potato.
  21. Captain Chaos

    When you Know They Went Full Retard.

    The reason why you coudn't see anyone, is because the beta maxed out your upload from the moment you entered the world tot the moment you quit the game. My PC somehow uploaded over 50GB to the server during the beta and when I called them out on that and asked for an explanation, the mods and devs couldn't even be bothered to reply. I cancelled my pre-order due to the state of the game in the betas. It was more like Alpha material and already obviously crippled for console use, in short it was Watchdogs all over again. If the game gets raving reviews and I read that the upload issues are solved, I might consider buying it during a steam sale. However I doubt that will happen.
  22. Captain Chaos

    How Many of You Guys Are Native Speakers?

    Flemish is my first language, but I do use English much more.
  23. Captain Chaos

    [Solved] PSU dead on first boot?

    It's been running fine for an hour or two. Benched the PC without issues, browsed a bit, played a bit. Then suddenly it shut down (just complete loss of power) and rebooted 2 seconds later. I started writing this post, then it did the same thing again. Obviously there's something wrong with this thing. Guess I'll be calling the shop tomorrow. I sure hope I can just swap the PSU itself. Not in the mood for more cable managment and because I also use this PC for work I need to have it running reliably by Tuesday.
  24. Captain Chaos

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    Minor update to mine Finally got the dual 770 setup running, but not to pleased with the layout of the other PCI cards. However I can't do anything about it without disrupting the airflow to at least one of the graphics cards, so it'll stay that way. Here's that awkward moment when you realize that your HAF X has become TOO SMALL Top to bottom : Slot 1 : USB3 card (Motherboard only has 4x USB2 and 2x USB3, which isn't enough for my peripherals) Slot 2-3 : GPU 1 Slot 4 : CPU fan control knob (comes attached to the V8 cooler, so I had to put it somewhere) Slot 5-6 : GPU 2 Slot 7 : Case lighting control Slot 8 : PSU overclock switch Slot 9 : Fan Controller (the plug goes to the Sentry LXE's external display) Then there's the cut-down plate next to the PSU, which controls the cathodes underneath the case. That would have been slot 10.