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  1. Captain Chaos

    The Ubisoft Fire Storm

    I care. Used to love the first TDU, and The Crew looked like a worthy successor. However the combination of Uplay and all the digging they're doing lately means that I certainly won't be getting it. Shame, it could have been a nice game.
  2. Captain Chaos

    Linus leaving NCIX?

    He also has us, doesn't he? :lol:
  3. Okay ... sooo .... When my parents come over to visit me, that means they can no longer take their SIM cards out of their phones for a week or two and get a local prepaid card. What about those of us who need a private number and one for work? Will they make the equivalent of a dual sim phone where you can have 2 active numbers on the same phone at the same time? Stupid move, Apple. Sounds to me like a sneaky attempt to get rid of anonymous pre-paid cards.
  4. Captain Chaos

    What is the cost of your current gaming pc?

    Just made the calculation based on the old receipts, or current prices at local retailers and on Amazon. I didn't include tie-wraps and thermal paste, of course. However all the cables are accounted for. Case : 3129.45 EUR Peripherals : 2975.46 EUR That's little over 6100 EUR, or just under $7800 US. I think I'm gonna be sick ...
  5. You could also go dual 770 now and later upgrade to a single card of whatever model replaces the 970. Cards will continue to get better anyway, so it's not guaranteed that a dual 970 will be anywhere near as fast as what comes next. It's always a difficult decision. For starters there's the difference in price between buying another new 770 versus selling your old card second-hand and buying the new 970. Then there's the difference in your electricity bill that needs to be factored in. With the current price per KWh over here, I calculated that I'd pay an extra 105 EUR over the 3 years that I expect to keep the current cards (I went for a 770 SLI setup, by the way) Also, as mentioned earlier, not all your current and future games may have support for SLI. Then again more devs are keeping SLI in mind and I'm pretty sure that there are tools to force SLI no matter what game you run. Lastly, there's the question of PSU compatibility. If you need to buy a new PSU to be able to support that 2nd card, an upgrade to a single modern card suddenly makes a lot more sense. IMO it's a calculated choice everyone needs to make for him- or herself. Look at what you have and how long you expect it to last, then look at your options, your desires, your finances and go for the solution that makes the most sense for you.
  6. Captain Chaos

    All these devices are getting Android Lollipop

    ... and slow. :lol:
  7. Captain Chaos

    World of Warcraft Subscriber Count Up To 7.4 Million

    FTFY A lot of people prefer Vanilla over the Idiocracy version that WoW has become. How else do you explain the success of non-official Vanilla servers (the ones without instant lvl 60 or XP multipliers of course)?
  8. Captain Chaos

    All these devices are getting Android Lollipop

    "Update the S4, or the bunny gets it" Good to know HTC aren't dropping the M8 yet. However I'm a bit sad that the One X and One X+ aren't in the list. Those should be powerful enough.
  9. Captain Chaos

    World of Warcraft Subscriber Count Up To 7.4 Million

    WoW was fun in the Vanilla days and somewhat fun when they released TBC. BITD we had to grind and quest for a week or more to get from 50 to 60 and few people could afford to buy their first mount ... when they reached lvl 40. Now you can go from 1 to 60+ in a few days.
  10. Captain Chaos

    How do you clean your PC (Just for fun)

    Small air compressor without tank.
  11. Captain Chaos

    Need help with a pendrive D:

    Quick search : "The file extension .h2w is used by the program H2test, this program checks USB flash drives to see if they are fake" -> basically you can just ignore that file.
  12. Captain Chaos

    Need help with a pendrive D:

    Yes you can, I've been using it for ages and it has never let me down. It can take a while if you need to go for a deep scan though. Be sure to recover the data to a different drive, or you may end up overwriting files that you still need to recover.
  13. Captain Chaos

    Replacing motherboard without reinstalling windows 7

    As long as it's the same type, it'll be no problem. Windows may nag about the activation again, but once you've dealt with that it shouldn't be a problem anymore. If it's a different type, it may or may not work. Even if it does work, there may be stability issues. You can try it if you have data on the OS disk that you need to backup first, but I would advise re-installing once you have backed up.
  14. Captain Chaos

    What's the best screen size for you?

    Depends on the bezels and general shape of the phone too. My M8's 5" screen really is a little too wide, and combined with the phone's extra height (front-facing speakers) it makes it simply too big for me. My One X+ (4.7") was just perfect size-wise. I'm seriously considering going back to the old phone.
  15. Captain Chaos

    Getting ssd do these guides still work today?

    I've compiled my own list when I just started to use SSDs, and it seems to be (almost) the same as most guides I encounter. Been using it for 2 or 3 years now, and never had a single problem. On the other hand I wouldn't know if it actually helps because I never tried to run a Win7 installation on my PC without those tweaks. It's the first thing I do after windows finished installing. Updates and antivirus are done afterwards.
  16. Captain Chaos

    Samsung 840 performance degradation

    The update prevents it in the future, and then re-writes everything that's currently on the SSD to sort out the "problems" with old data. Basically after applying it (can take several hours depending on the amount of data and how slow it became), any performance degradation will be solved.
  17. I'm not addicted, I can stop any time. Just not now.
  18. Captain Chaos

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?

    R.A.T. 9 mouse. Utter cr@p. If you didn't use it for 2 minutes it'd go into sleep and when that happened it needed an eternity before it would respond again. On top of that, the construction of the internals was complete rubbish. Within weeks, the mouse wheel broke on one side. I ended up throwing it in the trash even though it was still under warranty. ------------------------ My Logitech G19s. It types okay (not exceptionally good, but the feel isn't that bad either) and with AIDA64 the display does have its uses. However the massive cable really does bother me. If I can find a new Dinovo Edge in Belgian layout, the G19s will be history.
  19. Captain Chaos

    What is the cost of your current gaming pc?

    Upgraded over time, so it's hard to say. Then again I'm pretty sure I don't even want to begin calculating how much the current configuration costs.
  20. Captain Chaos

    Samsung 840/840 EVO Firmware Upgrade - Release

    I'll probably go for the USB stick without OS approach on my 840 EVOs. The PC and netbook are due for a format anyway. Excellent excuse to wipe all my SSDs and start fresh Question though : Is it only the 2.5" EVO that's affected or every 840 EVO regardless of form factor? I have an mSATA EVO in one of my laptops as well. EDIT : nevermind, looks like the mSATA needs it too.
  21. Captain Chaos

    Ubisoft Developers give the reason why games are downgraded

    Easy solution : Make games for PC only. Devs can do crowdfunding if necessary so they don't have to deal with publishers anymore. Not a fan of Star Citizen, but it's proof that you can make proper games without all that BS.
  22. Captain Chaos

    YouTube Ads Lead To Exploit Kits, Hit US Victims

    IMO those people need to be rewarded for their work indeed. However I'm not prepared to give up my online privacy or my PC's security to do so.
  23. Captain Chaos

    YouTube Ads Lead To Exploit Kits, Hit US Victims

    I'll do the same as soon as they get rid of all the analytics and tracking junk. Don't want none of that and I'm more than happy to pay a fee to make up for blocking the ads.
  24. Captain Chaos

    Experiences with loud Case Fans

    Not case fans, but when I replaced my old 4870X2's stock cooler with an Arctic Accelero, I had headaches whenever the PC was on for more than 10 minutes. Funny thing is that the stock cooler was actually louder. The problem most likely isn't the volume but the frequency.
  25. Captain Chaos

    YouTube Ads Lead To Exploit Kits, Hit US Victims

    Yet another reason to use an adblocker.